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Happy Birthday


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To the deaRest Stoned Smurfs:


# Happy birthday to you,

# Happy birthday t? you,

# Happy birthday dear Po-ot,

# Happy birthday to you. tongue.gif


Hip hip hurray!

Hip hip hurray!!

Hip hip hurray!!! biggrin.gif


*moves closer in* *smooches Pot on the cheeck* 545.gif


I know we have our own opinions and sometimes it's hard to get along, but let's just forget all that and make the most of this day. I want you to know that I consider you to be my friend. Happy birthday wink.gif


user posted imagechamp.gif


A happy birthday from all of your friends here in Europa


X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X



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Happy Birthday, you old stoner.

besides Orioni's, this has got to be the best one out there.


*wipes tear from his eye*


thanks guys, felt kinda down today and you guys cheered me up! a have prepared a small speech.


AHEM *clears throat*

Australia rocks! i wouldnt of been born on any other day! Pokemon sucks balls but i still like EE. Haken is ok, if you consider weilding an axe and living with three retarded midgets ok. Tamurin takes time out of his busy civil wars to wish ol Pot a good bday and Tagmatium_Rules, well he just rules! Cheesefish has a phobia of beards and Phil IV is never on time. And last but not least the thing i wanted the most for my bday is a lap dance from O, so what do ya say?




ok so its not a speech just incoherent ramblings of mine!





The Old Stoner

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Humph. Instead of catching Osama, I take time to wish ~pot~ a happy birthday. Of course, I'll be honest with ya: he's LONG gone. We missed our chance when Bush decided to send into Afghanistan fewer soldiers than there are police in Manhattan, NYC.


The only people who would know where he's at wouldn't give a rat's ass if we moved up our reward to include exclusive rights to our Federal Reserves.


So, since I'm having a hella hard time getting most of these smilies working, I'll just end. Thugs 4 Life!

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