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Intervention in Bainbridge Islands


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February 10th, 2019
EOS Island HQ

To members: @Miiros

To observers: @Magnaeus@Sunset Sea Islands@Cristina@Kipan


The EOS island HQ had been abuzz with activity. Only last month saw the 2nd meeting of the Antargic Council. That resulted in a successful albeit unexpected conclusion. And this month would be no less active. The EOS governing council, set out in the alliance charter, was about to discuss another matter of great importance. As usual members and observers had their permanent representative. While permanent members were allowed to vote on resolutions, the observers could only voice their opinions.

Current points on the agenda are as follows:

  1. Resolution for intervention in @Bainbridge Islands due to ongoing instability and pirate activity. These rules and permission are set out in the Responsibility to Protect amendment. The intervention may include possible military cooperation with the Kingdom of @Gallambria.
  2. Opportunity to speak for observer states wishing to ascend to full membership. The prerequisites for which are accepting the rights and responsibilities as outlined in the alliance charter.
  3. Discussing prospective candidates for future membership or observership of the Entente of Oriental States.
  4. Preparing our agenda for the next governing council, in 6 months from now.

(OOC: Remembering KBI, I estimate he would be alright with this. Maybe not all the drama about how shitty his nation has become. But if anyone is supposed to do something about it, then ideally his former allies. I want to wrap up the whole piracy story by putting some boots on the ground, preferably in cooperation with Gallambria. No expansion. Just pacification. If it goes bad, that'll influence my elections.)

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Item 1: Resolution for intervention in KBI

Item 1 on the agenda was quite a crucial matter. For too long, the Entente had tolerated that one of its members had fallen prey to anarchy. The lawlessness needed to end. The piracy extinguished. The population returned to the regional community. Anna Hackney had very strong feelings about this. She knew Sir Pipkin supported her wholeheartedly in this. The foreign affairs department back in O'polis had laid out the groundworks for a resolution. Then the staff at EOS continued the effort, integrating the existing rights and duties as outlined in the charter. Anna felt she could make a strong case for intervention. She felt it to her core. Something needed to be done. Something.

Resolution for intervention in Bainbridge islands

The Entente of Oriental States governing council,

Recalling the 2018 amendment in Responsibility to Protect,

Taking note of the Orioni military operation “Ocean Guard” as of July 2017 in the Northern Meteorolas,

Expressing grave concern about continuing reports of piracy, arbitrary detentions and wrongful imprisonment in Bainbridge Islands,

Expressing concern at the proliferation of arms in Bainbridge Islands and its potential impact on regional peace and security, and also expressing its intention expeditiously to address that issue further,

Looking forward to a future for Bainbridge Islands based on national reconciliation, justice, respect for human rights and the rule of law, 

Reiterating the importance of promoting the full and effective participation of EOS members in the post-conflict phase,

Bearing in mind its primary responsibility under the Charter of the Entente of Oriental States for the maintenance of international peace and security, and underlining the importance of taking measures aimed at conflict prevention and resolution,

1. Demands that all parties concerned comply strictly with the obligations applicable to them under international law;

2. Establishes an arms embargo on Bainbridge Islands;

3. Establishes a no-fly zone over Bainbridge Islands;

4. Expresses its intention of military intervention in Bainbridge Islands for peacekeeping;

5. Invites the Kingdom of @Gallambria to fully associate themselves with the early stages of planning for this peacekeeping and other relevant missions;

6. Decides to remain actively seized of the matter.

(OOC: Some comments on how this will progress. First, observer states can now share their opinion. Keep in mind that observer states cannot vote. As outlined in the EOS Charter, everyone has 7 RL days to comment on this. After this time has passed, the next agenda item will be discussed. Second, I know the active members are limited. @Miiros told me has limited time because of his job. So if you want to join this upcoming military RP, now is the chance for existing observers to request full membership. Recently returned @Ide Jima has already expressed interest in this.)

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Anna was happy and pleased. Granting observership to the Kipanese proved to be a good idea. Mr Kaneda showed himself a sensible politician, following the orders from his president back home in Kipani (Anglish: Kipan). None of the unpredictable gun-ho style she had seen elsewhere. "The partial support by the State of @Kipan will be noted in favour of this intervention. Thank you very much, Mister Kaneda. We understand the position your nation is in, since the end to the Thalassan War. This has certainly been a challenging stance to maintain. The no-fly zone will help prevent any unnecessary civilian complications. Once this no-fly zone has been established, the combined navies of EOS and @Gallambria come into play. Do the other representatives, either member or observer, share this opinion?"

