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OOC: Blood in the Snow

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The Kirvinska counterpart to the Rihannsu and Shffahkian plans of expansion on Aurelia, Blood in the Snow, takes the form of the unfortunate meddling and panache that could come from only one man: a young son of an old Duke's Musketeer, set out to a border province on word of a possible commission. The hot-blooded energy of his youth drives him to actions that any other man would have ignored, and through a series of unfortunate duels, the status of the Cagora valley is suddenly thrown into jeopardy. The once self-sustaining river valley, robbed of its leadership, is driven into the arms of its former overlord- the newly ascendant Kirvina, bolstered by its new status as a member of a powerful League- the Aurelian League. Blood in the Snow plays out in five acts, the first introducing the young man driving its events and the unfortunate mission which took him to Cagora to begin with. It is not an eventline which directly affects most of you out there, but is simply a narrative adventure for your literary pleasure, and should be treated as such: a window into the flair and flamboyance of a culture long gone. Through it one may hear the stories of things lost to the past- duels, noble love, and ultimately the fate of a Duchy. I am open to take any questions about it, the way and timeframe in which it will be completed, and the nature of the political climate surrounding it.

Barring any changes, the current completion date for this expansion will be MARCH 1, 2019.

The layout of the Cagora river valley is placed below for your convenience.


Moderators Involved: @Sunset Sea Islands

Players Involved: @Rihan @Shffahkia

List to be updated at leisure.

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You joined the region a month ago and already want an expansion? First of all, they've got to be earned. You can't do that in a month. It takes time and patience. Firstly, I'd like to see you write about your existing land. You haven't touched your news feed since getting on the map, and only wrote the required 3 posts to get onto the map. I think you should focus on that before looking at more land. Let's see what Kirvina is all about, first.

Secondly, I'm quite concerned about the timescale. You want to add at least a third more land in three months? I hope you realise that, once Kirvina has consumed this Duchy to your south, you're not done and dusted. Integrating a new territory into an existing country takes more than three months, and completing the expansion by then would only result in a rushed, disappointing thread. Take a look around at some examples of other expansions and see how long they've taken for the land they've acquired. Here are just a couple:

I get that you've got big aspirations for this Aurelian League, but that doesn't have to be done by tomorrow. This is a region that prides itself on quality writing and great storytelling, neither of which can be done in a handful of months. Take some time to write about the land that you've already been given before plotting out more.

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I'm going to second @Prymont's reservations here.

Whilst it certainly sounds very well plotted out and interesting, I kind of feel that it is very premature to be starting on plans for an expansion at this point in time. I'm not sure that you have been active in the region long enough to be doing more than eying up areas that you may wish to expand to right now.

I know that there is always the temptation to expand, especially for fear of your nation getting boxed in, but it isn't always necessary. Your Aurelian League thread shows a good start, but I think that you need to consider a wider participation within the region, and perhaps in some more months' time, before you can genuinely entertain the idea of an expansion.

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In lieu of writing a major block of text, I will simply say that I agree completely with your refutations. Pay attention to what I write during the coming weeks; these will be an example of what to expect in the future. Especially once finals are over. There is further work planned on the Aurelian League, the first part of which is actually being released today if my schedule plays out right, and you will be able to get more hints of how I write there. I will leave this thread untouched for a short while and return to it when these examples have been released, but I would like to add on that I took counsel with both @Rihan and @Sunset Sea Islands before putting this out and that it is not simply a blind estimation. Thank you for your thorough criticism! Continue to provide it as the stories come out. If only you took this much interest in the League thread, eh?

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On 12/11/2018 at 1:44 AM, Kirvina said:

I took counsel with both @Rihan and @Sunset Sea Islands before putting this out and that it is not simply a blind estimation.

Iirc, I explained that expansions need to be earned, as @Prymont elaborated. If they're earned, there are no problems on my side.

Also, I should really not say anything mod-related after four in the morning, I don't want to be held accountable for stuff I said whilst brain-afk. :D

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