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Aislun ran up to the boarding desk at the Loughrea International Airport hoping she hadn't missed her flight. As she rushed up she could see the attendant picking up the microphone to announce the end of boarding but the attendant simply sighed, gave a weak smile and waved her on board.

"Oh thank you, thank you!" Aislun yelped as she tried to manage her bagged shuffling past the attendant into the boarding platform. She made her way to the plane doors, which were about be closed and squeezed by apologizing profusely to everyone she saw and she made her way to her seat. Eventually, after much effort, she stopped to take a breath in front of her aisle, slowly packing her belongings in the overhead bins. She noticed some of the other passengers eyeing her annoyed at her late arrival, but lucking the general social awkwardness best associated to anyone Seylosian or Eireann prevented them from saying anything. She sat down with a thud in her seat, sighing in relief that she had barely made it on time, making sure to check her phone last time and text her husband she had made it on board.

"So where are you off to?" Aislun said, a giddy smile on her face looking at the passenger seated next to her.

He looked surprised anyone was talking to him but gave a slight smile, "I'm off to Norfolk, just decided to take a bit of a solo holiday out here. Yourself?"

Aislun shifted in her seat, appearing far too excited for just a simple plane trip, "I'm off to see my sister in Fairfax, nice little town in between the two coasts. Of course, I'm from here, well Loughrea you know."

The man gave a slight nod, "That sounds fun I hope you enjoy it."

"Oh It will be great, I'm hoping that my sister and I will have time to come back to Selbourne later, you see..."

"Passengers, welcome to Air Loughrea and we are excited to welcome you on board. We will soon begin taxing for takeoff, please take note of the safety demonstration to the front of the aircraft."

"Oh well, best pay attention shouldn't me?" Aislun said, again seeing the awkward nod from her neighbour.

"We all hope you have had a pleasant flight, please remember if you are a foreign citizen you must make sure to enter the embarkation queue located to the right when exiting the aircraft. We hope you all have a wonderful stay in Selbourne, and welcome to Seylos."

Aislun jumped up from her seat. In retrospect it may have been a bad idea, considering her leg cramps. But she was ready to get off the flight. She hurriedly got her bags out of the overhead bins. She wheeled them out of the plane, trying her best to keep up with the rest of the passengers. Ever since she had boarded the flight she had felt a bit strange. But getting something like a cold on a trip wasn't the worst thing. She exited the plane and turned left. One of at least some benefits of becoming part of Seylos. She spent some time in a queue but before long she exited it, pitying the foreigners who had to wait to present any of their documentation.

Soon she was out in the main concourse and made her way through the throngs of people to the front. She saw a few people holding up signs for the bus to Fairfax. Excited, she ran forward, hoping she could be there soon.

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"That place sure was dead." Said Mathis to his partner, Antoinette.

"I thought it was rather charming, the peacefulness." She replies holding her young two-year-old son, Édvrard.

Antoinette de Lihigahasse is a Shffahkian artist. She got bored painting the same tropical backdrop of West Catherine. Wanting a break from it, she told Mathis that she needed a vacation. It was then that she found out that Mathis has never been outside of Shffahkia instead of having been concentrated on his career in the construction industry. It was a stroke of luck as she found out that Mathis had accumulated enough travel points to take the entire family of three to an all-expenses-paid vacation all the way to Europa. The family travelled in Magnaeus even dropping a visit to Cristina. Feeling reinvigorated and having gained her inspiration back, it was time for them to return home. The plane trip from Europa to Seylos was excruciating for the young Édvrard and he didn't shy away from expressing it every minute of every hour of the plane trip.

"The pros of travelling to Magnés? The flag is a plus." Mathis said holding Édvrard in his hands.

"Shouldn't you save the dad jokes for when they can actually understand them?" Antoinette says giving a begrudging smile.

"It's never too early to accustom a child to paternal humour. One of us has to do it. Where to next? Did our connecting flight go through Oyus or Rihan?" Mathis asks smiling

"Well, first of all, we need to get to Fulgistan and from there we'll figure where to go."

