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Hello From the Silver Cities

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Last night the silver cities of Queno and Kona united as one becoming the Queno-Kona commonwealth. We are a capitalist nation where naturally the rich are the ones to rule. Our culture is very divided with Queno being a Venetian styled city being covered in glorious waterways while Kona's culture is more of a Portuguese styled nation. The Commonwealth itself was united by our common interests of obtaining wealth and our shared higher-class. The cities of Queno-Kona for a long time have considered their most glorious achievement the Combine Bank. The Combine Bank we consider the safest bank in the world, and we assure you, you're money will be safe and unseen. The landmass of Queno-Kona is small but extremely urbanized. The cities of Queno-Kona are extremely adept at manufacturing, and the merchants, stockbrokers, and accountants of our realms are masters of their trade with economics being a large portion of our education system for the rich. Our government is a democracy where only the richest can vote, but the lower echelons of our citizenry are still moderately well treated. We can offer you a large industrial production base, a great bank to keep your money, and a skilled stockbroker to advise you on economic issues. I hope to be trading partners with many of you.

-Chairman Otto Son of the Ex-Chairmans of Queno and Kona


  1. Advice is appreciated this is my first time doing RP besides DND
  2. I don't know how to do this well so please help?
  3. Thank you for letting me join you are all super nice.
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