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Ship Yard Parade!

    Tahino Corp. the number one ship building industry in Dingtern has just announced the completion of their six year long project of building the most sophisticated high tech shipyard in the history of Dingtern in the most spectacular fashion! All up and down the main street of Fo huge gigantic ship balloons flying threw the air could have been seen from all across  the city. It was truly a marvel to behold. At the end Tahino Corp. Ceo Mr. Yabayaba gave the most heartfelt speech about his deep passion of building boats as well as announce his huge dreams for the future. "We will begin to compete on the international scale and we will strive!" -Yabayaba. 
    With having pored billions over almost a decade into the project Tahino Corp industry has demonstrated their true passion for the art of ship building. With the new advances Mr Yabayaba might actually be able to fulfill his dreams of international business. Yabayaba stated that "No expense has been spared to jam every inch of our shipyard with as much quality and technology money can buy. If anything was less than one-hundred-and-five percent perfect we scraped it and started over." Shipyard was later that day announced to be called ashala.

    Luckily we were able to get a private meeting with Yabayaba after this spectacular event. The entire time he seemed to jump up and down with pure excitement. We asked him why he is this euthustiatic over his shipyard that he paid 1.5million out of his own pocket to celebrate. Yabayaba at first didn't seem to understand our non mutual excitement before saying "Ashala is a pure masterpiece of the technological innovations of the 21st century. Our love and passion for building the very best ships has driven us from the normal status quo to focusing head over heals for quality. Only the most innovative and the highest quality is acceptable. Anything less will be thrown away and scraped... Yes, he have a very high standards, while building a ship at any point we deem it not up to par we will start completely over." It is true that quality can go a long ways but too much quality can lead to little or no profits due to the time it takes to produce a single ship. I asked him how his methodology could be profitable and he replied "'We plan to begin attracting huge investors and clients by demonstrating just the sheer quality of our ships. Each ship will be masterfully crafted in the most technological sophisticated ways we have access to. We can work on up to two Huge vessels or up to a dozen smaller  ships. We plan to crush the competition in quality, durability, and innovation."

    Yabayaba excitement ended up rubbing onto me. I hope this huge expense will end up paying off for Tahino corp. This risk if not successful could put Tahino corp out of business. But if Yabayaba's vision does come true it'll bring out country to new economic heights and maybe even put us on other countries radars.

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