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Eurth Rally Series OOC

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The Eurth Rally series a competitive series where manufacturers and drivers represent their countries in a cross-country race that tests the endurance, capability, and agility of both driver's and their cars. In the winter, drivers face off going both offroad and on the street through over 3,000 miles in Alharu, and in the Summer, they do the same through Argis.



How to enter your car and driver:

To enter, submit the following application below:


Driver, Age, Gender: 

Co-Driver, Age, Gender

Car Make, Model, and Year: 

Real Life Equivalent:

Make sure to check with everybody to make sure that no one has claimed the real life manufacturer you're using.



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Country: Tekke

Driver, Age, Gender: Mikail Evren, 29, male 

Co-Driver, Age, Gender Melis Karatay, 28, female

Car Make, Model, and Year: Istikbal Saruhan RS 1996

Real Life Equivalent: Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak 1996


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Country: Commonwealth of Turin and Asti

Driver, Age, Gender: Amedeo Sforza, 31, male

Co-Driver, Age, Gender: Matteo Astori, 24, male

Car Make, Model, and Year: SuperStrada Virgola 4x4 2009

Real Life Equivalent: Fiat Abarth 595 Pista 2008

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Country: The Grand Federal Imperium of Adaptus. 

Driver, Age, Gender: Khloe Tymichae, 16, Female. 

Co-Driver, Age, Gender: Dylanos Tymichae, 48, Male. 

Car Make, Model and Year. Hondii Civicus FK8 Ludo (Honda Civic FK8 Type R Touring Car with slight modifications.)

Khloe and Dylanos are a father daughter team of accomplished rally drivers from Adaptus. They have been competing for several years and have reached the top tier of the Adapton Rally circuit, despite Khloe not even being of legal driving age. 

The car, is provided by Hondii, and will be provided by the Hondii Ludo (Sport) Arm of the company. It is a modified version of the Touring Car used in the ATCC. Equipped with a prototype AWD system being developed and tested by Hondii for future vehicles. The car is slightly heavier than the touring car version, however has had an increase in power to help with the added weight. 


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Country: Sunset Sea Islands

Driver, Age, Gender: Yoshirou Ueno, 24, male

Co-Driver, Age, Gender: Kazuki Huang, 24, male

Car Make, Model, Year: Tesura, Ral S E-1, 2018

Real Life Equivalent: Tesla Model S P100D

Yoshirou Ueno and Kazuki Huang learned to drive in the infamous mountain pass racer region of Hakone. The two young talents excelled in the youth organisation of the SSI SpeedStars, however, they soon lost interest in street racing and diversified electric cars and further into rallies. Nevertheless, they are still on friendly times with their former team and receive a great deal of support from their family.

The pride and joy of Ueno and Huang is their tuned 2018 Ral S E-1 Tesura. The whole racing scene of the Sunset Sea Islands is watching its youth talents and their black beast.

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Country: The Republic of Sayf

Driver, Age, Gender: Abdullah Suleiman Al-Nasser, 42, Male


Co-Driver, Age, Gender: Khalifah bin Qassimi, 41, Male


Car Make, Model, and Year: 2018 Tawahad ERX TTi ERC Rally Car

Real Life Equivalent: 2018 Subaru WRX STi Open Class Rally Car


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I've been quite behind on this, just letting everyone know that the deadline to submit your car and driver is tomorrow at 12:00 PM central time and the main thread is going up that day.

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