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Fulgistani Bureau for Foreign Diplomacy

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The Worker's Republic of Fulgistan

Bureau for Foreign Diplomacy


Since its proclamation by the late Jian Bozaan in 1923, the Worker's Republic of Fulgistan has been a protector of the downtrodden and the working masses worldwide. A nation given strength by their diversity, the people of Fulgistan are committed to the principles of the socialist revolution, as well as to the fostering of peace, prosperity and goodwill across the globe. The current Secretary for Foreign Diplomacy is Ismail Tian-Han, to whom all correspondence may be addressed.

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To: The Secretary of foreign diplomacy, Ismail Tian-Han, Worker's Republic of Fulgistan

From: The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ubaldo Esposito, Commonwealth of Turin and Asti


Greetings, Secretary Tian-Han. 

Our Commonwealth and your Worker's Republic don't share many ideological and economical views, but we do sincerely hope that our respective countries' political leanings don't become insurmountable barriers. As a state, we're looking for nothing else but economical stability and world peace. If any issues arise, we're more than happy to aid your republic when needed. We're currently discussing a possible embassy for your republic, hopefully we'll create one. 

Che la pace sia sempre in fiore.

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 Egron Harkov, Free @Aluxian Army
From: Ismail Tian-Han, Secretary for Foreign Diplomacy, Worker's Republic of Fulgistan


It was the great revolutionary leader Jian Bozaan who said "political power grows from the barrel of a gun". We in Fulgistan know the hardships of the downtrodden firsthand. We know that there is no reasoning with tyrants. Your struggle, no matter its unifying cause, is a struggle for democracy, for justice, and for freedom. This speaks to the people and government of Fulgistan. The Worker's Republic will do all it can to evacuate refugees, the wounded, an those seeking asylum in the free world. This we can offer in an official capacity.

Less officially, we understand that there is hard and dirty work to be done before your fight sees its end. Attached, please find the contact information for a representative of the Joint Revolutionary Task Force, a body of the Worker's Republic that has helped to foster democracy and national liberation for decades. This individual, the Eland, will place you in contact with individuals more able to assist you in matters of the sensitive sort.

Long live the fighters. Long live the free.

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To: Foreign Minister Dagon Halevi MK
From: Ismail Tian-Han, Secretary for Foreign Diplomacy, Worker's Republic of Fulgistan


The Worker's Republic of Fulgistan cordially agrees to the exvhange of embassies and diplomatic staff. However, we must make it known that although we do not dispute the right of a Juddish state to exist, nor the rights of your nation to the land composing Tikva proper, the Worker's Republic does not recognize any Tikvan claims to the Samarran Valley, and is of the position that the area rightfully belongs to a sovereign Palladian state. With that made known, the Worker's Republic appoints Yanzhi Bozaan as its ambassador to the State of Tikva, and hopes that relations between our two nations may remain peaceful and productive.

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To: Foreign Minister Masaki Kaneda
From: Secretary for Foreign Diplomacy Ismail Tian-Han, Worker's Republic of Fulgistan

It is our pleasure to engage in diplomatic dialogue with the Kipanese people and state. While our political differences are indeed marked, we likewise hope that they prove no obstacle to cooperation and friendship. Although the Worker's Republic and the nation of Kipan exist on opposite sides of the Alharun continent, we are confident that despite our geographic distance, we may maintain close ties and warm relations. With this in mind, we have appointed Aifang Guowei as our ambassador to the Republic of Kipan, and will make all due preparations for Mr. Sasaki's arrival in Bogd Gioro. Lastly, please convey to President Yamazaki my own personal regards, and inform him of our government's interest in a possible state visit in future.

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To: Secretary for Foreign Diplomacy Ismail Tian-Han, Worker's Republic of @Fulgistan

Honourable Secretary,

whether an individual believes in the freedom of human choice or scientific determinism, an infinite string of inevitable consequences, there is one truth that remains undeniable in our universe; whether by choice or not, humanity, and by extension, all living things, have adapted to their environments. The Worker's Republic of Fulgistan and the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands are shining examples of human adaptability. Freed from the shackles of oppression, our peoples rose up and began striving towards higher goals. There are as many paths to ascension as there are ideologies in this world, and I, a humble delegate for all the people of the Sunset Sea Islands, believe that no man can judge which path reigns supreme if there is a supreme one at all. We are firmly convinced that all nations deserve an equal chance at achieving greatness and to do so, stability is of the essence.

Therefore, humans, and nations need to coexist. Moreover, they adapted to coexist, as coexistence is the most expedient option to pursue one's path to ascension.

These ideals are valued highly in the Radiant Republic. The fundamental pillars of global society, diplomacy, peace, and friendship, are held dearly throughout our nation. Although our ideologies may vary, the Worker's Republic, proletarian masses striving for equality, and the Radiant Republic aiming to better ourselves through the pursuit of science and technology, we must formally declare that peace is the only way of guaranteeing a stable and prosperous future.

No matter if a nation is capitalist, communist, something in-between, or something entirely different, conversation, and thereby diplomacy, is of utmost importance. Without peaceful conversation, there can be no ascension. In this spirit, I, Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands, as a representative of all its 164 million citizens, propose the establishment of embassies between our nations.

May the sun rise to a better tomorrow.


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To: Kipanese Foreign Minister Masaki Kaneda

The General Secretary humbly accepts the invitation of President Yamazaki and the nation of Kipan, and will do all in his power to arrange such a visit in the near future. It is the belief of the Worker's Republic as well that relations between our two great nations ought to be close and mutually beneficial. The General Secretary, though often occupied with matters of state, will be available at your convenience.


Ismail Tian-Han, Secretary for Foreign Diplomacy, Worker's Republic of Fulgistan


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TO: Chief Consul Tamäj Vilhälm Köseg, @Stedorian People's Republic


FROM: General Secretary Tomur Almas, Worker's Republic of Fulgistan


Dear Comrade Köseg,


As I'm sure you can imagine, the deteriorating diplomatic situation in East Ceris is of chief interest to us, as over 18,000 Fulgistani men and women of the armed forces and the Party cadres currently remain in the western part of that island conducting relief and reconstruction efforts for our Ceriser allies. I write to you now to implore you to repair the relations between your own state and the Ceriser nations of the North Adlantic Union. In the face of an Anglian threat that is rapidly expanding out of control, it is of vital importance that the nations of the New Wurld put up a unified front against such a powerful and ambitious enemy. Moreover, Stedoria itself, as has already no doubt been represented to you, is not in a position either to dictate to Ceris nations or to aid them significantly. The people of Ceris deserve, as do all peoples, to chart the course of their own destiny. Though sudden, the decision of Eastern Ceriser nations to join the NAU was one motivated above all by internal, not external factors, and I believe that your nation should keep this in mind as it attempts to navigate the current crisis. 

To assure you of my nation's own good faith in this matter, I would like to extend to you an invitation; I have obtained special permission from the presidents of Ganlin and Ubraoria, and the General Secretary of Criasia, for you and any members of your government you choose to make a personal inspection of the Fulgistani-led reconstruction efforts in West Ceris. Our primary concern is in restoring the productive and governmental capabilities to these nations, putting them in the best place possible to rebuild themselves and each other, and to resist the looming threat of both Anglia and lingering Sentist influence. It is my hope that when you see for yourself the conditions we have worked in these past two years, and what we have been able to build from the ashes of war, that your government can be persuaded that accepting necessary help from foreign powers is in the best interest of Ceris at large. 


Tomur Almas

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