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Beware of NEW Classroom TRAUMAS your child faces!!!!

Author: Trishia Trinity 

      We send out children to school every single day thinking they are safely learning new information and becoming productive successful individuals. However, this is far from the case as there is an inhuman act that teachers constantly force upon our precious children that have permanent lasting consequences for the rest of our children's life. This pandemic must be snuffed before your child is too traumatized to do anything let alone be successful! It is utterly disgusting and vomit inducing what the very teachers that you trust do to our angels! It is absolutely despicable how this one action from teachers truly scares your child for life. This act doesn't just force them to need weekly therapy sessions for the rest of their lives just to cope but has real dangerous physical damage as well. Permanent body damage that is beyond what the body is capable of healing. And the worst part is most teachers don't realize just how despicable this act they do daily to your son, your daughter is! The Horrific reality is that every single day teachers force desperate needy students of all ages, whether they be 15 or 5, to suffer in agony. EVEN THOUGH THEY CAN EASILY STOP IT! What I'm talking about is Teachers forbidding your child's basic human right during class every day for no reason at all. The atrocity that has spread through our schools like the black plague is the teacher's Godly ability to forbid your daughter, your son, who is desperate to pee or poop from doing a basic human right during class. It doesn't matter how badly your son or princess begs the teacher. It doesn't even matter if they cry saying they'll pee their pants! The teacher will deny your child their human right to use the restroom! All so that they don't miss 5 measly minutes of class time? 

     You might be thinking to yourself "holding their pee for a few minutes isn't that bad" and you would be correct. But this isn't just a few minutes once in a blue moon. This is every day 15 possibly even 30 minutes the teacher refuses to allow your child to do this one simple basic right! All that holding slowly deteriorates their bladder's ability to keep holding in pee. If you look at the chart below, by the time they graduate high school their capacity to hold their pee has diminished by half!

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      That is permanent bodily harm teachers are doing to your kids. Not to mention the embarrassment of being forced to hold your pee back is enough to need a therapist! There are millions of cases a year where teachers held students from doing their natural urges far too long and they ended up soiling themselves. When this happens does the teacher get in trouble for not letting your child pee? NO! Not only is the child scared for life for unable to hold back their urine and peeing in front of the entire classroom. Almost half of the time they are also punished with disiplinary actions such as suspensions or referrals for "disorderly conduct" or "creating messes." This is unjust We must fight for our children's right to pee! The trauma and injuring this has resulted in are far too great to go unpunished! We need to bring this horrific travesty to light and raise awareness of this issue! This shouldn't even be happening in the first place. All teachers need to do is give you 5 tiny minutes to go use the restroom!

     Such a tragic story happened to 15-year-old Susan Davison. She drank a little too much for lunch that day without realizing it. So 10 minutes in her 4th-period class her bladder was about to pop right open. So she did what any sane human would do, she raised her arm up really high and waved down her teacher. For the sake of Privacy, we will call him Mr. P. Mr.P Look her straight in the eyes and asked her what was her question. With huge vigor, Susan asked Mr. P if she could quickly use the restroom as she feels like she is about to have an emergency. Mr. P Just continued looking her in the eyes and simply stated, "you should've gone before you came to class." With a protest, Susan tried to beg Mr.P but he was done with it. Mr. P threatened Susan with a suspension for disrupting the class if she continued. This got Susan to shut up. mere minutes later Susan started sobbing as yellow piss began leaking. She couldn't hold it any longer. Susan said, "this was the most embarrassing times of her life!" 


   We can't let such a devastating tale happen again. We must fight those who want to deny our children the right to pee. spread #fight2Pee all over! Please to help our cause go to https://www.fight2pee.dgtn.com and donate $5 or more. It will truly help prevent this from happening ever again! Also check out our merchindise at https://www.merchindise.dgtn.com

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