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15th Triennial ICEB Economic and Political Summit

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On a warm and tropical Bulgenstazi day, President Vladimir Zieminski of the Republic of Dniester steps off the Dniesterian Presidential IL-96 transport plane onto Khenkhourt International Airport, in the People's Republic of Bulgenstaz. Today was the day of the 15th Triennial ICEB Economic and Political Summit, where the three leaders of ICEB, Fulgistan, Bulgenstaz, and Dniester meet every three years to discuss politics, economics, and the future of their nations. President Zieminski greeted the Prime Minster of Bulgenstaz warmly, the two are close friends. 

"Thank you for having me today, Bavrov. Nice to see you again!"

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Countless busy hours had been spent at Zalensk, the administration building of the Bulgen Rouge. The conference had been planned meticulously and frugally. They would arrive at the international airport and be escorted to Zalensk to have the actual discussion. To say Bavrov Krusken II had planned for the summit would be an understatement, all details were accounted for, there would be no external concerns for the representatives as they discussed the future of ICEB.

The drive to the International Airport was chilling, despite the wet heat. The monsoon season had recently ended, and the weather was at its peak; despite the warmth a frightful nervousness overcame him. How would politics change? Are new alliances being formed or destroyed? Prime Minister Krusken shook his head as he entered the airport to meet President Zieminski.

As he walked to meet him, Prime Minister Bavrov Krusken II smiled glowingly;

"To you, the same. Our union has proved to be only fruitful for the both of us, and the resources at our disposal expand by the day. I can see our nations as the model for world socialism, the three of us. Truly, this pact has expanded our ideology beyond the confines of our borders."

"Come, let us seek Mr. Almas, and we can begin our discussion."

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President Zieminski reciprocated the gesture with a smile of his own;

"Wonderful, absolutely wonderful! The union of Dniester and Bulgenstaz is a wonderful thing, it has already increased our military and economic capabilities tenfold in the past twenty years, and I see it increasing every year! Anyway, I'm getting off topic, lets go greet Mr. Almas."

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At last, a little vacation. Well, "vacation". Tomur Almas was still technically at work. But hey, a week or so under the tropical sun, cocktail in hand, away from Central Committee meetings and from the ongoing conflict. Plus, Bulgenstaz was a much more relaxing destination than Dniester; the last Triennial Summit had been in Minsk, and Almas still had nightmares about the traffic and the weather. Having exited his plane with the accompanying security detail, Almas swept magnanimously (well, as magnanimously as one could sweep at his height) across the floor of the terminal, arms outstretched in an embrace.

"Comrades! So good to see you again! And in good health, no less."

Hug, pat, flash the winning smile. Child's play.

"I'm glad we are once again able to convene in such circumstances, doubly fortunately in peacetime; this Eurth has precious few bastions of the socialist truth, and we must surely hand together in these turbulent times that face the New World. And I sense that we've all brought new and exciting ideas to the table. Shall we go? I've got quite the urge to stretch my legs after the flight."

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Once all had arrived and exchanged cordial greetings, the ICEB leaders gathered into a Fulgistani Zhengzhou Harmony and made their way through Khenkhourt. Any previous signs of nerves or tension quickly melted as they were handed Kozaki martinis to supplement the scenery as they proceeded to the summit (those who declined to were instead offered a glass of water). This summit would be one of relaxation; tensions would not be on the forefront so early if Bavrov Krusken II would have anything to do about it.

The ride took them across the Victor's Bridge, an ancient colonial bridge maintained as one of few access points to the inner city. It had been widened as the population of Khenkhourt increased, but today there was no traffic: the roads had been closed early in the morning in preparation for the escort. Across the bridge lay the towering glass and steel of downtown Khenkhourt. As the cars drew to the other side, Prime Minister Bavrov Krusken II made a toast:

"Ah, and now for our great display, in honor of the representatives of the International Communist Economic Bloc! May our prosperity never fade so long as our nations stand! To the health of us, and to the Bloc!"

