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The following diplomatic communique is intended solely for His Majesty Aidan Redmond, King of Seylos, and is to be considered confidential.


Your Majesty,

It is the understanding of the Worker's Republic of Fulgistan that your realm is currently under tangible military threat from certain neighboring actors, and that in the event of these certain actors desiring to affect an armed attack upon your nation or another sovereign state in the area of the Western Adlantic, that clearly threatened Seylosian sovereignty, and which the Seylosian Crown accordingly considered it vital to resist with their national forces, the Worker's Republic would feel itself bound at once to lend the Seylosian Crown all support in its power. We hereby give the Seylosian Crown an assurance to this effect.

I may add that the designated representative of the Sayfi Foreign Ministry, Mr. Fahri Barkat Ali, has authorised me to make it plain that they stand in the same position in this matter as does the Worker's Republic.

Should you or your designated defense officials believe that such an attack as described above is imminent or has come to pass, it is our request that you inform both myself and Mr. Ali, such that our nations may endeavor to render you whatever aid possible.

Best wishes,

Ismail Tian-Han, Secretary, Bureau for Foreign Diplomacy, Worker's Republic of Fulgistan


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  • 2 weeks later...

"Good evening, Dundee approach. Kestrel Seven-Seven-Niner descending to flight level four-zero, heading zero-one-zero."

The glow of the instrument panel illuminated the faces of the Fulgistani bomber crew. They'd formerly been on standby for the Greater Serbian intervention, but, like all forces that had once been promised to that endeavor, had been diverted to Seylos in anticipation of war's outbreak. Kestrel Seven-Seven-Niner and her sisters carried 3 cruise missiles apiece; ship-killers, each packed with enough explosive tonnage to punch a hole in an aircraft carrier. The bombers of the Red Kestrels and the other two naval bomber squadrons were some of the most expensive and specialized aircraft operated by the Revolutionary Guard Air Force, a strategic assurance designed to compensate for a small and defense-focused navy.

"Kestrel Seven-Seven-Niner, runway one-three left, cleared to land."

The pilot repeated the information, following protocol.

"Cleared to land three-one left, Kestrel Seven-Seven Niner."


After a few more hours, Kestrel Seven-Seven Niner and the Red Kestrels had successfully been gathered in Seylos. They were far from the only Revolutionary Guard forces to have been dispatched to the island nation in the past few weeks. While the Fulgistanis had not contributed any fighter aircraft at this time, believing that area best left to their more technologically capable allies, there were a fair number of cargo and transport aircraft in-country. Two of Fulgistan's twelve frigates were now docked in Norfolk, and four of the navy's diesel-electric submarines were on standby in Wulumuqi.

The Revolutionary Guard had been prepared for hostilities with the Derthaler Empire since the inception of the Workers' Republic, but it had not accounted for Seylos, Limonaia, and Sayf, all valuable allies that tipped scales, assuming projections were correct, considerably in the coalition's favor. This surprise cooperation had kept analysts and strategists working around the clock for months, planning and preparing. Nor had the politicians been idle; General Secretary Almas had had a direct line installed in his office to King Aidan, and the two leaders were in communication almost daily. In a way, it was quite bizarre but also entirely par for the course. Fulgistan had always believed, or at least produced convincing propaganda, that one day it would destroy its colonial oppressor, the bogeyman of the New World, but had never thought to do it alongside such unconventional allies.

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War Department, Sayfi Military Headquarters, Baghdad, Sayf - 14:50



A Sayfi man smoking a cigar and wearing a trenchcoat and suit from an expensive Liomonian designer brand Certovino walks into the room, in the room, there is a long conference table with a few men of varying ages wearing decorated Sayfi service uniforms, all now staring at the man that just walked into the room before he says anything, he pulls off his coat and throws it across the room, where it lands atop a coat hanger. He plops himself down onto an opulent leather office chair across from the most decorated man in the room and stubs out his cigar on to one of ten ashtrays laid out across the table before pulling out another cigar from his shirt pocket, dragging it along his nose, sniffing it deeply before placing it in his mouth, cutting it with a silver cigar cutter, and toasting it with a lighter to light it and begin smoking it. "Fancy seeing you here, Fahri." says the man sitting across from him at the other end of the table. "Yes, it is a fancy seeing me, isn't it Abu-Hajaar?" Abu-Hajaar takes a deep puff from his hookah before responding with "To what do we owe the pleasure?" Fahri kicks his legs up onto the mahogany conference table and takes a quick puff from his from his cigar before responding "Put all the Aluxia shit on the backburner for now, we've got bigger fish to fry boys. Derthalen-" Abu-Hajaar interrupts "We've been keeping a keen eye on the situation in Derthalen. We recently flew our spy planes to locate primary military targets and resources. We have a fleet ready for action in the Dolch See, we've been coordinating with our allies and-" Fahri groans loudly before saying "Don't care- my job is usually schmoozing with foreign dignitaries and getting free five-star accommodation, and telling you guys what shit to f*ck up. Seylos, Limonia, and Fulgistan are ready to go to war with Derthalen and so are we, get your planes n' shit in Seylos and prepare your men for whatever war scenario you got in those filing cabinets and get this over with. I have a flight to catch to somewhere nice so I'm out of here. Smells like washed up soldiers and tobacco in here." Fahri grabs his coat and throws the door open and proceed to walk out of the room, as he exits, Abu-Hajaar shouts "Gawad!" Abu-Hajaar sighs and takes another deep puff from his hookah before speaking "Execute phase one of scenario A-SE1 also known as 'Operation Defuedalization', get our planes and men in Seylos and continue our current operations in the Dolch See." All the men quickly fumble with their papers, pulling out their phones and shouting orders. Defueadilization is a go.



