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[OOC] Pandemic

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In March there will be a pandemic. The story will run for 4 weeks. 

  • Starts Saturday 2 March 2019
  • Ends Sunday 31 March 2019

When the month ends, the disease in your nation can either be cured or continue to linger. This is left up to each individual player to decide.


A traveller is infected with an unknown disease. Working title: empyrean plague. The traveller starts out somewhere on Eurth. The infected traveller is on an aeroplane. The disease is spread before it is discovered. The disease mutates and becomes more dangerous. With every passing week you will receive more information as the story develops. @Seylos showed interest on Discord and will be OP for this story.

Ways to join

  • Character. You have an infected person onboard the aeroplane and RP their struggle. Maybe a stewardess. Or a travelling salesman. Or a student going abroad.
  • Solution-driven. Your scientists, universities or companies join the international effort to find a cure.
  • Prevention-driven. Your leaders close all travel in an attempt to keep the disease out. You explain how this impacts your people. It will put a strain on diplomatic relations.

If you don't want to join then you won't be infected.

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I don’t think that, since the disease came from hot south Europa, it would find ease expanding into Northern Argis, Europa and maybe southern Aurelia. Maybe this could cause masses heading to places like these, but the disease suddenly mutates to combat the cold climate? Just an idea, but it could work.

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I’m down for this... gives the Church an excuse to go ham on converting while combatting the disease internationally.


”Wow, you look pretty sick there.  Maybe if you followed Jesus this wouldn’t have happened?”

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I would definitely like to participate in this. Maybe Llalta, being so isolated and safe, could act as some kind of save haven for people to escape to? Of course, this would lead to some issues like maybe an infected group of people attempting to find refuge in Llalta and the issues our small government will face.

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Quick update. @Seylos and I have begun preparing the story arc for this RP. We have come up with something that works within the timeframe of one month. As planned, the story will start on March 1st. Seylos will be OP for this story. He'll provide cues and details. Regular updates by the OP will propel the story forward. :) More details and instructions will follow when we kick-off this Pandemic.

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I would like to participate, I'd imagine my country go into full lockdown mode, quarantines, curfew, no travel in or out of the country, restricted travel within the country, the works. We'd probably also work towards a cure, being the main focus of the nation other minimizing infection.

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On 2/14/2019 at 3:24 AM, Sancti Imperii Catholico said:

I’m down for this... gives the Church an excuse to go ham on converting while combatting the disease internationally.


”Wow, you look pretty sick there.  Maybe if you followed Jesus this wouldn’t have happened?”


If you want some sort of NBC mitres, you know where to come.

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Hey everyone! The RP is now open so here are some things I want to write up for you as we go forward.

  • Create character you want to kill! Or at least get very sick. We want to see the people that have to go through this disease as it spreads through the world.
  • When you get to it, explain what ramifications this has on your country.
  • It would be great if some of your characters were on the airplane from Eire to Selbourne and taking connecting flights to their home nations to help along the infection narrative.

This can be very stressful for a nation of course, so you can participate as much as you like. Have the disease be just a footnote in your history, be a massive plague on your people, use it for political machinations, your choice. As of now the the disease in it's lower lethal state has originated from Eire (part of Seylos, basically Ireland) and moved to Selbourne the capital city of Seylos. From there, the people on board the airliner have come in contact with Aislun, patient zero and spreading it from there.

Right now the list of people who have offered to participate is as stands:

  • Fulgistan
  • Llalta
  • Orioni
  • Oyus
  • PyeMcGowan
  • Rihan
  • Sancti Imperii Catholico
  • Seylos
  • Shffahkia

The first week of this plague will focus on character building and establishing the spread of the disease, the following week will begin all our government's realizations of this crisis and their response. From there, I'll have some more guidance on how we move forward!

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