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[...] is Kirvina's most popular news network, subsidized by the government. It covers mostly serious issues of life and politics, and does not often delve into tabloid matters, preferring to leave those for the tabloids themselves. They have considerable funds and considerable reach, and could be considered almost a bureau, though they do not seem to be extremely biased. More may come of them later.



An original copy of the Book of Facts, created during the life of the ancient Rihan explorer Leordan, is going on display at a museum in Bílehora today. This is thought to be a popularity move in conjunction with the sending of a delegation to the Rihan Republic- reminding them of their ties to Kirvina proper could prove a positive move in the establishment of relations. The museum is expected to be full, as the famous book is renowned for its stunning art pieces, hand-drawn with ink some five hundred years ago. Security is tight and the entire city is on watch- and yet at the same time, oddly relaxed, as they await the influx of tourists from the countryside to the capital to view the goings-on and to view the hallowed book be revealed.

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As an original copy of the Book of Facts goes on display, a delegation has been dispatched with the capital to speak with the Grand Duchy's closest neighbor, the Rihan Republic. The air of the nation is hopeful, in that the terms discussed during this meeting will bring further prosperity and success to Kirvina. The rumored head of the delegation is one Míhaly Ertövas, the former Governor-Tributary to the Batreasca Delta. It is hopeful that his administrative skills will translate directly into diplomatic skills and that his ability to speak will gain the nation much-needed friendships on the continent.

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It has been rumored that Margrave Bela of Szestervány has been approached by the central government with the idea of more directly integrating his autonomy into the nation proper. Initial requests were met with fearful denials, but as the days of summit roll on it has become clear that there will be a conclusive outcome to the talks. What remains to be seen is just how those talks will be concluded, and just how the margraviate will be brought back into the fold.

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"...to the backdrop of the invitation of several major Aurelian leaders to the White Mountain, the city is currently enjoying festivities centered around the celebration of the Summer Solstice ... Rasa, one of the biggest holidays of every year. Any Tagmatine or Limonaian viewers we have may find themselves confused when they step outside and feel the chill, but do not despair. We are Down Under, and the sun burns as hot as ever- as hot as it can, with our climes. I encourage anyone looking to enjoy their favorite vacation spots without the rain do so now, because we're about to get hit with a whole lot of storms as we begin to swing into the fall."

"... Those same foreign viewers might be going what goes into Rasa, and Rasa festivals, so I'll put them in the know. Now, there a whole lot of things that go on during Rasa, so if you're visiting right now and are in need of some explanation. We're approaching 17:00 right now and the light is beginning to dim, so the fun should be starting right about now ... get one of the live guys on it, stat. Right, so- Rasa begins for real with the dancing around the gates, the dancing around the kupolas, the great vaulted roofs. Even if you're new in town, it can be some great fun. Join in. Participate. You won't regret it. Everyone loves dancing, right?"

"Circle dances are probably the biggest part of Rasa. You'll see a lot of that. Dancing around gates and kupolas, like I said- around the bonfire, around the High Priest- the Carvaitas- it all just depends on the time of day, how far into the party you are, all of that. There is also the blessing of the trees and the fields, the greeting of the sun, and such- but I've been informed by my Foreign Advisory Panel that all of that is, apparently, 'some godsdamned hippie sh*t' and not fit for foreign broadcasting, so we're going to move on to our regular broadcast, soon followed by some live commentary on the festivities. On that note, Vidá Rasa, my friends! Enjoy yourselves!"

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The Performance {Click to Watch}

"... Now, a couple days after Rasa, and with those big talks still going on up in the Castle, we have a really unique occurrence here on our White Mountain. The most famous historical troupe in all of the country is paying the capital a visit, like they do a couple times a year, normally just a cool little follow-up to festivals. But in light of Rasa, I thought I might do another cultural piece, tell those foreign listeners what we're really about at the heart. It's got to be said, though -- domestic listeners might find themselves in need of this as well. Not everyone attends, oh, 'les danseuses', and 'l'opera'. Some even might not understand why the darn title's in Lysian. Well, I'll give a brief history sit-down to those listening in. I think we could all do with one from time to time."

"Les Indes Galantes is a story of the noble spirit of the Tárek, and their resistance to foreign occupiers. Not the sort of harsh resistance that you might get from some Rihannsu epic, but a soft, longing resistance. A sort of moral... opposition to the ambitions of the great powers of the era. Really a charming thing, if you take the time to listen to it. I may as well put it on, if no one is opposed. It'll make for a good little interlude... while we prepare some more to talk about events of the day. The more serious ones, mhm."

"Forêts paisibles, 

Forêts paisibles,

Jamais un vain désir ne trouble ici nos coeurs.

S'ils sont sensibles,

S'ils sont sensibles,

Fortune, ce n'est pas au prix de tes faveurs.

Dans nos retraites,

Grandeur, ne viens jamais offrir tes faux attraits!

Ciel, tu les as faites Heaven,

Pour l'innocence et pour la paix.

Jouissons dans nos asiles,

Jouissons des biens tranquilles!