Sayfi soldiers in Basra marching into their designated ships to departure towards Seylos.

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  • 3 weeks later...

For the past few weeks, a large collection of unremarkable fields to the west of Kirkwall had been the subject of an enormous amount activity. Of course it wasn't until recently that the real construction and movement of material had begun. The Seylosian military had began hastily setting up large amounts of tents, fashioning supply depots as well as clearing and flattening areas for air strips. The local population of Kirkwall had been excited about this development, though many wondered why there was such a sudden rush of construction when they had barely heard of such of move in the past. For awhile the Royal military had been in negotiations to purchase those tracks of lands outside the city, but suddenly to the seller's glee, they were willing to pay the price already on the table. As for the rest of Kiirkwall, they only saw it as a good thing. Some small military base near the city only meant some good business, and most of the time Seylosian soldiers never caused any issues, at least not more than any normal person.

What the people of Kirkwall didn't know was this base was going to become center stage in a conflict long brewing. Brigadier Adrian Hudson had just arrived, dropped off by helicopter that had come from Dunblane on the mainland. He had spent twenty years in the Royal Army Logistics Corp and he knew this was his biggest challenge yet. The orders were somewhat vague, but he did know one thing: tens of thousands of new people would be coming to the island along with all their supplies and equipment and it was up to him to make sens of this chaos.

Behind him, the colonel waved at the helicopter, with it taking flight again to grab more people and supplies from Dunblane. He was greeted by a middle aged soldier who saluted immediately upon getting close to the Brigadier, "Warrant Officer Fitzroy sir, the base is ready for your command."

Hudson stiffly saluted back and motioned towards Fitzroy to follow him, "Brief me as we go, we haven't a lot of time to get this place in shape."

Fitzroy nodded taking his place next to the Brigadier, keeping up with his fast pace as they wound their way through tents and soldiers hurriedly moving about. "We've outlined the main area of the base sir, with three similar base sites within a few miles of this location. The government has arranged for several civilian contractors in Kirkwall to assist in constructing more permanent buildings, Major Perce has been in charge of civilian relations in regards to construction efforts. The Corps of Engineers has focused most of its efforts in creating suitable landing fields for various aircraft. At the moment at least we can carry a wing or two of Harriers. We've managed to setup a small amount of prefab buildings towards the center of camp which is where most of the logistics command staff are located at the moment. We have several dozen barracks structures under construction right now, though at the moment tents are all we have."

Hudson nodded, it was a hell of a project. No doubt expensive as well, but he had been doing this sort of work his entire Army career and he very well intended have this place running smoothly as soon as possible, though he was sure there wouldn't be many happy people.

"Also sir there are several officers who want a meeting with you to discuss logistics. Admiral Forrest wants to have someone be a liaison with the Kirkwall city council in order to use their port infrastructure. Lieutenant General Harley also wants a meeting to discuss division supply-"

"Yes I understand, just take me to the center of the base Mr. Fitzroy. We can get these details more sorted in some sort of privacy."

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Bogd Gioro, 25th of March, 2019


RESOLUTION Declaring That a State of War Exists Between the Government of Derthalen and the Government and People of Fulgistan and Making Provisions to Prosecute the Same


Whereas The Government of Derthalen has perpetrated acts of war against the people of the free world, and committed crimes against all humanity for many decades uninterrupted: Therefore be it resolved by the People’s Great Khural of the Worker’s Republic of Fulgistan that the state of war between the Empire of Derthalen and the Worker’s Republic of Fulgistan is hereby formally declared; and that the Central Committee is hereby authorized and directed to employ the entire naval and military forces of the Worker’s Republic and the resources of the government to carry on war against the government of Derthalen; and, to bring the conflict to a successful termination, all of the resources of the country are hereby pledged by the People’s Great Khural of Fulgistan.