(OOC: Time again to ping @Miiros@Cristina, @Magnaeus and @Sunset Sea Islands. As mentioned earlier, on Saturday the 7 days of discussion are over, and we move forward to the second item on our agenda. Not replying is considered a silent endorsement of the proposal.)

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Item 2: Observers seeking full membership

"Organised intervention in Bainbridge Islands seems like a settled matter. We will begin preparations and coordination with the @Gallambrians. On to our next item on the agenda." Anna Hackney was happy with the pace. She had already gotten everything she wanted out of this day. Anything else would be a sweet sweet cherry on top. "Observer status will now be granted opportunity to declare their interest in becoming a full member of the Entente of Oriental States. This is no obligation and your observer status will remain intact. Consider it an opportunity to deepen the ties that hold together the peace and prosperity in the Orient."

All eyes were no focussed on the representatives from @Sunset Sea Islands, @Cristina, @Kipan, and @Magnaeus.

(OOC: if there is no interest at all, we will quickly move on to the next item. Thanks for confirming. If time is short, then just reply if your answer is "yes". No need to spend time on the status quo.)

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Seventy-two years had passed since the Sunset Sea Islands were liberated from the oppressive regime that once threatened to take over the entire continent, seventy-two years of making up for past wrongs and working hard on building up an international reputation as a nation of peaceful diplomats. This work had, naturally, not gone unnoticed, however, the second item on the agenda of today's general assembly of the Entente of Oriental States was by far the largest form of appreciation for Sunset Sea Islandian efforts of reconciliation yet. The most powerful supranational organisation on Eurth offered the island nation an equal seat at their table, not only a spot in the auditorium.


Nguyên Tran had experienced somewhat of a political comeback after the Radiant Dawn. Although he stepped down from the political scene before the end of the monarchy, Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed had asked him to re-join the government when she was forming her government. His expertise had been required in those uncertain times and continued to guide the Sunset Sea Islands through the stormy waters of international relations. Therefore, the ageing politician was honoured that he was the one to hold a speech on such an important topic even though his career had ended once before. He was the first of the representatives of the four current EOS observer states who walked up to the podium and addressed the delegates and dignitaries in whose focal point he was standing.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, members of the council of the Entente of Oriental States, honourable chairwoman.

I have lived a long life, seeing empires fall, republics rise, wars being fought, treaties being signed, lives being lost and children being born. As someone who has experienced the horrors of war first-hand, growing up in an impoverished nation blinded by its ambitions of domination, there is nothing that fills my heart with hope for future generations than seeing nations come together to find common ground.

As, I am sure, all of you are aware, the daughters and sons of the Sunset Sea Islands have worked for decades to repay the damages their fathers have caused and they will continue to do so, to guarantee that their children may grow up in better conditions than the previous generations. The first summits and conferences held in the Sunset Sea Islands in the decades following the war were first tokens of appreciation of our work. When we were granted observer status in the Entente of Oriental States, our efforts were not only appreciated but recognised by the titans of global politics that we worked so hard to catch up to.

Therefore, there is only one course of action any citizen of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands in my position would take. Nothing would be more detrimental to the goals, ideals and guiding principles of our nation than declining this most gracious offer.

Therefore, I am proud that the honour of accepting the invitation to join the Entente of Oriental States in the name of every single citizen of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands falls into my hands.

May our bond be a shining star in a dark ocean of war and despair, but overshadowed by the future our children will live in."

Tran bowed to the audience before he left the podium.

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 This good news by Nguyên Tran was both a surprise and a relief. Unbeknownst to the SSIslandians, there had been uncertainty amongst the EOS members about PM Tumbleweed's political agenda. The tragic events of '17 Sorrows were a catalyst for much uncertainty. To outside observers, it seemed as if the SSI's future was balancing on a knife's edge. Analysts predicted it could go either way. The 50/50 change of renewed authoritarianism was worrying, to say the least. Because none of the Entente's members fancied a return of Neo-Mat Troi Lan.

"Thank you, Minister Tran, for those kind words," replied Mrs Hackney. "Since the Entente was originally formed, our aim has always been the promotion of peace and prosperity in and around this great Oriental Ocean. It is with open arms that we welcome the ascension of the Radiant Republic as a full and participating member of this organisation. This decision will surely have a major impact on the lives of citizens in all our nations. The future shines brightly on all our peoples."

"If there are no other observers seeking full membership status, we can continue with our next point. The discussion on prospective candidates for future membership or observership of the Entente of Oriental States."

