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Hello from Bulgenstaz!

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Hi there! I'm Bulgenstaz! We are a seafaring people based off a sort of communist Polynesia-Southeast Asia bearing a sort of eastern european linguistic style AKA: a very interesting nation indeed! While we may not be economically well-off, Bulgenstazi work ethic is a source of national pride. Our people are a big fans of football (the real deal, not American), equality, nature, and undemocratic regimes. My goal is for this nation to be pretty tropical, mountains are preferred, but completely optional. In time my hopes is for the NS nation to more represent our people in time (as fishing and agriculture is still pathetically low).

If there's anything you'd like to know about us:

a. I am working on a factbook, so stay tuned

b. I can let you know about something beforehand

c. If I'm unsure I will make something up and stick with that

Thanks for checking us out; who knows, maybe we'll be neighbors.

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Good afternoon @Bulgenstaz. Welcome to our community.

The setup you mention is quite original: " a seafaring people based off a sort of communist Polynesia-Southeast Asia bearing a sort of eastern european linguistic style."

That'll make for an interesting addition.

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