(OOC: Selected listening - The Sacred War)


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The Arab Republic of Sayf declares that a State of War now exists between the Arab Republic of Sayf and the Confederated Empire of Derthalen.

    The Arab Republic of Sayf is acting in defense of it's international interests, as well as in defense for the acts of war perpetrated against its allies the Grand Duchy of Limonaia, the Kingdom of Seylos and the Worker's Republic of Fulgistan. The Parliament of the Arab Republic of Sayf has approved and will be acting on it's declaration of war on the Confederated Empire of Derthalen.

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Brennan sulked up to the door of his flat, tired after his long day at work. It had been a miserable day but at least he knew he could sit with his family and relax. He opened the door and instead of seeing his wife and children milling about this house as usual he all of them glued to the television. His wife a, look of concern on her face quickly waved her husband over gesturing towards the screen.

"Sit quickly, the King, he's says he's got a big announcement. I dunno what it could be right now."

Just as Brennan sat on his couch the SBC banner flared onto the television declaring breaking news cutting straight to King Aidan, standing solemnly at a podium in front of the Royal Palace.

"Today is a day that none of us should celebrate, but instead understand as a nation as our duty. For decades, the nation of Derthalen has not only threatened our borders but has threatened the freedom, lives, and security of the countless millions of people who pass through the Dolch Sea every year. Weeks ago, a cruise liner carrying almost a thousand souls was setting sail for Seylos, full of people who expected nothing more than a good holiday. Instead, in the midst of a piracy crisis, Derthalen seized the ship and the people it carried in the name of slavery. On board were not only hundred of people from the Duchy of Limonaia, but almost a hundred souls from Seylos. That such horrors could be inflicted on others, and especially our own citizens is beyond reproach.

Through these past weeks, the Royal Government has been in contact with out counterparts in Limonaia and have reached out to our steadfast allies in Fulgistan to begin an action to end such a despotic threat to our way of life. During this time the people of Sayf, also invested in the safety and security of the Dolch Sea have reached out to defend those who would make such a journey. Enough is enough. I have convened with my own personal counsel, and have sought the support of the House of Governors in this decision. With overwhelming support, this Government has decided without hesitation to declare formal war against Derthalen, and those that would support her in her crimes. As of now forces from our allied nations have already begun arriving on our island, and the Royal Navy has begun to conduct a series of security operations around Seylos to ensure that our great nation will be safe from harm.

The time for diplomacy has come to an end, and it is with this that we will test our force of arms against those who wish so many harm. I have no doubt that our military with the help and frienship of other such like minded states will bring victory against our enemies. Against the world's enemies. Godspeed to us all."

Brennan sat back in his couch staring at the screen, mouth slightly ajar in disbelief but he could help but utter, "Well f*ck."

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The Grand Duchess entered the chamber, which quickly quieted down to only a couple of whispers from the back benches. The Assembly's chamber had been reconfigured for her arrival, and a small, elaborate silver throne had been put in place of the regular podium. She slowly made her way to the throne as the royal fanfare played. As she reached the throne, a guard hander her the papers containing her speech. The chamber was dead silent now, and she could hear her own heartbeat, as she begun her speech:

Honoured Assembly, it pains me to have to do this, the day that we've all feared would come is here. While we've had our fair relations with the Holy Empire of Derthalen for many millenia, the ruthless and backwards way of this nation has finally exposed itself as a threat even to our own citizens, and this is something that I as a monarch cannot tolerate. In the past months I have discussed our course of action with our general staff and Prime Minister Saleri. Last week we dispached a large portion of our military to Seylos, with some still being en route as we speak. I see it as my duty to all of humanity that we resolve this threat and establish a safe Dolch sea. I will therefore inform you all that following this very hour, a state of war hereby exists between the Holy Empire of Derthalen, and the Grand Duchy of Limonaia.

I have every reason to believe that our military will carry out this divine duty, and be victorious, especially with the support of the many countries that wish to see stability in the area. I will personally take part in this campaign, but will respect the decitions of this house for the duration of the war. Nobiscum Deus!

The Assembly repeated the motto of Limonaia, and a mixture of cheering from and silence followed as the Grand Duchess sat down on her throne and the assembly continued what the parliamentary session.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Aidan was hurriedly walking back from the press room after his announcement, he didn't have any time to stick around and answer many questions. Instead he was much more focused on making sure everything was running as smoothly as physically possible. He'd been in the navy, and he'd had to deal with all sort of smaller crisis mainly involving himself, but a full fledged war was something he had yet to experience. The Seylosian military rarely had to worry about directly engaging any sort of enemy, and for the most part it had relied on it's diplomatic abilities to garner enough friends to push away any conflict. But this time was different, the only way to stop Seylos's biggest threat for the past several decades was to finally strike and take it down.