Item 3: Prospective members and observers

Anna felt more comfortable with this next part. Behind the scenes, she had been discussing and negotiating with plenty of foreign ministers. Some expressed mild interest, while others expressed much more excitement.

"We received one official request for full membership. From a nation that has long been a strong player in the eastern sphere of influence. It is with great pleasure that I announce the positive request from Ide Jiman Foreign minister Roe Chon-Yeong."

When Anna made the announcement, gasps of surprise could be heard. It was a public secret that the militarised nation of @Ide Jima had been an international pariah these last decades. Therefore their prospective membership came with equal advantages and disadvantages. One one side, the EOS would benefit greatly from opening up this major market. As well as the increased military footprint. On the other hand, joining forces would mean pooling resources with a potentially disruptive military regime. Anna had shared these worries with her boss, foreign councillor Sir Pipkin. While acknowledging her concerns, he had pointed out the outside advantages of bringing the Ide Jimans into the alliance. He had called it: "A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

Anna turned towards the existing members around the table. "As outlined in our charter, all existing members can now vote on this request from Idea Jima. A simple yes/no majority vote will decide whether or not this proposal will go forward."

(OOC: With @Sunset Sea Islands just joining as a full member, this leaves @Miiros and myself as full members. So this can go rather fast. Observers are welcome to comment, but they cannot vote.)

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In the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Serekan…

Serving as the equivalent Foreign Minister for a nation that had taken great pains to distance itself from any form of overseas influence over the past 30 years might sound to many to be an easy job. General Roe Chon-Yeong, however, now found himself between a rock and a hard place. The Emperor had only recently announced an era of openness and engagement with foreign powers. Whilst nobody in the government would dare to defy the wishes of the Emperor, the relative newcomer Chon-Yeong now found himself to be the human face of a campaign that was anathema to the old guard that continued to populate the ranks of the Ide Jiman Government. The Central Government District of Serekan continued to reverberate with fallout from the recent declaration that embassies would be exchanged with the Greater Holy Empire. The announcement of the Empire’s pending application for membership in the EOS would undoubtedly serve as a smack in the mouth for many of the more conservative elements of the Government, however, the Emperor’s will was unwavering, and the General knew exactly on which of the side of the potential divide to stand. The news that the application for membership had been placed before the Member States of the EOS reached Serekan in the closing stages of an already fraught day…

“General!” the Aide stormed into the General’s office without stopping to knock, “the Chair of the EOS has tabled our application for membership!”

Taken aback by the unexpected development, the General paused for a moment, before responding “There can be no delay, we must prepare a further statement to the EOS in support of our application … Emphasize the support we can offer in dealing with the situation in the Bainbridge Islands, and do all you can to reassure our prospective allies of the Emperor’s intentions!”

Offering a salute, the Aide stopped short of marching straight out of the room… “The Emperor’s intentions are surely clear, sir?”

“The nature of Government for many of the EOS member states differs significantly from our own… whilst you and I may have no doubt that the Emperor’s statements are made in earnest, recent history dictates that we are under an onus to prove that the Empire is capable of engaging with foreign powers in a meaningful and responsible manner… Just forward me the EOS dossier, and I will have the statement ready for imperial assent within an hour…”

From: General Roe Chon-Yeong, Nominated Spokesman for Foreign Affairs
To: The Member States of the EOS

Esteemed Colleagues,

Writing on the express wishes of His Imperial Majesty Artakai I, the Ide Jiman Government expresses sincere gratitude to the Chair of the EOS for taking into consideration the Empire of Ide Jima’s membership application.

It would be inappropriate to pursue membership of the EOS without first offering some acknowledgement of the differences that have existed between our nations over these past decades. Please be reassured, the Imperial Government is in no doubt that engagement with regional allies represents the most beneficial course of action for all parties. Co-operation must undoubtedly pave the way to a brighter future for all the peoples of the Oriental Littoral. In view of recent history, it is fully appreciated that the burden of proof for the Empire’s application rests wholly on our shoulders. To that end, any further detail required by the EOS in support of the Ide Jiman application will gladly be supplied.

Turning to recent developments, you are no doubt aware of the Emperor’s firm commitment towards tackling the recent upshot in terrorist activity in the Bainbridge Islands. The task force previously dispatched by the Emperor is nearing the Azure Sea, and further preparations are underway. The Emperor has made clear that, within the confines of this crisis, military support must be offered to neutral shipping, regardless of our membership status within the EOS.

Yours in Friendship,

General Roe Chon-Yeong

Nominated Spokesman for Foreign Affairs

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