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Past Expansion:Twinsud Coast, PyeMcGowan

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I am only posting this here to state and certify that if any future nation wants to be placed on the lands as follows that they should incorporate the history of the former colony into their nation.

Actual Request                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Below is a map of the former colony of Twinsud Coast, there will be one port that is still represented on the map and if needed the port will become either PyeMcGowian or a local nation. I have already began an past RP that will be linked below.


This image is just east of @Faramount.The Yellow spot is a port (anchor symbol), named New Leverne. Its ownership will be debated later. These borders are former and are not current, the only borders present will be around the port, if not invisible.




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One of the issues that I have as an RP Mod is that I'm not sure we've seen all that much from you as a nation on the international stage, as yet, to warrant an expansion. I know that you're just angling for a port, not unlike Hong Kong. There does seem to be a bit of a general push at the moment from nations/players to expand their borders relatively early on in their participation in the world.

Perhaps try to make your recent independence vote into an actual RP, rather than merely comments in a news post, or more of a separatist crisis across your nation?

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