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2019 Chamber of the People Election

The race for the sitting space: Who will rule Variota?  

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  1. 1. Please select your choice for the political coalitions in place.

    • Koalitie fan het Huisselant
    • Koalitie fan het Waarre Folke
    • Roos-Rooie Koalitie
    • Frije Koalitie fan het Lant
    • None (Independent Parties)

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The Coalitions:

Koalitie fan het Huisselant - Coalition of the Homeland

The Koalitie fan het Huisselant or Coalition of the Homeland is the currently reigning political coalition, fielding a total of 69 seats within the 200-seat Kaamer fan'es Folke. Consisting of three center-aligned parties, the Laagher Partij, Kaltoer Partij and the Partij fan'es Staten, the coalition has seen a decline in popularity and seats since its inauguration in 2015. While Variotans remain moderately positive about their reign, the issues that these parties have faced have led to a larger than average amount of independent seats (twenty-five at the time of this election) and the establishment of the new political party 'Toekomst!'.

While it was rumored that the Koalitie fan het Huisselant would split up, going into the election as separate parties, this has not happened and the parties have committed themselves to go into the election together. Their stance and plans remains unchanged from the last election, making their chance on re-election slim.

Koalitie fan het Waarre Folke - Coalition of the True People

The Koalitie fan het Waarre Folke or Coalition of the True People is a political coalition containing the lion's share of right-wing parties within Het Huisselant. Fielding thirty-eight seats, their influence in the last government was minor but important during issues such as the inclusion of Het Huisselant in TRIDENT, the start of Variotan nuclear power initiatives and the foundation of the Arktise Legioen. The Koalitie fan het Waarre Folke covers a wide variety of parties, including the only two Walensian parties running for the Kaamer fan'es Folke, a Christian Democracy party and the Waarre Laagher Partij fan het Huisselant, which advocates a 'Greater Variota' by buying, taking over or otherwise incorporating nearby areas in Fulgistan, Northern Alharu and Argis.

With the Koalitie fan het Waarre Folke enjoying the positive effects of the government's success and the general rise of the right within the nation, they stand a reasonable chance at forming a government or, at the very least, increase their influence in the decision making process of the new government.

Roos-Rooie Koalitie - Pink-Red Coalition

The Roos-Rooie Koalitie is the longest-existing coalition and the smallest within the nation, containing the three socialist parties and the sole communist party within Het Huisselant. Holding only 17 seats, socialism and communism have never held a large hold on the nation after the Left Menace. Variotan values generally being social and equal in nature, socialists and communists generally lack the wind in their sails that they have in other nations. Actions such as trying to block the start of Variotan nuclear power initiatives in an attempt to move to lesser-proven and lesser-potent alternatives such as wind and solar power and the increasing international agitation by communist groups haven't helped their popularity with the general public.

While the socialist parties will presumably keep their seats, in part by voters leaving the Rooie Asosjiasie for the three Sosjaale Partij sections, the overall amount of seats is destined to shrink. Polls estimate that the Roos-Rooie Koalitie will be able to count on 14 or 15 seats after the election.

Frije Koalitie fan'es Lant - Free Coalition of the Nation

The newest coalition in Variota, the Frije Koalitie fan'es Lant was proclaimed just before the election. Consisting of the Asosjiasie fan Oliefaaier, Alharuns Belang, Alliantie fan'es Heer and Toekomst! parties, the Frije Koalitie provides voters with a large spectrum of political views with a singular vision of improving the nation and improving the continent of Alharu. The parties consist of well-known and experienced politicians such as Lantheere Sjaak fan Oliefaaier, ATARA delegate and owner/leader of the fan Oliefaaier Kommune, and Reemy Loopentlant, the current Minister of Diplomatic Affairs. Already a large amount of the independent seats within the Kaamer fan'es Lant have proclaimed their tacit support to the Frije Koalitie. The inclusion of the Asosjiasie fan Oliefaaier, a one-man one-seat party, leaves the question of additional seats for the party being cast off however, the Frije Koalitie has proclaimed that they will hold an open, separate election for the division of said seats among their parties.

The Frije Koalitie is rumored to become the largest winner in the elections and may, if the votes go their way, be able to provide a government that will be voted in by the parliament. Either way, estimations point towards the Frije Koalitie becoming an influential force in the upcoming political climate.


