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Expansion Request: Seylos

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Well I suppose it is time to expand Seylos. The expansion is occurring in the topic The Storm, where King Aidan is traveling after the "unfortunate" passing of his grandfather who ruled as the Duke of Éire. With no family left, women unable to inherit, and the precarious economic situation of the country a personal union will be formed. However Aidan will run into his own problems during the negotiations when a Category 3 hurricane strikes the southern portion on the island.



This map describes the territories of Éire, Plenmont, and Sark which will also be at the negotiating table. There are a few islands I included as well since it would seem odd just randomly having them sit there empty. I would RP them as mostly uninhabited. My population would probably increase by about 7 million as a result of the integration.

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I'd like to see more of a reason for those "few islands" being included in the expansion. The south-western one is roughly half the size of the Duchy of Éire, which is the main story focus of your expansion, and the two to the south-east are about the size of Sark and Pleinmont.

I think that they're collectively too big for you to absorb them without much thought, like you suggest in the above post. I'd imagine that whilst they may have Seylosian cultural influences, they'll have enough of a unique feel to them to need a definite reason for them to be gobbled up by your nation. If you can't think of a reason, then I'd suggest leaving them for the time being. I'm not sure if them being uninhabited is that viable an idea personally.

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Just now, Seylos said:

I'm more than happy to dump them, I honestly had no RP plans for them except for Éire, Pleinmont, and Sark

There's no harm in them being Phase 1.5, mind.

It could be so simple as them being a hotbed of piracy and your navy steams in to crush them or them seeing the way the wind was blowing and applying to join as autonomous territories, especially since there's a predatory slaver-state to your north.

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