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The Great Batengdeian-Salvian Railway

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Batengdeian Ministry of Foreign Trade


After discussions among various members of the Batengdeian and Salvian governments, both nations have agreed to the construction of a massive railway system spanning the two nations. It will attempt to become the largest railway in Marenesia and one of most advanced railway networks on Eurth.

The purpose of the railway will be twofold. It will integrate the cultures of Sanctium Imperium Catholicum and Batengdei, and will provide a simple means of transportation of goods between the two nations. Oil is among the primary resources, as new oil rigs have opened up along Batengdeian shorelines. The railway will also attempt to provide new opportunities for settlement along supply lines to support mutual domestic growth.

The planned route for the railway line:


The line will pass primarily through uncontrolled, or at least relatively unsettled lands between the two nations. Issues concerning natives living in these regions have been relatively unaddressed, though Batengdei has stated it will attempt to refrain from disturbing isolated communities along the planned construction line.

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