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Jaihu Announces Incentives To Have Babies


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King Jaihu the Humbled Offers Cash to Women to Create Jaihuian Baby Boom.

A Special Report of J.N.N. (Jaihuian Network News)


In a unprecedented move, King Jaihu the Humbled has offered significant Tax Incentives, Monthly Allowances, Free Education and Free Child Care to Jaihuian Women over the age of 18 in an effort to create a Jaihuian Baby Boom. In a effort to replace the generation lost to the Jaihuian Holocaust, the King is offering the incentives on a progressing scale in the hopes of increasing the annual birth rate three fold over the next 5 years.


King Jaihu the Humbled announced, "As a nation we mourned the loss of over 100 thousand persons, including 64 thousand children. I believe that the only fitting memorial to the loss of this generation will be a Jaihuian Baby Boom. That is why I am offering all women over the age of 18 that bears a child within the next 5 years a 100% Tax Break for 12 months after the birth of the child, up to $5000 per month in Child Allowance until the child reaches 18, Free University Education for both the mother and the child, and Free Child Care. It is my hope that women all over Jaihu will take advantage of this offer and give birth to one child per year over the next 5 years."


The plan announced by the King has received some backlash from feminist groups who say that the King wants to turn the women of Jaihu into baby machines. The Church of Jaihu has announced concerns that the incentives are open to single and married women. "We do not think the King should encourage women to have children outside of marriage... This incentive is only going to create a Bastard generation," stated the Bishop of Zao Jaihu.


However, it is expected that the concerns of feminists and the church will be ignored by most women. Already there are reports that romance is in the air and women all over Jaihu are anxious to take advantage of the King's offer.

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