He arrived at the crisis operations room, a space decked from almost floor to ceiling in screens and computers. From here much of the Seylosian military leadership had gathered to monitor the war effort and bring as much order to the chaos as they could. A soldier who was close to the entrance stiffly saluted and shouted about the noise in the room, "His Majesty the King!"

Everyone stopped and turned quickly to face Aidan, saluting the king. Aidan nodded and waved his hand to signal them to be at ease. "Bring me up to speed everyone."

The noise in the room returned to normal as everyone ran back to their jobs, however Aidan was quickly approached by several officers all of them holding some stack of papers or tablets. He make a quick gesture and pointed towards the smaller meeting room off to the side of the ops center. Each of them followed him in taking a place around the large conference table. Following Aidan in was Parker, still keeping tabs.

Aidan took a look around then turned to face Parker, "You know you don't have to follow me everywhere here."

Parker simply raised an eyebrow, "Do you remember the last conference room you were in Your Majesty."

"Fair enough," Aidan replied rolling his eyes. He walked around to the head of the conference table and sat down, "Alright. Generals, Admirals, bring me up to speed. Also where is Admiral Forrest?"

Another admiral spoke up, "Admiral Forrest has made the decision to board the HMS Defiant Your Majesty. She sent me here, I'm Rear Admiral Leigh Todd."

Aidan nodded, "Alright Admiral, hit me with it."

"Right now our fleet has been split between security operations north of Seylos and safeguarding the passage of troops and supply transports from the allied nations. The Defiant and her fleet have taken position around one hundred kilometers north of Dunblane near the opening of the Dolch. Our patrols in the sea have been recalled to the mainland for deployment. The Merchant Marine have levied enough container transport ships for at least most of our future logistics needs when the main continental landing begins."

Another office, General Kieran Nathaniel, raised the papers in his hand slightly, "Your Majesty, the Kirkwall base is coming along as fast as we can. Unfortunately allied troops are arriving slightly faster than we can setup accommodations for them. The base is far away enough from the actual city of Kirkwall, but I do want to make sure that we can get them taken care of. The current supply depot there should be sufficient for those soldiers for now, but we are definitely going to need some help getting this base up and running from one of the other nations."

Aidan let out a sigh, "Go ahead and reach out to the other liaison officers here, let's make sure and get this logistics situation sorted out as quickly as possible. I've also heard from the site that our naval infrastructure is a bit lacking at the moment. See if we can get more temporary docking infrastructure ready before we move on to any more permanent structures."

He shuffled the stack of papers in front of him impatiently. He had already begun to have the feeling of being overwhelmed, but he knew he had to take a front seat to this. He obviously wasn't qualified to do everything but just making his presence known felt right, "Well, next we have the request that needs to be sent to the Gallambrians, Dolch tactical plans, finding a home for the Fulgistani planes........"


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Bogd Gioro, Fulgistan

"We must act to address this grave threat that Derthalen poses to the liberty, to the democracy, and to the great society that the Fulgistani and Faramontese people have crafted together. Let there be no confusion: this is a violent cult that incites its members to strike out at the world. They know no mercy. They know no reason. They understand nothing except force. And so it is force that we must use. Deputies, I call upon you today to declare war on Derthalen and to authorize military action against the same. Let us stand by our erstwhile comrades in this war for peace."

The auditorium of the Embassy of the People's Republic of Faramount was designed to hold an audience of 150, so as to allow a large number of people to observe the deliberations of the People's Congress. But today, as Prime Minister Sofia Savio called upon the ten-member body to declare war, there were nearly 300 Faramontese Fulgistanis packed into the room. A few blocks away, several thousand more watched on the massive LED scoreboard screen of the Cassiano Santianello International University Soccer Stadium. Even as the men and women standing before her rose to applaud, Savio could through the auditorium's open windows hear those at the stadium cheering.

The prime minister nodded in satisfaction at the response, though she remained irked at how long it had taken her government to act. She understood all too well the difficulty of getting together all ten members of the part-time People's Congress. But this was just an embarrassment. The PRF would be declaring war a full two days after the conflict started, despite being literally based in the capital of one of the major belligerants. It did not reflect well upon the government-in-exile. Of course, in reality, the delay meant nothing; the PRF had no assets to offer in the fight against Derthalen. But still; it was a matter of principle.

An hour after Savio's speech, following a series of statements in favor by the deputies, the People's Congress on a voice vote declared war on Derthalen. Formally speaking, the coalition against Derthalen had just grown by one.

