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Il Gallo Alpino

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Good evening, citizens of the Commonwealth. I'm your host, Francesco di Pietro. For the very first time all over the Commonwealth, we are currently hosting a state-funded radio service in the skyscrapers of Turin. We expect to deliver nothing but precise news about politics, government reforms and stock market informations. Let's begin.

  • Èlites are divided between more military spending and total disarm. The government has not released public announcements.
  • Far-Right parties protest in a rally against the famous local Turinese corporation "Notti", lead producer of chocolate all over the Commonwealth. Twenty-eight protesters put into custody for their violent attitude, even if the protest was meant to be pacific.
  • Scandal in the Partito Sociale Riformato, the current party's leader, Palmiro Praedolin, is currently facing in court charges of sexual assault against several women. The party is shocked and disgusted by the news. Various members are taking distances from the party.
  • "Human DNA cloning is absolutely forbidden in our country, and we ask that the international community addresses this issue." Says the president. Various research labs were recently shut down due to their experiments on human DNA.
  • A new major train company, named "Vento Aureo" has recently invested in more trainstations across the country. Citizens are satisfied of the news.

And this is all for this evening. Tomorrow evening, at the same hour, we'll deliver more news. This is Francesco di Pietro, have a great night.

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Good evening, citizens of the Commonwealth. I'm your host, Francesco di Pietro. Thank you for listening to Il Gallo Alpino, and we hope you're enjoying the service we're offering. Let's not waste anymore time. Let's begin.

  • The Turinese car manufacturer SuperStrada has decided to partecipate in the Eurth Rally competition. The newest rally vehicle will be presented at the competition, the SuperStrada Virgola 4x4. Capable in any harsh terrain, the SuperStrada Virgola 4x4 excels in sharp turns and regaining speed, and a special edition after this competition will be built for all citizens who wish to demonstrate their love for rally. Prices are still to be decided.
  • The Partito Sociale Riformato's leader, Palmiro Praedolin, was officially put into jail for the charges of sexual assault against several women. The party is now split between forming a new socialist party and reforming the current one for the second time. Reactionary parties are witnessing a bump in popularity. 
  • Due to the incoming elections for the next Head of State, Giorgio Saviano promises the Turinese citizens that more infrastructures will be built, more small businesses will rise in industrial sectors of the Commonwealth, and there will be tighter security in airports and trainstations. In his speech, delivered four hours ago, the current Head of State focused mostly on supporting small businesses with more tax cuts, and he promised that crime will greatly decrease in industrial sectors of both Turin and Asti. The Partito Reazionario Torinese's leader will have a speech next week in the capital.


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