The glasses clinked.

Adorned along the way were flags of the various nations, to celebrate the accomplishments of the member nations. Crowds of people lined the streets, some cheering, others going about their business as usual. The display was certainly colorful, perhaps overboard, but the central planning committee could not have cared less: Khenkhourt would be a place of celebration during the summit.

As the procession finally arrived to Zalensk, all were promptly escorted from the vehicles and to the interior of the building.


A booming crowd greeted them. The commotion, while bearing good intentions, was almost deafening.

Bavrov Krusken II thought to himself, "We definitely went too far on crowd participation, I'll see to reducing that the next time I have guests over."

Despite the mob, it seemed all the members had made it into Zalensk with their eardrums relatively intact. A few mutterings on the overenthusiasm ensued as the ICEB leaders entered the chamber where the conference would be held. It was small, but perfectly lavish: an excellent setting for a serious discussion concerning the future of the ICEB.

"Thank you all for coming here on this wonderful day. It means much to me, and the Buglenstazi people you were all able to make it to the summit. Now that we've all arrived in one piece, I don't want to hold up the discussion. Whoever would like to begin may do so."

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General Secretary Almas was the first to speak, rising from his (admittedly very comfy) chair.

"Just, uh, give me a second here, comrades, I've got to get the presentation off of my flash drive."

The General Secretary took a USB stick from his pocket and inserted it into the podium laptop, as the projector slowly warmed up on the wall behind him.

"Why- oh, it's not showing up, hold on."

A tense minute passed as the Head of State attempted to navigate the desktop.

"Maybe try emailing it to yourself?" an aide piped up from down the table.

"No, that's fine, I...oh, here we are! Phew, that's settled. Annnd, there we go, 'slideshow from beginning.' Allllright."

Standing up at the podium, despite his modest stature, Almas took the laser pointer firmly in hand as he began his slideshow.

"Firstly, comrades, it has been the observation of the Worker's Republic that while the ICEB has been quite successful in the organization of preexisting economic elements and key industries, it often lacks the ability to coordinate and accelerate development and aide. Therefore, it is my proposal that the Energy Committee be amended to the Energy and Development Committee, and that a new committee, the Economic Assistance Committee, be created to oversee the planning, international coordination and implementation of Three-Year Plans and aide to member states and affiliates in unfavorable economic situations. All those in favor?"

Following the conclusion of the first vote, Almas clicked his remote, and the slideshow progressed.

"Secondly, it is my belief that the Bloc is in dire need of a modern outlook for the 21st century. Digital literacy and computer technologies are not things that we can put off forever. Therefore, it is my belief that, although microelectronics do not constitute a previously designated key industry in any current member state, that it is necessary to create an Electronics and Information Technology Committee, that will oversee automation, software development, and hardware production in the Bloc. All those in favor?"

"Comrade Krusken, that is the conclusion of the remarks that the Worker's Republic has at the present time. Thank you."

(OOC: Vote here, kiddos: https://goo.gl/forms/FktMZdkZQ0eke9Sd2)

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The People's Palace was shuttering with so much commotion regarding many things including Operation Clean-up and the 15th ICEB Summit that Sigrid would be attending, the first of such International Summits that she had ever taken part of since the Revolution and the Overthrow of the Kingdom. As she walked to her Office the People in the Palace seemed to be in a sense of distress and panic, it really alarmed Sigrid as she did not understand why everyone was acting this way. She walked into her Office and paged the Assistant to come to her Office right away.

Please tell me why everyone are running around like a bunch of freaking lunatics, there has to be a logical reasoning behind such behavior.

Madam Secretary, this morning the Executive received a threat from a few Drug Lords saying they were going to bomb the Palace and the motorcar carrying the Secretary General, you, and declare a War against the Government.

