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Twinsud Founding

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May 22nd 1652. The sky was blue, the sands white, and the jungle the brightest and darkest of greens. A group of 3 merchant ships, lead by the PMMS Twinsud, bound for the Limonaian colony of Faramount was forced to reach land as a storm was closing in. There the crew met a large tribe that had inhabited theese lands for centuries, the PyeMcGowians called them Shifikus. Captain James Thomas Derwater stated “The Shifikus were friendly with us, giving us gifts of Mango and Tropical fish. As we explored further, along the mountains, we encountered a rather aggresive tribe, we were forced to kill all of the soldiers leaving only 10 men, and 46 women along with 39 children”. As news spread back to PyeMcGowan about a hot, rich, Fruitful landmass, unclaimed by any empire, thousands flocked on ships rented from Argic-Alharuan Traders causing a mass housing crisis until proper eqipment was brought by The PyeMcGowian government.

After a few years of private companies holding the land, the PyeMcGowian Trade Confederation’s predecessor, the Imperial Institute of Overseas territory, decided to claim the land for PyeMcGowan. This is when the area was first called the Twinsud coast.

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May 22nd, 1652

 “Where the hell are we?” Exclaimed Robert Patterson, First Officer, “I don’t know, looking at this map, there should be a volcano right about there, and just in front is a town” said Captain James Derwater. “But it’s not, no volcano, no town”, “That’s the problem, we only have enough food for the next week or so, and only the Stallion will sail”, “That ship has barely enough room for half of us, there is only ten beds and room for twenty, what do you suppose we do, Captain?!” “We wait until we meet somebody, these are fairly busy waters, there will probably be dozens of ships passing within the week”, “Captain, we’ve seen them, and they’ve seen us” shouted a crew member, as he caught his breath  a crew member, “Speak of the devil, What flag are they flying”, “It’s not a ship, they’re natives and they’re friendly”, “I don’t know what to say, to and tell them that I’ll be down in a moment”, “Don’t doubt me Patterson, I’ve been doing this since you were a mere toddler”.

The party walked towards the natives as they shared exotic fruits with some of the Starving Limonaian Settlers. “Hello, we are from Pye-Mc-Gowan, our ships crashed after a big storm. Can you help us?” The natives smiled at him and offered a coconut. “No, no we need to gat home?, Do you know where Town is?” The natives started walking away along the beach, and the party decided to follow as they thought they were heading towards the colonial town.

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