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Expansion "idea" by Shffahkia

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Salutations readers of this here topic. 

Here's one more topic to discuss! I know what you're thinking "a discussion topic about Shffahkian expansion, yay!" However, before we jump right into it, here's some backstory. As of late, I haven't been very active on the forums in terms of RP as I've been keeping myself busy making a fitting iiwiki page for everyone's favourite *cough*  only Collectivist state. In writing my history as a Lysian colony and the like, I came upon a historical topic which I didn't really explore much in the creation of my history.


Drum roll!


I said drum roll!


Come on it's not that hard!


Ugh, fine! Please...


Thank you. Now the historical topic in question is Manifest Destiny which will be creatively calling Destinée Manifeste in my RP which I might call Appel du Destin. 

In any case here is a map which details my Manifest Destiny


The circle (dutifully drawn by yours truly in MS paint #computerwizard #humblebrag) outlines what is considered within the bounds of Manifest Destiny Shffahkian Version 0.9. The circle doesn't mean that I am going to take that land, more or less it's supposed to illustrate the general area which I consider Shffahkia's destiny and all the such. 

Now in more detail, I would go about my Manifest Destiny in three groups. Group numero dos would be focused on the area between the southern river and the river outlined in red, while group one, significantly lesser in numbers, would focus on the more inland area. Group numéro trois would be a very small group I'm going to write small bits about. Maybe. Prolly. Okay, not very likely. This expansion would give me a chance to write my favourite type of RP which is about colonization civilization.

I plan to do my expansion through news posts and possibly through some letters and diary entries. My first initial expansion which would take me several months of writing news articles and all the like is outlined in dark red. 

If a nation pops into my circle, I'll change my plans as is common courtesy. 

PS: Sorry for the quote hassle but I've paid my price for meddling with the quote boxes as I accidentally removed a quote thus destroying my map and explanation. I didn't give up though and just wrote it again as you can see.






Now, this topic is first and foremost for discussion purposes, so if you have anything to inquire about,  contribute to, comment about or suggest please do so in the form of an objection which I (or a mod maybe) will then either overrule or sustain.

I don't plan to do this RP in a while because I'm focusing on my iiwiki but I think the earlier this is here the better.  I'm especially interested in the opinions of mods and the opinion of my dear beloved neighbours: @Rihan , @Asgeirria, @Little Flau and @Kipan with whom I share this wonderful continent with. 

Best Wishes,

Shffahkia (that one weird Collectivist nation that kinda looks like a tumour on the map)

(Also sorry if this should've been in planning instead of here)

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Alrighty, after a bit of reflection upon this idea, I've decided to have it take place in the past since it would fit better in the 1800s anyway. Also, it gives me a chance to write stuff about the good ol' empire. One idea is that since Shffahkia was so diverse ethnically unity more or less came from the Lysian language. This would, of course, be a political doctrine called Aurelian Lysanisme. Moving this into the past just changes the ethnic and linguistic makeup of that area more towards Lysian-speakers and "ethnic" Shffahkians. 

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After playing around in the map, I came up with some candidates for former states of Shffahkia. So here's a short brief of what I've come up with thus far. 

OjAP6j5.pngThe idea behind these states is that between 1890 and 1950, Shffahkia was under two different dictatorships. The first one was a far-right dictator by the name of Émilien Chevotet and the second one was the far-left dictatorship of Duncan Delacroix because no one has ever heard of political centrism in Shffahkia. Following the subsequent death of Delacroix in the '50s, Shffahkia would, without a central uniting force, go on to fracture into a myriad of various Aurelian states.

The first state is Paranne (purple) would be significantly more centrist and would've been the last state to leave Shffahkia. The westmost state, Cali [name pending, need something that sounds like California; one idea is Caliphator coming from caliphat d'or] (yellow) would've been one of the first states to leave and would be far more capitalist than any other state. Cocaïque (green) would be a quaint little state with a lovely and not at all controversial cocaine industry. However, as is, Cocaïque remains in the ol' back burner. 

The idea for the expansion, at least the current version 1.2, could be that Shffahkia seeking to unify with its old states would have to make concessions which would drastically change Shffahkia and Shffahkian society. Thereby a central theme of the expansions would be that Shffahkia would slowly through the pressure of the other states change from its authoritative one-party state into a more stable market economy country, of course, that isn't the only path that can be traversed. 

Overall, I'm still thinking about the expansion, yet I am growing quite fond of the Aurelio-Lysonist unification route. Also, if any new nation pops up near my plans, I'll naturally change them to suit the situation. 