"I guess the plan can't go wrong if there isn't one."

"The plan will go wrong if we can't navigate this maze and get to our flight. I'll see if there's anyone who can help us."

Making her way through the masses of people, she stops a lady and asks for advice. The stranger gives her advice her native accent making Antoinette feeling very self-conscious about her own Anglish skills. Quickly thanking her with a fast handshake she makes her way back to her family exhausted from sprinting through what seemed like half the airport.

She takes Édvrard to her hands leaving the luggage to Mathis' hands. "To gate B 39... or was it 39B? Ughs we're gonna be late at this rate!" 



Finally entering the aeroplane headed to Fulgistan, Antoinette sees as the chatter and smiles of the passengers turns to silence and worried expressions seeing the young Édvrard entering. Antoinette gives off a nervous smile hoping things will be different from the previous flight.

"He doesn't like the change in air pressure." He says to a couple sitting in front of them on the plane.

 At the beginning even as the plane is being filled Édvrard beings to cry his lungs out. Antoinette sees as passengers turn back to see the source of the unbearable noise. However, as if an answer from fate, he stops. Antoinette and Mathis breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Finally, Édvrard's sleeping like a baby and on a plain nonetheless. This calls for a celebration! Mathis proclaims attempting ordering an alcoholic beverage in Anglish.

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“Yeah, I’m in the queue to go on the plane now...no it’s fine I’m in business class, food is free I think... ok...just tell them I’ll be back soon...I’m sorry I’m late, I didn’t know it’d be that early...alright bye” said James to his boss on the phone. He had been a representative of his company for years now, so travelling to international partners and clients wasn’t unusual. What was unusual in fact was that he had found a good bar with some old friends the night before his original flight to Selbourne, which lead to him having to find the next flight, with a business class of course. 

“Can all passengers seated in Business Class please make your way to the gate”

He was quick to stand and walk up to the gate, but there was still a fair am

 “Can I see your boarding pass mr...”

“Eton, James Eton

 “Well, Ok Mr Eton you are in seat 4B, I don’t think there is anyone sitting next to you, you’re the last in business class”

 “I did a little jog and everything to be one of the first” he joked.

 “Ok, enjoy the flight”

And with that, he stowed his little suitcase, and got out his laptop, before sitting comfortably in the seat.

After a short, he thanked God as the safety precautions were presented. He never really paid much attention as he had heard it in pretty much every language, on pretty much every airplane. 

As the plane took off he started chewing as the cabin pressure always made his ears hurt, despite having flown as much as he does, so he’d always bring some from the small village outside of Charleston where he lived.

Finally, at their cruising altitude, he ordered some pasta and a small glass of champagne this time. As the food he’d ordered was being prepared, one of the passengers on the other side of the aisle commented on his chewing.

 “Do your ears hurt too?”

 “Yeah, every time! And I fly a lot!”

 “Me too, Well that’s because I was flying the plane, I was the number one pilot for Principalities, I got the 2000 PyeMcGowian Air Award”

 “Oh, you’re PyeMcGowian?”

 “Theodorian originally, but my parents fled when I was two”

 “Oh, quite an exciting life it seems, what do you do now?”

 “Well I got an eye infection in my left, it’s still blurry, and so they put me in a corporate position, I was studying economics at Charleston U until I dropped out to get my pilots license, right now I’m trying to negotiate a deal for some runway time, that’s the life for me now, what about you?”

 “Right now I am on my way to Seylos for a few days, my uncle lived there and he died recently, so as I work for the Estate Management division for UBS I thought I should give it a shot and sort out his possessions. I’m James by the way, James Eton, what about you?”

 “Thomas Gowan, sorry about your uncle by the way”

 “It’s fine, I’ve only ever seen him a dozen times, and I’m thirty-four. Shame he and his wife never had any children, she died a few years ago.”

 As he finished speaking the two received their food, and eat it quickly. For the rest of the flight the two exchanged very lightly between movies and half a season of a short television show.

as the plane landed the two said goodbye to each other and left the plane. James then dialled his friend, who was at the funeral in Selbourne.