Possible governments:

  1. A second fan Soutlant government:
    If the votes within Variota remain similar to the previous election, the Koalitie fan het Huisselant could remain in power. This would, most likely, lead to a second government under Frits fan Soutlant. Chances of this happening is slim, however.
  2. A Christian Democratic right-wing government under the KfhWF:
    The Koalitie fan het Waare Folke already maintains a sizable influence within the Kaamer fan'es Folke and the Christian Democratic Kristelik Variota party is rising in popularity. Should they gain enough additional seats, they could put forward a government. This would mean an increased role for the Kerke fan'es Huisselant within the government and the nation. The most likely leader would be Quintana Wijnmaaker.
  3. A (Neo) Walensian right-wing government under the KfhWF:
    Both the Foorste Walensiaanse Partij and the Frije Nieuw-Walensiaanse Partij are part of the Koalitie fan het Waarre Folke. Should the people find themselves threatened enough by the large global agitation from communists, they could decide to return to the embrace of the far-right (Neo) Walensians. While no one can deny the rapid growth of Het Huisselant under the reign of Wiktor Walensa, the chance of this happening is small. The most likely leader would be Frans Hartfelt.
  4. An expansionist right-wing government under the KfhWF:
    The Waarre Laagher Partij fan het Huisselant doesn't beat around the bush: Het Huisselant deserves and needs to grow for the sake of the people. Preferably peacefully but if it has to be so, it'll do it through violence. The end justifies the means and the international community will learn to accept a bigger, better, more dominant Variota once they see that this means stability, progress and prosperity in the newly-annexed areas. The most likely leader would be Arnolt Fingerfaaier, deemed a more charismatic option than the Waare Laagher's Leonart Boerlant.
  5. A Communist government under the RRK:
    If Rakesh fan Ferredaal manages to commit voter fraud on such a massive and skillful scale that he manages to gain enough seats without suspicion, Het Huisselant could transition into a communist government. The chance is slimmer than Rakesh fan Ferredaal's chance to win the Alharun Lottery but if he succeeds, Variotans are almost certain to let it happen due to the sheer amount of balls he has at that moment. The most likely leader would be Rakesh fan Ferredaal.
  6. A Socialist government under the RRK:
    The Sosjaale Partij is divided into three divisions since the 1961 split along territorial lines but remains singular in ideology. While they have never held enough seats to get a government voted in, the RRK always puts a proposal government forward. Should they conquer enough seats this election, they would have a chance to gain their first government. The most likely leader would be Sjarleen Paalingfanger, as the leader of the largest of the three parties.
  7. A Center government under the FKfL:
    If Toekomst! and the Alliantie fan'es Heer end up large but not large enough to take charge, a center government under the lead of Sjaak fan Oliefaaier and Wilm Haak could be put forward by the Frije Koalitie as a compromise to both parties. While Sjaak fan Oliefaaier holds more experience, his positions as ATARA delegate, party leader and owner/leader of the fan Oliefaaier Kommune would essentially ensure that Wilm Haak would instead lead this government.
  8. A soft-expansionist Center government under the FKfL:
    Toekomst!, the Asosiasjie fan Oliefaaier and Alharuns Belang believe in the expansion of tangible international influence by Het Huisselant. Should Alharuns Belang gain enough seats to become of the most prominent parties while Toekomst! remains smaller, it is possible that the Frije Koalitie will put a center government forward with a soft-expansionist focus. Wilm Haak would lead this government, although the influence of Reemy Loopentlant would remain powerful.
  9. A Christian Democratic center-left government under the FKfL:
    The Alliansie fan’es Heer is ready to take charge and lead the nation in the right direction. While it was often seen as the party for ‘leftover’ faith-voters, if Martijn fan Kattetralerstatt’s party grows enough, they could put forward a center-left Christian Democratic government. While this wouldn’t exactly please Toekomst!, as it would make it harder to achieve their goals of tangible international influence, the other parties would be far more agreeable to it.
  10. A soft-expansionist Center-Right government under the FKfL:
    If Toekomst! gains enough seats to become the largest party of the Koalition and Alharuns Belang additionally gains enough seats to counterbalance Toekomst!’s influence, the Frije Koalitie could put forward a soft-expansionist center-right government under Reemy Loopentlant with the strong influence of Wilm Haak acting as a counterbalance.
  11. An expansionist right-wing government under the FKfL:
    If Toekomst! gains enough seats to become the largest party of the Koalition while Alharuns Belang or the Alliansie fan’es Heer fail to gain enough seats to act as a counterbalance, the Frije Koalitie could put forward an expansionist right-wing government under Reemy Loopentlant. While this government would see support from the Waarre Laagher Partij fan het Huisselant, Reemy Loopentlant is not intending to go to the same extremes as them.


