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Greetings everyone!

Guest Celt States

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Guest Celt States

Hello, I am the President of the Armed Republic of Celt States, a nation comprised of the Celtic regions of the former British Empire. We enjoy many laws that protect our citizens from themselves, but allow them to do just about anything they want, as long as they dont inflict on the rights and priviledges of others and the government. So, I personally invite you all to our nation in order to be full diplomats with all rights and priviledges hence-forth. As diplomats, you will enjoy fine dining, performance arts, and you will be happy to know that in the Armed Republic of Celt States, Prostitution is legal, and anti-drug laws are practically non-existent as well as seat-belt laws! So come, and enjoy our fine land. Thank you, and I cannot wait to personally meet you all.

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