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Alrighty, I have done some more general fleshing out of Shffahkian history with the help of @Kirvina.

So a quick recap: moving the manifest destiny to the 1800s means that central Aurelia would very much be majority Lysian ethnically and especially linguistically. At the heart of it all is the question: How far south does Lysian reach in Aurelia? I and Kirvina discussed that very question in order to flesh out our general history. And this we came up with this map. However, most of the credit should go to Kirvina as he made it and had a much larger hand in its creation.  Screen_Shot_2018-12-02_at_12.24.08_PM.png?width=582&height=390 

The map is from a Shffahkian point of view which explains the spelling. Central to the picture is that the line between me and Kirvina is essentially the natives of Aurelia referred to as the taréques. 

Now, I and Kirvina came up with a very lovely history explaining my southern expansion and why it ended. But before that just a bit of Shffahkian history.

In the late 1700s, Shffahkia declares independence under Emperor Eustace I who then goes on a series of wars against colonial forces in Shffahkia (possible war with @Limonaia?) By the early 1800s, Eustace would've conquered the Shffahkian east coast and thus manifest destiny would begin. With manifest destiny, I make my way to the west coast of Aurelia and then begin expanding southward. Shffahkia being an industrial Aurelian powerhouse at the time would have the general idea that it is destined to expand all the way south to Aurelia. Manifest destiny would bring Aurelian Lysians near to the Kirvinska from which the Eustachian wars would begin. 

Now the Eustachian wars might get their own RP some day but what is essential is that I lose with the Kirvinska driving me out and breaking the spirit of manifest destiny. 

What did Shffahkia look like during the Eustachian wars you ask? 


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The left picture is of the Shffahkian empire without some southern and north-eastern holdings. 

The right picture is a close up of the south-west part of the Shffahkian empire with some names I came up with to reflect the 1800s. The west coast would have a lot of names based on historical events and the emperor himself because they are newer than the elder east coast. Mort-d'Eustache is a town where Eustace I died, and Tombe-d'Eustache is the island on which he was buried. Some other names I'd like to pinpoint are Sables-Rouges and Mort-aux-kirviens which are based on a historical battle and the general Shffahkian opinion of the Kirvinska respectively. 

Finally, we get to the expansions themselves. I plan on doing much of my expansion through the Organisation Aurelienne de la Lysophonie (OAL) which is an organization that seeks to unify Lysian-speakers alike. 

The expansions would then take the form of a grand reunification of Shffahkia. I plan to first expand into Paranne and then into Cali which will be my California and then to the Bay area below that. Due to the differences of each state, Shffahkia would become a nation whose economic centre would be on the west coast and the cultural/political centre would be on the east coast. Yay more diversity and such! With each, expansion Shffahkia will have to change and that'll be a lot of the fun. 

(Sorry for the inconsistent writing, this is my 4th time writing this because I keep pressing Shift + Enter on accident which deleted a large portion of my writing.) 

Also, if any nation decides to pop up in my old imperial lands, I will, as stated before, change my plans. If you still have some question left please ask away. And if I left some parts too vague, please let me know so I can properly shine the light on it. 

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Full_Shffahkia.png?width=391&height=392Greetings and Salutations!

I've once more come up with some Aurelio-Lysian states which I will henceforth be calling: Shffahko-states.

This map was made in Photoshop/Illustrator to better show the expanse of my historical lands. Territories from the two southmost states, Lunahasse and Liliumnie would've been lost during the fall of my empire in the 1840s. The most northern bit, Territoire Autochthon, would've been my version of the Indian Territory which I would've acquired in the late 1800s when I became a republic. This map is what I would consider my historical reach provided that no other nation pops up in it. If one does, I shall adjust as one would.

The original Lysian colony would've consisted of Shffahkia proper, Citronec, parts of Paranne and Soleilhasse. Lastly, the République Occidentale and République du Baidor among the other southern states are the result of my manifest destiny which saw its end in the 1840s.

I realise that I'll pretty much never reach this size. The purpose of the map was to flesh out my history with Kirvina.

As to the expansion, I plan to first reunite with Paranne. This I plan to go through in December / January if I find the time. Afterwards, I plan to go for either République Occidentale or Baidor depending on the situation at hand. The idea is first to expand to the west where a lot of economic potential is and then south where more usable land is. Land north of me isn't really useful unless I want forests or to get near the Manamana. On the other hand, the land in the south is far better as the climate is more tenable. Therefore, it'd be logical to go west and then south.