How this will work:

So, like the previous time, you will all get a role in this election. The first round of votes will be on the coalitions. Of course, not every coalition has the same appeal to the Variotan citizens. A vote for the Roos-Rooie Koalitie will still have an effect, for example, but it will be more in the sense of them gaining more seats than giving them a shot at governing. Independent parties are also an option and while they were not listed as a possible government, in the rare event any of them will gain a significant amount of votes, they’ll attempt to kowtow to the coalitions and form shared governments.

The amount of effect your vote will have is roughly this:

  • Largest effect: Frije Koalitie fan’es Lant & Koalitie fan het Waarre Folke
  • Medium effect: Koalitie fan het Huisselant & Independent Parties
  • Smallest effect: Roos-Rooie Koalitie


This means that, yes, most of the election is naturally rigged towards right-wing parties. IC’ly, this makes sense as Variotans tend to lean less towards left-wing parties since the so-called Left Menace and the way Variotan society tends to be. With the previous government, a center one, being moderately effective but missing one of their more well-known and capable politicians, Variotans are thus drawn to the right or to the center parties working with the right, the Frije Koalitie.

The way I see your vote is partially your news attempting to give its own spin to the election as well as being the votes of Variotan citizens living in your nation. So, additionally, I’d like to ask you to take into consideration not only how your nation would vote but also the way Variotans in your nation would vote. After all, living in a foreign place tends to sway one’s beliefs after a while.


After a while, I’ll close off the votes for the coalitions and we’ll move on to vote for the individual parties. Each nation will be able to vote for one party per coalition, the size of each coalition and thus the maximum extent a party could reach in regards to seats being influenced by the previous vote. Votes for the Asosjiasie fan Oliefaaier will count as ‘wild’ votes for the Frije Koalitie, the seats that he’d gain to be randomly divided among the parties using a numbers generator. The Independent party votes will also be divided in a similar way among them.

To help you gain the knowledge to do a proper vote, I’m also going to rely on you all a bit. Making election updates, I’ll take issues or situations that you guys offer up and explain the various parties’ stance on them. This could be as simple as ‘recreational cannabis usage’ (although that’s an easy one, all parties agree on keeping it legal) or the way each party views the minority of your people living in the nation (although for most nations, we’ll probably then also have to agree on numbers, a small history and such but that’ll be a good worldbuilding opportunity). In the end, I hope we end up with an expansive but highly enjoyable election that’s combining my writing and labor with the issues you all want to know about my nation, how my nation feels and in a way, I think it will also help with your decision on how to treat Het Huisselant’s new government after its election, no matter which one it will be.

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(OOC: crossposted from the Roiters news topic: Wide field for chamber elections in Variota, March 2019)


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Wide field for chamber elections in Variota

FERREFAAIERHAFEN, Variota -- The Chamber of the People in @Variota is holding elections this year. A wide field of opposing parties is vying for political power. Electoral participation in Het Huisselant is at a high level with over 26,4 million citizens registered as members of one of the twenty-two parties with at least one seat in the Chamber of the People. People are legally allowed to be a member of multiple political parties, so long as only one of the parties operates within the Chamber of the People. One of the reasons for the relatively high amount is that there are no legal age requirements to become part of a party; as such, many parents enrol their children into the party.

Roiters had the opportunity to question the party leaders about their outlook on the Variot future. We asked the candidates about the pressing issues in voters' minds this year.