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There was rarely such thing as an “informal” meeting in the government of Arhomaneia. Almost everything had layers of protocol and ritual dedicated to it, to show all of the parties involved that one was superior to the other, that the Agios Basileos kai Autokrator was higher than them and that Christ was above all. A meeting between the Megas Logothetes ton Stratiotikou, the Minister for War, and the Epistrategaion, the High Command, was no different, even if this one was nominally “informal”. As the representative of the monarch of Tagmatium, Honorios Kontarian was preceded and followed by members of the imperial bodyguards, resplendent in their golden armour and white and red robes. Two priests topped and tailed the procession and they filled the air with wafts of incense. The party stopped at the large, elaborately carved wooden doors that blocked their entrance into the meeting room, but only for a moment. To show that the High Command was entirely in sync with the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion, the Imperial Government, the doors were opened so that the party outside were only still for a heartbeat.

The room that Kontarian walked into was markedly different to almost all of the meeting rooms within the Imperial Palace Complex – it was semi-circular, light and airy, with pillars supporting a high roof with windows around the circumference of the walls. The floor was a uniform dark marble, with no ostentatious mosaics covering it. There was only a single wooden crucifix at the centre of the wall opposite the door as ornamentation. In the centre of the room, down half a dozen steps in front of the door, was a semi-circular table, mirroring the shape of the room. It was of dark wood, with nine chairs along the outside curve and one chair along the straight side. This part was slightly raised up, which was to demonstrate to the members of the armed forces that the representative of the civilian government was the one who was in control.

The nine chairs were already filled, with three from each of the armed forces. The three from the army were in the centre, the three from the navy to their right and the three from the air force to their left. There was a scraping of wood on marble as the occupants rose and bowed towards the Megas Logothetes. They were still bowed as he approached his own chair and it was only when he was stood between it and the table that he gave them a bow of his own and they all straightened up again. The imperial bodyguards fanned out behind Kontarian and the priests stood either side.

“Let us pray...”

Kontarian led the group in a prayer, one that called for peace on Eurth and an end to warfare. It was the traditional opening to any meeting between the Minister for War and the High Command. He never knew whether it was an ancient irony or a heartfelt desire that had become lost in the mists of time.

“Amen,” he finished.

“Amen,” echoed the rest of the room.

As it was an informal meeting, uniformed soldiers stepped forward and served delicate cups of tea, poured from golden teapots and plates of cucumber sandwiches with their crusts cut off. To show the harmony between the armed forces and the government, the officers and the minister also indulged in small-talk, too. Did the Megas Logothetes know that the Strategos' daughter had joined the army, too? She was very proud. How was the Navarkhos' son doing after he had sprained his ankle playing polo? Very well, thank you. Much recovered. Was the Domestikos' cat well? I had heard the poor thing was ill.

That last one fell down flat. It turned out that Domestikos Mesardonites' elderly and much-loved tortoiseshell cat had recently been put down. The man stiffened slightly when Kontarian asked the question and the proud, aquiline aristocrat seemed to almost be holding back a tear. Kontarian had not been told about the cat's death and felt a pit of embarrassment opening beneath his feet as a ripple of silence spread out through the room.

Moving on...

“As you are all aware, @Derthalen has been up to its usual tricks,” Kontarian said. “Piracy, hijacking ships, selling people into slavery...”

The officers were all aware. There was a large minority, not just in the armed forces but across Arhomaneia as a whole, that the Holy Empire had got off lightly last time around. That the issue should have been forced and the “tricks” curtailed before they got out of hand.

“And the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is issuing a statement condemning them, Megas Logothetes?” asked Mesardonites. There was a slight sarcastic tone to the officer's voice. The Epistrategaion had all been made aware of the government's plans. This meeting was just to allow them to put some direct questions to the Minister for War. Possibly he was holding the faux pas against Kontarian.

“Yes, Domestikos. At this time, I think we all agree that this is our safest option.” It sounded a bit hollow, even to Kontarian. Any statement, no matter how neutrally-worded, might provoke Derthalen into an action that they would soon regret.

“Safest for whom, Megas Logothetes?” asked one of the naval officers. He wore the rank insignia of a heminavarkhos, a rear admiral, and the branch markings of a naval airman. “Adrotiri is positioned so that the Derthalers could cut it off with ease, even with risking the wrath of @Adaptus.”

It was a risk that the Megas Agios Basileia was willing to take, although the Megas Logothetes was loathe to say it. “At this point, heminavarkhos, it is expected that Derthalen won't be willing to antagonise more nations against it.”