 “Ok, I’ve landed, has it started yet?”

 “No, you’ve got two hours yet”

 “How many are going to be there?”

 “I don’t know one to two hundred, he was a popular man it seems”

 “Yeah, he knew the King of PyeMcGowan for god sakes”

 “Be quick though, traffics gonna pile up soon”

 Finally, he got into his pre-booked taxi and left for the church.

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Aislun got out of the car, her joints stiff after the long bus ride. She felt incredibly ill, but she had been determined to see her family in Fairfax. Her sister rushed over and grabbed her bag from her, “Aislun why did you come all the way over while you were sick? You could have come at another time, we're always happy to have you.”

Aislun waved her hand, “Oh no, no, it's fine, just a cold. It would be nice to get some medicine, though.”

Aislun's sister scowled and rolled her eyes but went into the house, presumably to find something for her sister to feel better. Aislun smiled as her sister's husband came up and took her other bag from her, “Seriously Aislun are you sure you're alright, you don't look good at all.”

“Seriously I'm fi-”

Just as Aislun was about to finish, she felt a blinding pain in her stomach and faltered to her knees. It was so intense she cried out for a second, her eyes were watering and the next thing she knew she was vomiting in the grass in front of the house. She fell down on her back, shaking uncontrollably, trying to speak. She could barely see through watery eyes as someone rushed up to her, calling her name. Another figure came out of the house, screeching.

“Oh god, Robert, call the paramedics. Aislun what's happening!”


Aislun was in a panic as paramedics held her down, she was trying to understand what was happening, but everything was so blurry. She felt so hot. Everything kept going in and out of and she couldn't keep her eyes open. Far in the distance she heard the paramedics talking to her, trying to her ask her something, but nothing got through.

* * *

Doctor Kaitlyn Robinson was sitting at her desk reviewing patient files when her video chat on her computer began to ring. She was a bit surprised, but she smiled when she saw it was her colleague out in Fairfax. It had been awhile since she had talked to him, when she needed to help on another case. She clicked the answer button and smiled when she saw him appear, but her smile dimmed a little when she saw the hazmat gear and the isolation room he was in.

“James, what's going on?” She said, her eyes furrowed in worry.

I'm sorry to drop in on you so out of the blue, but something is going on here that I desperately need help with.” James said, his arms crossed, but Kaitlyn couldn't see his face well behind the suit.

“I'm going to guess it has something to do with your patient there?”

James nodded stiffly in his suit. He stepped out of the way, revealing the patient. A woman, who looked to be about middle-aged drenched in sweat laying on the bed.

She came in about ten hours ago, as far as any of us can tell, she was exhibiting symptoms of the common cold. By the time the paramedics arrived, she had suddenly developed a forty-six degree fever and had a seizure on her way to the hospital. She has multiple rashes across her body and her white blood cell count is dangerously low. According to her sister, up until a few days ago, the patient was healthy.”

“Christ,” Kaitlyn said, “This could be caused by a variety of viruses and bacteria, why is this so special?”

James shook his head, “The circumstances around this don't make sense. The cold doesn't hit with this severity almost immediately, and the icing on the cake is that none of her family members have contracted this disease yet. No symptoms have been observed in her sister or her sister's husband. And our colleagues back in Eire haven't noticed anything from the family either. What's more interesting is her sister is only her half sister. It's possible that she and her family may have some sort of natural immunity as well.

Another nurse walked in and spoke just outside the microphones range, and Kaitlyn could see James hang his head on the screen, “James, what's wrong?”

“James what's wrong?”

We've got several patients who have come in the past hour experiencing some of the symptoms we've noticed with this patient. None as bad yet, but Kaitlyn this could get out of hand. You still do some work with the National Disease Center correct?

Kaitlyn nodded, leaning back in her chair, thinking about what to do.

Get in contact with them immediately. This woman has been to a lot of places and a lot of people could have been exposed. We have to catch this early.

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