  1. (General) What are the most important challenges facing Variota and how do you propose to address them?
  2. (Economy) What will you do to support a vibrant economy in your state? How will you work to increase job opportunities for your constituents?
  3. (Social) What kinds of policies, if any, will you pursue to promote social justice in your state?
  4. (Foreign Affairs) In light of escalating threats abroad, what measures do you support to address your nation's security?
  5. (Ecology) What measures would you support to reduce the effects of climate change on public health?
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Flashbacks to the election: Het Waarre Raket tells all you need to know

With the election behind us, Het Waarre Raket fan het Noorten is giving you the only summary of the Variotan elections that you'll need to read - until our next elections, of course! If you're still under the impression Frits fan Soutlant leads the government, you're wrong and you should feel bad! Read this and afterwards, go to the Sausage Section and make yourself feel good again, knowing you've finally caught up on politics.

The figures
(Party name - previous seats - current seats)

Koalitie fan het Huisselant - Disbanded after 2019 election result

Laagher Partij - 18 - 7

Kaltoer Partij - 30 - 12

Partij fan'es Staten - 21 - 15

Previous seats: 69 | Current seats: 34

Roos-Rooie Koalitie

Rooie Asosiasjie - 4 - 3

Sosjaale Partij Variota - 9 - 5

Sosjaale Partij Reierfer - 2 - 4

Sosjaale Partij Unie fan Kommunes - 3 - 4

Precious seats: 18 | Current seats: 16

Koalitie fan'es Waarre Folke

Waarre Laagher Partij fan het Huisselant - 8 - 9

Feilig Frij Folke - 5 - 2

Kristelik Variota - 6 - 14

Foorste Walensiaanse Partij - 1 - 4

Frije Nieuw-Walensiaanse Partij - 6 - 11

Trots Regts - 12 - 10

Previous seats: 38 | Current seats: 50

Independent Parties (No Coalition)

Liefte Frijheit Fooruitgang - 2 - 0 (disbanded)

Partij fan'es Keelpijppassage - 7 - 3

Algemeiner Partij fan'es Minterheit - 5 - 1

Groep Tonny Linkefoet - 6 - 3

Konserfatief Kristelik Huisselant - 15 - 18

Previous seats: 35 | Current seats: 25

Frije Koalitie fan'es Lant:

Asosiasjie fan Oliefaaier - 1 - 1 (12)

Alharuns Belang - 4 -  23 (19)

Alliansie fan'es Heer - 10 -  16 (14)

Toekomst! - 1 - 35 (29)
*Numbers in brackets denote the amount of seats before the allocation of surplus Asosiasjie fan Oliefaaier seats

Previous seats: 16 | Current seats: 75

The voting on cabinets

Round 1 - Vote on a fan Ferredaal (RA) cabinet - Roos-Rooie Koalitie

For: 16

Against: 184

Result: Not Passed

Round 2 - Vote on a fan Ferredaal (RA) cabinet - Roos-Rooie Koalitie in combination with tacit support from PfK, APfM and GTL

For: 22

Against: 177

Abstain: 1 (Tonny Linkefoet Jr., reason: visiting bathroom)

Result: Not Passed, Roos-Rooie Koalitie barred from putting forward further cabinet voting rounds

Round 3 - Vote on a Wanneman (KKH) cabinet - Independent

For: 46

Against: 154

Result: Not Passed

Round 4 - Vote on a Wijnmaaker (KV) cabinet - Koalitie fan'es Waarre Folke

For: 73

Against: 127

Result: Not Passed

Round 5 - Vote on a Hartfelt (FNWP) cabinet - Koalitie fan'es Waarre Folke in combination with support from KKH and LP

For: 75

Against: 125

Result: Not Passed, Koalitie fan'es Waarre Folke barred from putting forward further cabinet voting rounds

Round 6 - Vote on a Lopentlant (TOE) cabinet - Frije Koalitie fan'es Lant with support from the Koalitie fan'es Waarre Folke and KKH

For: 148

Against: 52

Result: Passed, Frije Koalitie fan'es Lant allowed to form the government; Lopentlant installed as new Heere fan'es Oferheit.

Division of ministers in the Lopentlant cabinet

The Lopentlant cabinet will expand minister numbers from 20 to 26. Nineteen ministers will be put forward by the Frije Koalitie fan’es Lant, six ministers will be put forward by the Koalitie fan’es Waarre Folke and one minister will be put forward by Konserfatief Kristelik Huisselant. 