That was horseshit and everyone in the room knew it for what it was. In reality, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion wanted to see if Derthalen would be foolish enough to expand the war it had brought upon itself. Tagmatium had made its opinion of the Holy Empire clear numerous times but it would be happier to see other nations test the Derthaler defences first. There were already two Arhomaiki carrier battlegroups to the west, operating off the coast of @Aluxia. The fighting there had seemingly reached something of a lull – it would not take too much to swing them around to strike targets on the west coast of the Holy Empire.

“Megas Logothetes, I doubt anyone genuinely expects Derthalen to do anything sensible,” replied the naval airman with a sardonic smile. “Their track record seems to consist of provoking everyone at every turn and then acting with real surprise when it bites them on the arse. At which point they overreact, then they lash out and so on and so on.”

It was an adequate summation of how the Derthalers reacted, Kontarian had to agree. “The sensible thing would to have not enslaved another nation's civilians so soon after averting being ground into the dust by an international coalition about a year ago.”

Nine heads bobbed up and down in agreement.

The woman dressed in the sandy brown of the Klibanoforoi, the heavy armour branch, frowned slightly. A regiment from her branch was deployed in Aluxia. “Doesn't playing chicken with the Derthalers like this risk our operations in Aluxia though, Megas Logothetes?”

“The BPP Agios Ioulianos will be re-routed from its Right of Navigation mission in the Raga Thalassa in order to take up a position in the Makhaira Thalassa, guarding the convoys in and out of Adrotiri.” And, as it turned out, its mission in the Raga Thalassa had rather pissed off @Suverina. They took that sea to be their own personal territory and were rather annoyed that Arhomaneia was trying to muscle in on it, as their ambassador informed the Logothesion ton Barbaron, although couched in more diplomatic language. Rather than irritate its southern neighbour when Machina @Haruspex was rearing its head again and more attention was being focussed on eastern Argis, the Megas Agios Basileia had decided to accede to Suverina's wishes, at least for the time being. Kontarian was not going to tell the Epistrategaion that, however. “I imagine a full battlegroup will deter the Derthalers, Strategos. We have yet to determine whether it will need to be accompanied by a Basileos class.”

He nodded towards the group from the Basilikoploimon. “This will be something that we discuss later, if the situation changes.”

The naval officers nodded back.

“So, for the moment, Megas Logothetes, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is willing to play chicken with the Derthalers?” asked Mesardonites.

f*cking hell, I'm sorry about your f*cking cat, thought Kontarian, but immediately he felt bad about the thought. He'd met the cat and it was very friendly, even when it was so old. “Domestikos, we all know that the Derthalen government is willing to carry out abominable acts with scant regard to how these are perceived by the international community. The tact that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is taking will, God willing, mean that Derthalen will fall in line with the rest of the wurld.”


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Flying Watchtowers

Due to severely limited time, the manufacture of new aerocraft designs had to be put out of mind in preparation for the war. Instead, retrofits of existing bombers were started and carried out as fast as possible so as to allow the Imperial Army to cover one of its weaknesses. Teams of technicians began work around the clock, working in three shifts to inspect bombers, check the equipment and wiring, and then begin gutting them and altering their frames to accommodate the new sensitive equipment that they would be carrying. Large dishes had to be secured to the hulls of the former bombers, with new reinforcement going into the frames as well so as to ensure they would remain secure. Once done, swarms of men would go over it setting up the new wiring and running tests to ensure that there would not be any burn outs, with redundant fuse boxes being added in as well. Finally, the new equipment would be placed into the hulls and bolted secure once hooked up. The internals were bare and exposed, so new panelling also needed to go in so as to make it somewhat more comfortable for the crews to operate. Finally, the defences went back in. New chaff and flares were put in so as to give the aerocraft some defence from enemy attack, even if they were not meant to be far from support. These features, while not particularly new, were important for giving ease of mind to the crews operating the newly named Horizon Watchers. While it would not have the effect of having visible gunners, it would still give them some sense of protection, other than the immense height that they would be flying at.

Once finished, the crews were put into them and given crash courses on their operation. The pilots were mostly bomber pilots who were familiar with the unmodified versions of the Watchers, so training was minimal, besides having them adjust to the new aerodynamics of the aerocraft. The radar crews on the other hand had to become accustomed to the tight quarters and specifics of the machines they were operating with. Many of them were taken from ground crews or ships, and as such had no experience whatsoever with flight previous to this. Acclimatisation would have to take place quickly, and those completely unsuited to this unnatural state of being, were quickly replaced by others. Once in the air, they began flying circuits around the Empire's south, peaking over the horizon and reporting back to ground crews and teams about what they saw. They were going to be the first warning the defenders had. No matter what, they had to keep up in the air as long as possible and ensure that there was never a break in their vigil.