The expansion which I will start to write one of these days would revolve around the OAL (Organisation Aurélienne da Lysophonie) which would seek Aurelio-Lysian unification. I'm still not exactly 100% sure on how to go through with it but one conclusion I've arrived at would be starting off with negotiations. 

That's all for now. This was just a slightly more honed version of my earlier plans. Please do let me know if something is wrong and such. (I'll agree with my borders with Rihan and Kirvina when the time comes.) For the sake of repetition, if a nation comes to any of these areas, I'll change my history and plans accordingly. 

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I'm glad you've acknowledged that you'll likely never reach this sort of size as I've got pretty big qualms about any single nation claiming what is effectively half a continent.

I realise that the map may never get entirely filled - with the exception Europa, due to it once being the only continent - but it still strikes me as pretty excessive to try to establish such a hegemony over all that territory.

That being said, it is quite cool that you've fleshed your nation's history like this, especially with regards to your neighbours.

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I only now remembered that it might be good for me to make a request for the expansion. I thought it'd be good to have my expansion ideas and requests be neatly packed into one thread. The expansion itself having been RP'd in Tel Est Notre Destin and to be better explained in the newsroom (NSAS) with the upcoming elections and such. I'll be recounting the story of Paranne and its regions through bits of information that'll be in my news posts as I can more confidently write those. Paranne being the land mass marked with purple on this expertly crafted map. I also made a map of Paranne and of Shffahkia after the expansion in the expansion topic itself. But here it is on the canon Europa map. 

P.S. Cali shall henceforth be called Dasdaine but that is way in the future of things. 

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Greetings and Salutations, 

As @Rihan and I ignite the Aurelian continent into a blaze of glory as border negotiations go, you know, I thought this ought to be a good time to give a little update on the plan.

 Firstly, what border? 

After extensive analysis by a team of top-notch investigators, it was found out that there would be a rather odd blank spot between me and Rihan following our expansions. This area presents a great opportunity to flesh out Rihanssu-Shffahkian history and define the limits of where one ends and the other begins. As such, I made a map for a newspost combining the various pre-existing maps from the two.


Now moving onto some more farther off matters we have the North where the situation will change due to @Selayar's expansion and thus I point thee to this map I made a good while ago also for a newspost. In the map I had marked the portion depicting northern Aurelia as Completely Limonaian. I'll leave it to Selayar to decide whether they want the Limonaian treatment or not. But as for the time being it's bye bye Buona Speranza and to the fat camp with Profondità Verdi. 


Finally the south, I must admit that the southern states really don't have as much thought put into them as the northern ones as they were mostly made to flesh out my history with Kirvina but with the whole two states of southern Aurelia having gone inactive, I am letting 'em go as with Kirvina's activity, disappeared my interest in the south. Goodbye Lunahasse, Soleilhasse and Téhasse plus Liliumnie. I had planned it to be a possible Mexico-ish place with possible Iverican colonies. I even made this Eurth Mexican flag:


Boevendaal? What's that?

On an even more final note, a dessert would be pretty sweet to have in Aurelia and the area south of Shffahkia and east of the Paranne mountains could be an interesting place to put one down. But that's neither here nor there. 

Anyway that's the current situation with my expansion plans. Thanks for coming to my TedTalk


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Announcing the Shffahkia Rework

With both Limonaia and Rihan long gone from Eurth among with other changes having been done or being in the process of being made, there is an opportune moment to rework certain aspects of Shffahkia to make it better fit into Eurth lore and to make it a more interesting country. They won't affect other countries that much as I am holding off from such changes until the Manamana rework and the addition of Aurelian NPCs. In short, I will be taking things down a notch from overly-zealous collectivist dictatorship to a pan-leftist democratic presidential federation.

What will this rework affect?

It will primarily affect internal affairs in Shffahkia to make the country more original and interesting. The most pertinent change is the removal of authoritarianism from Shffahkia meaning that it never was a dictatorship or a one-party state. Instead, Shffahkia will have primarily been a syndicalist democracy. I will keep the same people I've used before and stick to the same themes established before if they are applicable such as the Shffahkian collapse in the late 70s and the reunification attempts going on currently. It will remain a member of ICEB it being the only organization old Shffahkia was a member of. 

I will of course be changing the official name of the country along with other smaller things.

Such as reworking Shffahkian states


and political parties with some old ones remaining


I will also be making a new newsroom for Shffahkia so I can post news articles from multiple news agencies rather than just the one as I previously had. In addition, I'm planning a year in review article to show how these changes will affect modern-day Shffahkia and to finish the Paranne expansion. 

With that the stage should be set for the coming articles about Shffahkia, thank you for your attention. 

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