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Alenian Archaeology - Aavgolt

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With Matteo Arlotta's company constantly growing, their increased manpower has allowed for them to strike more and more historical goldmines by the day. Already discovering so much in their home country, it could be possible that they might become multi-national as their feats are starting to attract the attention of some larger nations. This thrilled Matteo and he was extremely happy with the way that Arlotta Archaeology panned out, and he hoped his family business, turned large attention-grabbing corporation, would last an eternity. One such project that he'd been working on was the topic of "Kogaanzul," a name found in certain discovered of stone and clay tablets and translated by the Aresi Stone. Sitting in his office, he got another mail tip. Filled with thrill and excitement, he rushed over and tore the envelope open. Reading it aloud to himself,
"Dear Mr. Arlotta,

We have found another hint of archaeology in the coastal village of Viaserta. Possible links to the Limonaian Merchant Texts are possible.

 Please respond soon!
 - Anonymous"
With joy, he packed his travel case and sent out a memo to his archaeology team, heading out. Within about a day from their headquarters in Norgamo, they reached the village and were greeted by a short, stout man with a short haircut. "Ah! Mr. Arlotta, welcome!" 

The thinner and taller Arlotta looked down at him with a smile, "Hello! Thank you for having me, Mr..." he held out the 'r' in "Mr.," as he waited for a response.

The shorter man realized what Arlotta was doing and let out a light chuckle, "Liborio Mattaliano, at your service." He held out his hand for a handshake, and Arlotta happily shook it. "Come! Follow me, I'll show you where the spot is." After walking for a few kilometers through light forestation close to the beach, he found a small ruin. It was crumbling apart and could possibly fall over at any minute. Made of stone and covered in moss, cracks, and vines, Arlotta stared at it.

"So, you think there could be something beneath these ruins?" He inquired, so focused on the ruins that he didn't even make eye contact with Liborio. Arlotta unpacked his travel case as Liborio talked, unpacking a magnifying glass, a few sampling pieces, and various other devices. 
"Erm," Liborio began, "precisely. There is a lot of military history here, although no one is completely sure what could have happened here and why. It's why I called you. I mean, you found the Aresi Stone of all things--"
Arlotta cut Liborio off. "Now now, Liborio. I did not find the Aresi Stone. My team did, and they were the ones who deciphered it. You'd best clear out of this area, we'll likely begin soon." 

"Got it, Mr. Arlotta! Good luck!" Arlotta sent Liborio off with a nod and called his archaeology team over. They began first with marking off the areas and sending their various dating equipment and other materials to find out how long ago this could have been. It's obvious it had something to do with Limonaian colonization, but that ended in the 1910s. That could've lasted from the Limonaian Merchant Texts or somewhere even later than that. As his team worked, Arlotta went off to his camper and rested, ready for another day of work, uncovering the past and looking to the future.

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