On the other hand, response teams had been assembled as soon as war was declared. Flights of fighters were organised and given special orders. For the duration of the war, pilots were expected to remain on their bases or nearby at all times until further orders were given. Whenever a sortie was ordered, they were expected to either overwhelm enemy forces with superior numbers of at least three to one or engage in defence in depth, slowly yielding space and drawing out the engagement as long as possible in order to force the enemy aerocraft to either retreat as their fuel supplies withered farther from home, or stay put long enough for ground forces to begin taking them out with surface to air missiles if they were not able to previously. Superior numbers, overlapping areas of support, quicker response times, and far longer sortie times were the key to victory in the air. Though a comprehensive and mobile network of air defence had been set up, with overwhelming numbers of false targets to draw enemy attention, allowing aerial superiority to be taken was not an option. The navy would likely be the first to suffer, as their ships were nearly impossible to hide or fake. Without them, holes in the coastal defence would open, as enemy landing craft would no longer have to worry about being intercepted, and the effective area of control and retaliation would shrink as only land based assets would be left. Similarly, other larger static installations on land would also be at far greater risk, even with the aerial defence network intact, as enemy fighters could make suicide attacks upon them thus opening holes in the defences yet again. As such, as soon as a report from the Watchers came in, the fighters would sally forth and beat back the invaders.


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Eriprando Estis looked at the assembled Senate. It was rowdy and massive, as if he were in a small stadium. As the final stragglers of the 1,153 members of the Mauridivian Senate took their seats, Estis signaled to his Assistant Speakers that it was time to begin the session. The thick roar of over a thousand ensuing conversations between senators, media, politicians, and spectators was suddenly punctured by the loud, simultaneous, and relentless banging of gavels. After about a minute, only the banging and its echoes remained, although it too soon fell silent.

Estis took a deep breath, made sure his microphone was working and began to read out the instructions from the day's agenda, "Welcome back compatriots, we shall begin this meeting with the issue raised by the 3rd representative from El Limon regarding religious exemptions on the proposed amendment to the Child Nutrition Act of 2018, and as such I shall now yield the floor to--"

"I yield the floor to myself" said a voice behind Estis. Irritated, he turned around to see that it was Diego Polo himself who had disturbed the sanctity of the agenda.

"I'm sorry to interrupt the usual business of the Senate but there is an issue that we have been ignoring for some time that can no longer be ignored. Our brave allies are fighting the menace of Derthalen while we sit here benefiting from their efforts. This maniacal organization is the greatest terrorist threat that our country faces in international terms and we are sitting on our comfy chairs discussing the dietary rights of all flavors of vegan children. It is time for this country to take action. Literally any kind of action, just some action. I yield the floor to the leader of the opposition for comment," and thus Diego Polo sat down.

Simon Buenavides then rose from his front row seat and, after being given a microphone by one of the aides,  turned around to address the whole room. "Well.... uuhh.... the opposition would've appreciated a heads up to this change by the President. Libertad is not willing to back any motion for a declaration of war against Derthalen or any kind of aid to our so-called communist allies. I yield the floor to the leader of the Mauridiviah Independence Party," and with that, Buenavides also sat down. This move was deliberately stepping on the toes of the President in order to allow the leader of the former main opposition party to speak. It was a political miscalculation however, as while once the MIP had been more cautious in their support of military intervention, the wing of the party that now controlled it has never shied away from an opportunity to bring freedom and democracy to the world at the point of a gun.

Josefina Josefain did not wait for the aide to give her the microphone, snatching it from the aides' hands she began to address the room. "The Mauridiviah Independence Party has just submitted a motion"-- she shoved a piece of paper into the aides' hands--"to immediately declare war on these monsters and eradicate them from the Eurth once and for all! We will not negotiate with--"

"I yield the floor to myself!" Polo said whilst furiously scribbling unto a piece of paper. It was time to do some damage control. "The Bolivarian Party proposes the following amendment to turn the war motion into a non-binding resolution of support for our allies!" Polo stretched his arm to hand the paper to Estis.

Estis looked at both pieces of paper. They were both handwritten, one-sentence crude statements. While he technically could choose to not vote on either of these things, or just on the original motion, he knew that Polo would have his head if he did not put his amendment to a vote. "The Senate shall vote on resolution E1 as amended by Amendment A"

The Senate, confused, shocked, and itching for a debate, was frozen. The electronic board above Estis' head lit up with the current vote, and slowly, each of the Senators cast their vote within the five minutes allotted. Then, the final tally was in, with the resolution passing 652 in favor and 404 against.