In exchange for gaining ministers in the cabinet, the Koalitie fan’es Waarre Folke and Konserfatief Kristelik Huisselant offer their full and total support to each other, Toekomst! and the Loopentlant cabinet, including but not limited to their Folke Milisies and other non-political support groups/constructions.

A special ministry, the Ministry of Lukan Inclusion and Integration, is to be established in order to accelerate the final preparations of fully establishing Lukan parity within Het Huisselant as well as maximizing the potential of the Lukan territory. This ministry is to be manned by Dr. D.L. fan Boerlant-Varra, member of Toekomst!.

Comments by domestic political leaders

‘’I, for one, applaud the election victory by my esteemed colleague Heere Oferheits Loopentlant. Similar to my own situation, he has managed to galvanize great political gain with his political bloc. We’re both at the heart of a type of government that our two great nations haven’t seen in a while. Lukinagrad, Lukansestatt, remains extremely proud to have been able to join Het Huisselant.

The establishment of a special ministry to aid the warm welcome and embrace that Het Huisselant has shown us is a great sign, one showing the willingness of the new government to truly work with us to create a better, more secure future for us all. Lukans, Variotans, equal and stronger together in one prosperous homeland for all.’’

- Wiktor Nicolai fan Lukansestatt, Prime Minister of Lukinagrad and Sojuz na Vartotanski Imigranti party leader

‘’This government is a giant step back from the previous, centered cabinet. Regretfully, we weren’t able to change anything about the considerable right-wing influence that voters have chosen for. I think the entire Roos-Rooie Koalitie will be focusing on our internals, looking at our loyal members and asking them what they feel our direction should be. For now, though, our sheer minority means we’ll be doing what we’ve always done, be a voice of reason within the opposition.’’

- Rakesh fan Ferredaal, Rooie Asosjiasie party leader

‘’We have a clear government in the parliament now, one that has the seats, know-how and vision to swiftly and decisively make decisions that benefit the entire nation. I’ve already worked together with some of the great men and women in the new government, such as Quintana Wijnkooper, to get projects within my own Klan Reierfer Gebiet together.

The previous government put their own personal pet projects before the Variotan values and ideals that we hold dear. I hope and feel that the new one will not be so soft, keeping our ideals and values close to their hearts and decisions as well as expanding their reach beyond our shores.’’

- Gerart Rinus Reierfer, Folke Heere fan’es Klan Reierfer


Openingsspeech by Heere fan’es Oferheit Reemy Loopentlant

We’re standing at the crossroads of an important time in history and the voters have chosen wisely. Away from the flawed mediocrity that centrism brought us, away from the intelligence-starved solutions of the ideological left and into the capable hands of us, supported by a great majority. It fills me with great pride and warmth when I see the large amount of experience, knowledge and innovation that can be found among the members of our government. We aim to ensure a more secure, more prosperous and more important future for all Variotans and Het Huisselant. 

No longer shall we accept mediocrity, the Variotan people take their rightful place as the leaders of Alharu; the guiding light for a continent that seeks and often needs it, a voice, a nation to follow. Yearn no longer, those without hope, those without future, those merely surviving but with potential for more. Het Huisselant embraces you, offers you the chance to take advantage of your potential. Yes, this will cost you for nothing genuinely worthwhile is free but Het Huisselant always proves an useful ally.

Our hand of friendship further extends to other nations, those with hope, those with a future, those thriving. Cooperation that leads to mutual benefit is our goal; a more prosperous world. Those wanting to work with us, those seeking a better future for all, the diplomats of Het Huisselant welcome you with open arms. 

Those seeking to promote and those that work alongside those that seek to uphold values conflicting with ours and those similarly doing so with values that conflict with sanity itself, watch out. We have deep pockets, fargoing capabilities and a population that is fed up with the state of the world as it stands.

To our voters, I sincerely thank you for your faith and trust in us. We’re going to prove to everyone the value of their vote, or in the case of our opposition, the votes of their fellow Variotans. We’re here to listen to your concerns, your situation. The only way we’re going to end up with the best future we can create is if we move, decide as one; one unified nation going forward.

See Het Huisselant as a regular home and we’re the contractors, the renovation crew. We’re going to improve it, improve the value, improve the neighborhood. Us, together as one government, as one people, as one nation. We’re here for you.

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