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The Proven Existence of Parallel Universes - Kristian Breeland

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The Proven Existence of Parallel Universes


Travels in The World of “Earth”

Kristen Breeland


This is not science fiction, nor is this a philosophical book about the possibilities of parallel universes, nor is this a campaign for the world-renowned game of Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons. It is personal documentation that I have decided to write to tell the world of my experiences through a parallel universe similar to that of our own, almost unnaturally so. It is a common fact that “Eurth, Earth, and Avaris” is what our world is known as. This parallel world has come under a conglomerate term of “Earth.” There are a few other key differences, such as politics, geography, and technology, that I will be sharing with you know.


Chapter 1

There is little I can do to explain or describe what I felt that night. On the night of October 12, 2018, I had continued to watch the main event of Prymont’s world-renowned racing week SpeedWeek. I got up to prepare a snack for myself when I felt something that felt like headrush. Dark spots clouded my vision and I felt dizzy and light-headed like one normally does, stumbling about my living room and trying to regain a sense of feeling. The dizziness didn’t stop, however. I started to feel like I was being pushed against my will. Light escaped my vision and then the dizziness stopped. There was nothing, and then there was light.


Chapter 2

At first, I thought that I’d just gotten so dizzy that I blacked out outside and then woken up out of nowhere. I’d woken up in a bustling city that resembled Kipan, their symbols are very similar to one another but the layout of the city somewhat different than it. Although, I saw a small globe on a broadcasting news program and saw that the world was completely different. I went to tap someone on the shoulder and they didn’t notice me. They couldn’t see me at all. This force made me intangible to others like I was just an observer of this new world. I felt no need for food or drink, and I stayed in this world for months. I’d traveled around the world and I saw so many different cultures that were similar to my own. I found a place that seemed like Alenveil or Limonaia, a place that was structured similarly to Derthalen, a land structured like Dniester, a larger area with a flag similar to Prymont, and many more.

All these nations founded under so many different names and all of them were so different from one another. Even history was different, but the same. In the 1st Century into the 4th century,  a continent that’s known as “Europe” was dominated by the Roman Empire, similar to our own Aroman Empire. Nations and empires rose and fell all across this new land, but one thing that was stagnant within them was the technology that they utilized, even if they were under different names. 


Chapter 3

Certain social media that we have access to in our own world is structured very similarly to our own. Tinder, a dating platform used for finding people you could be attracted to. Flickr, an image hosting service. Twitter, a social media platform that allows you to group certain things in different categories using the hashtag, similar to Wittier. Their mascots are even the same. Both Twitter and Wittier hold a bird as their mascot and are structured similarly. Businesses are different as well, like video game corporations Playstation, Nintendo, and XBOX, and the search engine Woohoo, Elgoog, and Bonk. In this world, they are replaced with Yahoo, Google, and Bing. The kPhone here is different as well, there is a device known as the iPhone. There is also a car delivery service similar to our own Unter that goes by the name Uber. The country of Japan, similar to Kipan in a lot of ways, is actually the birthplace of a similar form of ‘Stanime that Earth calls anime. I don’t understand the concept behind it, but I can understand why people would create a certain subgenre of anime (Hentai). These technologies serve the exact same purpose as their cousins on Eurth and it’s unnatural how similar these worlds can be, even as deep as their diplomacy.


Chapter 4

Diplomacy on Earth is in an unusual patch, simply because of how chaotic it is. One can never truly pinpoint where the world’s diplomacy will turn, an example being the chaotic leader of the United States of America. Things have gotten so out of hand that the nation wishes to build a wall between its southern neighbor. Communism isn’t as high as it is in Eurth in the present-day, and I believe that was mostly in part of the United Nations stamping out every trace of communism they could get their hands on. Some nations that were labeled as communist have now taken a more economic and capitalist turn, such as the nations of Vietnam and the People’s Republic of China. Other nations have labeled themselves as a communist state, but they’ve adopted a completely different ideology, such as the Democratic Republic of Korea, which has actually been turned into an authoritarian regime. Diplomacy is truly chaotic and unusual, and the world seems like it could erupt into global, nuclear war at any minute. At least they don’t have the threat of zombie attacks every October.



After living in this new Earth for months and examining all that I could about technologies, geography, and world affairs, I began to feel the dizzying feeling stated in the first chapter about my travels to this new realm. These travels are clearly accidental, simply because of the sheer randomness of the event, but they have helped me to see a new light, that we are not the only ones. There are more alternate universes, thousands even. The writing of this book has helped me to realize that yes, parallel universes and those who inhabit them are in fact real. If we could find a way to harness this traveling power, we could no doubt breach this dimensional barrier and see what awaits us on the other side.


Nightwalk Publishing, 2019, Kristian Breeland. Edited by Andrej Kubíček

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