That's bloody nonsense and completely illogical, no bomb can get near this Palace its one of the most secure place in this Federation. If there was such a true threat I would've been called first thing this morning after that threat was made, the Directorate of Intelligence would've made it known to me for sure! Now go tell everyone the threat was a hoax and tell them to clean their fecking mess up before I leave for the Summit understood?

Aye Ma'am, right away Madam Secretary. Also the Ministry of International Relations called for you this morning asking about Ambassador Assignments.

I will handle that when I return from the Summit for now tell them the current Ambassadors in place will work for now.

Aye Ma'am will do that.


As Sigrid sat down and gathered a few things she would be taking with her to the Summit she turned and looked at her Uniform and begun thinking on what she will wear on the first day of the Summit. The Uniform would be for one day and then Casual Dress would follow after the Unifrom unless she brought the other Uniforms with her. She decided that she would wear the Uniform there and on the first day. She walked over to the Door and shut it and told the Assistant that she was not to be disturbed till further notice.

She walked over to the Display statue that the Secretary General Uniform was on, her new Crisp White Uniform that she had gotten resized since the last time she worn this type of Uniform which was during the Revolution. She put on the Pants and put on her Black Dress Shoes that had recently been polished. She put on the Undercover Shirt and tucked it in and placed the suspenders on followed by the belt. She picked up the Jacket and walked to the big Wall Mirror and put the Jacket on with all her medals shinning in the Sunlight that was coming through the Big Wall Window in her Office. As she buttoned the Jacket up she looked around for the Sabre that she still had from being given from the King her distant Cousin. She saw it laying on the Buffet table in the corner of the room and walked over to retreve it, the uniform wasn't complete without the Sabre. She grabbed the Cover and looked at herself in the Mirror to be sure everything was right. She was only missing her newest Hero of the Federation Award which was in the desk. She walked over to retreve it when she heard a loud boom that seemed to be a few blocks down from the Palace. She turned her head towards the window while grabbing the Medal then grabbed her Handgun from the Middle Drawer and walked to the Office Door to check on the Office Personal.

Everyone alright, anyone injured or in shell shock?

No Madam Secretary we are alright but what about the people out there?

Not sure im about to make my way to the first floor to check with the Quartermaster of the Palace to see if any part of the Palace was hit in the explosion. In the meantime continue getting and prepping my stuff for the trip to the Summit please.

Aye Madam Secretary will do.

As she walked down stairs with her gun drawn in the forward position ready to shoot if needed, she walked down and saw the Quartermaster standing at the base of the stairs waiting for her to come to him.

Quartermaster, is the Palace hit and has the anyone been injured in the Palace grounds?

Negative Madam, only a few Civilians were injured but no fatalities as I know of, the Drug Lords are claiming reasonability for the explosion. I've been told it was a Box Bomb placed two blocks down. The Explosive yield was low given that barely any damage was done to the surrounding buildings. If you are going somewhere today I would urge you to take a full Military Escort to the Airport Madam and nothing lesser than that.

I guess the Assistant was correct on the Threat, however the ADI has yet to contact me on such a threat. Very well Quartermaster I will go to the Airport with a Full Military Escort. Radio the Airport and tell them to ready my Airstrip and to place the Airport on Lockdown till I take off understood, also tell them to launch three other planes as my plane takes off.

Aye Madam.

She walked back up to get her things and to get her Assistant to gather her things as they were about to leave for the Airport. She place the Gun in her Bag and grabbed an extra magazine just in case, she would of course leave such a weapon on the plane after she left the place at the Summit.

As they walked to the front door the Guards were in full Combat Uniform and on high alert, they ushered her to the Bullet Proof Car and shut the door behind her Assistant. As the car started and pulled in behind the Military Humvees they pulled out of the front gates wit the Guards running along side the car till the car was out of the gates from there the Federal Police were on Motorcycles on the side of the car while the Humvees led the way.

