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[OOC] The Technocratic Internationale

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In January and February of 2018, @Synturia and I held the first Technocratic Internationale, a virtual conference about the ideas and ideals of Technocracy. Over the course of the year, I let the ideology prosper throughout my nation and I plan on switching over to a technocratic government completely around March 2019. In conjunction with that, I would like to create a political bloc for nations with similar ideologies. As Discussed on the Discord, since many members look forward to some sort of cold war scenario, the foundation of the TechIntern would make this even more interesting by turning it into a three-way conflict.

Whilst reading and responding to roleplays, I have compiled a list of nations that could be potential members of the future TechIntern.

✅ - interested in joining
❓- thinking about it
❌ - declined
     - no reply

These are based on political tendencies, socio-economic structures and many more, or simply their own factbooks claiming technocratic governments.

Since Rihan and Asgeirria are currently setting up their Aurelian League, I don't know if they would be willing to join, but I don't see why there couldn't be some overlap between two organisations. Further nations not displaying technocratic tendencies but within the sphere of influence of this future bloc would be @Little Flau, @Selayar and @Tallovia, it would certainly make for fun RPs trying to pressure them into joining.

I look forward to your input and to see whether or not my assessment of potential members is correct, or if I left somebody out that I should have included.
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If a Cold War were to arise, it is more likely that Oyus would take a more Non-Aligned movement approach. No less, Oyus has technocratic elements, if not some sort of technocracy within and lean that way. I would not be opposed to joining, but it should be noted that heightened international tensions could change how involved/associated Oyus wishes to find itself with a faction.

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On 12/2/2018 at 3:38 AM, Kipan said:

Maybe, we'll see. We'll talk.

Sweet, PM me any time.

On 12/3/2018 at 3:36 AM, Oyus said:

[...] Oyus would take a more Non-Aligned movement approach. [...]

The TechIntern probably wouldn't be very centralised, with there still being major differences between the member nations. This would lead to some internal struggles, which could spice things up. I just thought you'd be interested based on our interactions on Discord.


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1 hour ago, Oyus said:

Sure, I think we would still join, we would just likely not be the most enthusiastic supporters as things heat up in the cold war.

The SSI is very much pacifist and would try to avoid armed conflict at all cost, but in the future I'd imagine we'd try to spread the ideology a bit.

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