Ah! peut-on être heureux,

Quand on forme d'autres voeux?"

"Probably should've opened up with this one, but as the festivities wind down to an end, a grave shadow now hangs over Aurelia. I hope you enjoyed the opera, for we won't have the time to play many more in the coming months. We have been recently informed that Rihannsu have mobilized in force to their eastern border -- their strength remains classified, but their intent is obvious. Where our new partnerships will take us is wholly unknown. I honestly would not say that I expected this at all, but I will say that any of you looking to vacation west this year should likely cancel your plans immediately."

The man walked off camera for thirty seconds, the stream uncomfortably focusing on the map of Aurelia behind him. The feed was totally silent. When he came back, he was wearing what seemed like getup from half a century ago- a green-brown buttoned vest over a white shirt, sleeves rolled up. It was the traditional war commentator's getup, whose tradition had begun from the Eustacian wars and made its way into the modern era.



"On this grim and unexpected note, I must bid you all goodbye as I have for several years now."

He cleared his throat.

"On that note, do make sure to take care of yourselves today and in the following days, and stay posted to Káthuna, which will be following a twenty-four-hour schedule to keep up with military developments on the frontier and make sure you, the Kirvinska populace, are fully informed as to both the oncoming strife and our own government's positions."

"This is Indigo Neidell, signing off for the evening."

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"... BALKOM shipped me out here not because we're in this war, or anything of the sort- we're not involved, of course, but just because we're friends with the Rihannsu. And, low-key, because they don't know what they're f*cking doing. I sit out here every day and watch boys get slaughtered. Boys, reporter. Make sure this bit gets home. Make sure it gets on the news. I watch these boys get slaughtered because their senior officers have no idea how to prosecute a modern war. Their heads are stuck in the past. Deep in the sand. In my opinion, at least, these lands have always been this way. But there are innovators. The boys are learning how to not get gunned down so quickly, they are learning how to survive a little longer- one day more, two days more, and so conscripts turn into hardened men."

 [ The recording was interrupted by machine gun fire. The Lieutenant took a drag on his cigarette, chuckling at the reporter. A smile crossed his face. ]

"... That's the cicadas, firing at us now. These Rihannsu lads, they call the Enolians cicadas, because they find the perfect holes in the ground to bury themselves in. Don't hop out until the time is just right, slaughter entire platoons all on their own. It's fascinating to see, from a distance of course... you want me to focus more directly? Fine, fine, I will say what you have brought me on to explain. The main problem with this war is logistics. The Rihannsu, as they stand presently, do not understand logistics at all. The roads that we have been taking are muddy, they are unprepared for the massive amounts of men and materiel that have to flow across them. They have had to resort to air resupply in some sectors. Air resupply! They are like the Mat Troi Lan in forty-seven, with the miracles they think they can work. And it's showing. What men they do have here are desperately under-supplied, except for yours truly, because he gets shells and fuel shipped in from his own personal civilian ship. It pays to have a plan."

"... You would think, that being desperately under-supplied, the Rihannsu would be guilty of sending far too many men to far too tight a space, like most inexperienced leaderships. But you would be totally wrong in that assumption. These men are not just without supplies, in every engagement they are outnumbered by the cicadas at least four to one. It is a wonder that they have won what pitiful, limited victories they have already won. And on that part I must excuse myself, because the Rihannsu have gained some major ground on their way to a notable border town- but only thanks to the inventive leadership of the man deployed to salvage the front, one Kassus. He understands a little better than the others what must be done to save the situation. Without him I do not know what would happen to this front. Not good things for sure."

"... I have been made aware that our own Duke Janos Kalevaitis has been contracted to build roads in this area to ensure better resupply. I don't care if this goes on air, but until the Rihannsu actually grant our enterprises permission to build, they might as well be sucking Kaly's cock for free. They've paid him to do a job, but they have not given his company any permission to actually locally do that job. Protectionist swine. With what they have, these Rihannsu conscripts are putting up a magnificent fight. While underpaid, underfed, and undersupplied- as well as horribly outnumbered- they have still managed to make inroads into this hellhole of a country, albeit with massive losses. So for that they have my respect. It is not an easy job. Not at all."

"... I pray to Kunas, and I ask the Carvaitas as well that we do not mire ourselves in a similar war any day. The terrain here is extremely unfavorable for an offensive. The jungle is thicker than a marine's b*tch's genital hair, and there are giant ravines every three kilometers or so. The entire country is dotted in steep climbs and steep downhill rushes. Whatever cobbled-together armor these poor sods have access to does not have the roads or the resupply to be used effectively, either- that is why Kalevaitis is here, of course. Hopefully soon he is able to do his job. But the more I go on, the upset I will get, and I understand that Káthuna is the state broadcasting channel, and they do not like naughty words. So I will finish it up with something inspiring for the children. Gods know mine are watching this. Bless them all."

"...Count your blessings, and be thankful that you are not in a situation such as this. I cannot imagine that the Enolians are faring very well either... I think it is their entire population that has showed up here to give our allies a fight. If you forget all else, remember. Always remember."

"Comrade Aurelians, you were born lucky."

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