It was a quick trip to the Airport as the main highway to the Airport was shut down and had a huge Military presence and naturally there were several helicopters flying above patrolling the airspace above the convoy. As they turned into the Airport there were not Press, no People to see her off nothing just empty cars and not a sole in the parking lot. They went into Gate No. 8 where her plane was waiting and the car stopped and like the Palace the Guards were in Full Combat Dress and ushered them into the Plane quickly with the door shutting behind them as quick as the boarded the plane. They took their seats and Sigrid removed her Cover and looked to the pilots to signal they were ready for take off. 

Like she had asked three other planes were taking off in different directions with no passengers just in case they were hit the men and women flying the planes were military of course. The Quartermaster had order the Ahranaian Airforce to escort the Secretary Generals Plane once it had reached its Flying Altitude away from any Rocket. Luckily no plane was hit and they all took off without any issues. The other planes would end up landing back at Moskovo International Airport and be handed back to the Civil Air Service Pilots that fly the planes.

Now on her way to the People's Republic of Bulgenstaz for the ICEB Summit the first one Ahrana had Officially Attended, she knew they would be late due to all the setbacks they had. Sigrid proceeded to her Suite on the Plane to have her own time and to look over some important documents such as the Ambassador Appointments that needed to be made.

She looked over paperwork till she felt tired and laid down on the bed to relax a bit, she orders a glass a water to refresh her from all of the teeth grinding moments she had had all morning. She fell into a deep sleep and woke up with only a few hours left of the flight so she turned on the TV on to see the news from Ahrana:

The Capital District was rocked today by a Boxed Bomb only two blocks away from the People's Palace, it has been reported that twenty people were wounded and no one had died from this Terroristic attack. The Drug Lords of Ahrana have claimed responsibility of this act saying this is retaliation to the Federal Government and its crackdown on the Drug Sector that has ran Ahrana since the fall of the Kingdom.

The Federal Executive has yet to release a statement referring to todays attack as it has been said that the Secretary General has left the Federation for the ICEB Summit in the People's Republic of Bulgenstaz and will return in few days time.

She felt like such a fool for leaving but she needed to attend such a Summit to ensure Ahrana has a place in the Internation Political World as which Ahrana needs to be part of. She ended up falling back asleep to the news and woke up to a knock on the door stating they were about to land in Bulgenstaz at the Airport and that they were an hour and a half late for the summit. 

Her first International Summit and she was late to the place, what a great way to bless her Tenure with such tardiness. She only hoped the other leaders wouldn't look as if they despised Ahrana for being late to such a thing of importance. As the plane touched down she put her Jacket back on put her handgun on the desk and left the Sabre on the bed.

As the door opened she and her Assistant walked to the car to be driven to the place for the Summit. As they drove to Zalensk Sigrid looked out the window and looked at the pure beauty of the Bulgenstazi Landscape that just seemed so peaceful to Sigrid. Pieces of the landscape reminded her of home in Strasburg and other parts not so much. 

As they arrived at Zalensk she say the building and was in awe at such architecture, never before had she seen such a thing that resembled many quantities of Ahranaian Imperial Architecture. As the car turned to the front they got out and followed the escort to the room where the other leaders were. Sigrid stopped and caught her breathe and removed her Cover placing it under her arms and walked to the Doors. After a light knock on the doors they opened and inside were the other leaders. As she entered she saw General Secretary Almas pointing to a PowerPoint which she thought odd but went with it anyway.

Please excuse me for being so late to the Summit I do apologies, had a few issues before leaving the Federation and then the Takeoff was a bit tiffy. Once again I am terribly sorry im normally never late, its a pleasure to meet you all finally.

She bowed slightly and waved and shook hands with the leaders while walking to her seat with her Assistant and took a seat after interrupting the meeting.

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Bavrov Krusken got up.

"I believe we are all here now. Well, there has been something we have been working on. After the "OK" from the R&D team here in Bulgenstaz and in Dniester, I can now finally announce the new, uh, bathysphere? ... yes, it was a bathysphere, I think. It should be fully functional for use within this year. Anyway, I believe I have a picture of the prototype."

