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Request: Kirvina

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Nation in Europa: Kirvina.

Flag: See factbook.

Capital name: Bílehora.

Capital location: See Location.

Factbook link: http://www.europans.com/topic/5186-kirvina/?tab=comments#comment-40011236

Newsroom link: http://www.europans.com/topic/5187-kta-káthuna/?tab=comments#comment-40011239

Culture: Kirvinska. See Factbook.

Climate: See Factbook for clues, but its climate resembles a mixture of Britain and Patagonia- it can get quite frigid in the winters, and there is snowfall, but it is not dreadfully so. The rain, on the other hand, is incessantly frequent- providing a great boon to the growth of water-dependant crops, but rendering travel infrastructure a pain to get right and umbrellas and heavy coats a common accessory. I can go into more detail if need be.



Cities Present:

Bílehora, Mőrhen, Eszter, Luren, Céara, Énterthan, Dősin, Tőra, Édervan, and Cagőra.

History: See Factbook.


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I had realized in the opening that it was quite large, but what must be realized is that there are plenty of large nations in the real world that are not especially powerful. Just because it is large, does not mean that it is densely populated- I am on a nearly empty continent besides, and my territory is geographically a cross between Patagonia and England for the majority of its stretch. To fit on it such a population as I have, I would need it to be quite large. Thank you, though. Good point all around.

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      This post comes from a place of considerable thought, and I think it's time I at least ask for permission to do it.
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