Mauridivian Declaration of Support for the Workers' Republic of @Fulgistan, the Grand Duchy of @Limonaia, and the Kingdom of @Seylos

The Most Serene Republic of Mauridiviah hereby declares its unwavering support for the coalition composed of the Workers' Republic of Fulgistan, the Grand Duchy of Limonaia, and the Kingdom of Seylos, in their endeavor to emancipate the people under the control of Derthalen and commits itself to provide indirect aid, military or otherwise, to this brave coalition. The Most Serene Republic would also like to express its disgust at all the hypocritical nations who have decided to condemn such a humanitarian effort to defeat the most tyrannical group in recent history. May the terror of Derthalen soon disappear from the face of the Eurth, and may the greatest coalition triumph swiftly.


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Meetings of the Faramontese cabinet had become increasingly terse, undiplomatic affairs ever since President Mateo Terrone stopped attending due to illness. The president had carefully run the meetings, keeping at bay the two main rivals in his administration, Economy Minister Gastone Terrone and General Raymond Fouquet. But with the president now on his deathbed, the two were free to engage in extensive arguments, and that they did. Gastone and Fouquet had never liked one another, and they disagreed fundamentally on matters of public policy. But more than that, they disagreed about who should succeed the nation's ailing dictator. Fouquet felt that as the leader of the army and the president's protege, he was next in line. Gastone felt that as the person that had overhauled Faramount's oil sector, creating the funds necessary to quadruple the government's budget, he was best qualified. Both men were rapidly preparing to try to take power by force upon President Terrone's death, and both men knew exactly what the other was doing.

It came as little surprise as such that the two immediately began fighting over the issue of the Dolch Sea War. Gastone favored declaring war on Derthalen, so as to gain the favor of the Limonaians. Limonaia dominated Faramount's economy, after all, and Limonaian oil companies were essential to Gastone's economic plans. But Fouquet saw little reason for Faramount to involve itself in a faraway war, particularly to support a coalition that included Fulgistan, which was effectively at war with Faramount. No one even suggested supporting Derthalen, given the likelihood of angering the Limonaians. Gastone and Fouquet argued for close to an hour before finally calling for a vote. Gastone voted in favor of war, and was joined by his long-time ally, Justice Minister Vinicio Capasso. Fouquet voted for neutrality, joined by no one, as he had no other allies on the cabinet. The decision thus fell, in effect, to Sophia Terrone. The president's daughter and the mayor of the nation's capital, Sophia was not invited to the meeting, but both of the remaining cabinet members were close allies of hers. She was not there to express her opinion, but Welfare Minister Milo Santarsiero and State Minister Artur Domiani made clear her decision when they voted for neutrality.

Domiani announced the decision in a press conference a short time later, and the state-controlled Faramontese public media outlets immediately spread the news. Faramount's puppet parliament would of course pass a resolution to this effect in the coming days, but everyone that knew anything about Faramount was well aware that said body held no real authority. The nation's three true decision-makers had spoken, and by a 2-1 margin, had decided to keep Faramount out of the war.

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Ever since the declaration of war the palace had become a mad house, but as Aidan looked out over the city, he began to realize that while it was hectic here life continued moving at the same pace.

"Your majesty?" A voice came from behind Aidan. He turned to look atone of his aides that had entered his room, various folders and files in his hands.

"What is it?" Aidan replied.

"I've been requested to ask you to the war room Your Majesty. Admiral Forrest wants to talk to you."

Aidan nodded and left his balcony, following the aide through the winding and busy palace. As usual upon entering the war room most of the people present began to stand and salute their king and of course as usual in response Aidan waved them back down. He thanked the aide and made his way to the back private meeting room where Rear Admiral Todd was waiting for him. He gave a brisk salute before spending some moments on a tablet in his hand bringing up the image of Admiral Forrest . Aidan took a seat quickly, followed by Todd.

"Admiral, I hope we have a plan."

"Yes sir. We've been pouring over the Tagmatine intelligence reports that have been sent to us. It's obviously not complete, but they've manage to steal a few looks at Derthaler coastal defenses. With your permission sir, we want to move forward with a series of probing attacks along the coast. The allied forces are almost ready to begin an attack in force and we need to know as much about the enemy as possible. I've already readied the First Fleet for action."

"What exactly will this attack entail Admiral?"

"A series of cruise missile attack on various static emplacements and defenses along the coast. We've chosen targets based on the viability of the landing sites, on top of other decoy targets in order to make sure the don't know exactly what we are up to. Although I believe the fleet will most likely out range the Derthalers I've also decided to push them in slightly within range of Derthaler missiles. We need to see what we are dealing with."

Aidan glanced over to Rear Admiral Todd, "Admiral?"

Todd nodded in agreement with the plan, "I wholeheartedly concur Your Majesty. We need to test their defenses before committing to an attack."

"Well this is the easiest decision I've had all day Admiral, you have a go. And good luck. At least you don't have to deal with international outcry." Aidan said with a slight chuckle.

"I don't envy the task sir. Thank you sir."



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