Krusken fished out a flash drive and replaced Almas'. After a moment some prototype and final designs displayed on the projector. 


"With this, we can really begin our tests for variable pressure environments. This could prove most beneficial to the ICEB Space Program. To say I'm excited would be an understatement... I believe this will be taking place in the Dragonryder's Deep. ... Wait, no, it isn't... the Sea of Peace? Is there even an officially recognized trench there? Well, regardless, it will be a very exciting thing."

Krusken smiled contently, then sat down.

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Crap. I have to one-up this bathysphere thing. If I don't, how can I return to my people? 'Tomur Almas,' they will say, 'it is you who has led us down the path to stagnation and ruin, having failed to present your own enclosed, manned capsule-themed plan for the future. Shame on you, Tomur Almas. Shame unto your ancestors into the 18th generation.'

"Er, another round of applause for the scientific achievements of the ICEB. You know, comrades, I've been thinking, awhile, discussing, theorizing, and et cetera for some time now, and I believe the time has come to put this matter before you all as peers, comrades and friends."

Slowly, Almas withdrew a second flash drive from his breast pocket. Brushed aluminum, sans logo, capped. No office supply store storage device this; this was, like, an executive flash drive. For important, executive things. Almas politely waited for his Bulgenstazi counterpart to retake his seat, and inserted the drive into the laptop.

"Sh*t, did we uh, did we-- is this computer secure? That's like 3 flash drives worth of national secrets we've plugged into this thing now. Y-you figure there should probably be some protocols in place, y'know? Ah well, carrying on."

After three solemn clicks, a vision emerged on the projector screen. A vision of the future.

"Behold, comrades! Our f-- 'Error: Can't open AlmasPlan.pptx.' What-- what's that about? Can somebody-- sorry, we should really coordinate this next time. I'll find us a media guy."

One of the younger translators was finally able to get the presentation open, as Almas attempted to peer over his shoulder.

"Right! Without further ado...behold, comrades! Our future! A future in SPACE!"

As he spoke, a field of stars twinkled on the projector, as the camera focused on the slowly revolving Eurth, dawn breaking over the East Adlantic. 

"As the inheritors of a longstanding international tradition and some of the wurld's most powerful industries, it is only right and just that the International Communist Economic Bloc lead the way in space. I propose, comrades, that we undertake, in the oncoming months and years, to establish a permanent manned mission, a space station in low Eurth orbit, as well as a manned and unmanned rocket program to facilitate the construction and supply of the aforementioned. As you yourselves are highly educated, erudite men and women yourselves, I thought it best to place this proposal before you in its earliest stages, as Fulgistan lacks both the monetary and scientific capacity to reliably carry out this mission on our own. I now leave the floor open for comments and questions."

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As General Secretary Almas opened the floor to comments and questions, Sigrid felt it was perfect time to step in and ask a few question and propose a few things.

As Comrade Almas just spoke about Space which is one of the worlds few remaining areas of great exploration, and in respect I do to agree with Almas that the International Communist Economic Bloc should lead the way. It is through our partnership that we would be able to achieve this together as a group and not as individual nation. If we are to do this together then we have a few things we should discuss such as a place for the Launch Control Center/Mission Control Center, Launch Pad Location, type of Rockets we would use as well as the Space Vehicle we would want to use as well. Least we not forget the most important a Person to lead this Project, whom we can all agree on that can lead this momentous Project forward even in times of hardship.

Sigrid took a pause as this wasn't just one question but more of a composition of several in one try. She took a sip of water and resumed talking:

The Ahranaian Federation has only Satellite Launch Capabilities and a few Space Specialists that are leading the Ahranaian National Space Agency into the future, which we would be glad to have help in this project. I'm sure if we all brought our Scientists and Specialists together we could do things other thought impossible or see us less capable of carrying out. I know this was more of several questions and points but still I wanted to add a few things to Comrade Almas statement there. I leave the floor open to comments and questions on Comrade Almas and my statement.


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