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[OOC] ICEB Planning Thread

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ICEB: The International Communist Economic Bloc

Hey, Europans. Myself, @North Dniester and @Bulgenstaz have been chatting for the past two days or so about forming a Communist economic bloc, akin to our timeline's COMECON. This thread's going to try and plot the course of its foundation, goals, scope, organization, and possible future plans. Come along, grab a fistful of tenges, and don't forget your planned economy.

  • When did the ICEB come to be?

In our current envisioning, this bloc would have been created in the 1970s. For my own part, this makes sense, as Fulgistani industry was being revitalized by the influence of the Tunyaz regime, and the trend toward autarky that had taken place under Jian Bozaan was largely over. In addition, this gives us some time to have existing economic institutions in place in the present day, rather than additional upheaval that, at least on my end, would prove inconvenient for RP content that I have coming down the pipeline. I anticipate that we'll be doing a founding RP sometime in the near future.


  • What are the goals of the ICEB?

At its most basic, the ICEB is an economic union between its member states that seeks to overcome the shortcomings of the planned economy, as well as to complement the indigent industries of each member state. Eventually, the ICEB would also endeavor to incorporate Fulgistani-style Three-Year Plans across the entire bloc, but this is probably not possible within the first two decades of its founding. The ICEB, in addition to being an economic organization, is also a body that seeks to foster goodwill and cooperation between member states; to this end, the other two nations tagged and myself have discussed military cooperation in training, equipment and possible foreign bases. This will, of course, be RPed out in the future.


  • How will the ICEB be organized?

In this realm, I feel it is best to take a page from the actual COMECON; an executive body with several more specific committees subordinate to it, as well as a formally separate but practically involved executive committee composed of our respective supreme offices/heads of state. I think that we can iron out the specific committees as we plan along both on the Discord and in this thread. I also feel that the ICEB should provide for both observers and associates who maintain market economies, as did the real-world equivalent. These details can be discussed in depth later.

Overall, please feel free to weigh in, ask questions, and help out in the planning endeavor. Thanks, y'all.

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Alright so now that I'm on board with this idea what other things have been discussed that I should be brought in on. Also what exactly will the structure be like on.

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The organization could have local institutions in each country, with a small group of each member country economic advisors, to serve a dual function of a "ICEB Embassy" as well as a system for managing and enforcing ICEB policy more effectively. There most likely will also need to be a global headquarters (location wherever we elect to have it). Just thinking about it's management. For a body with as many components as currently planned it will need to have a chunk of administration to back it up.

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Currently, I think that based on the Discord discussions we've had about key industries, the following committees should be considered pre-existing at the time of the current Triennial Summit.

  • Uranium and Radioactive Materials Committee (URMC)
  • Steel and Metals Committee (SMC)
  • Automotive and Machinery Committee (AMC)
  • Weapons and Ammunition Committee (WAC)
  • Produce and Agriculture Committee (PAC)
  • Fisheries Committee (FC)
  • Energy Committee (EC)

Essentially, these committees oversee the production (to ICEB standards), distribution and further development of their respective industries, with an Executive Committee, made up of the heads of state/heads of party of the member states, overseeing the course of the ICEB Three-Year Plans, the creation of new committees, and the allocation of resources to the organization as a whole.

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