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Request: Sanctum Imperium Catholicum

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Nation in Europa: Sanctum Imperium Catholicum


Capital name: Deopolis

Capital location: (Marked on map)

Factbook link: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Sanctum_Imperium_Catholicum#Geography

Newsroom link: 

Culture: Latin/Romanesque 

Climate: Temperate



History: Orginally tribes in the Bronze Age, Latin-type civilization sprung up and formed an empire which existed on and off until 1200s, when country was founded, renamed The Divine Imperium of Sanctum Imperium Catholicum.

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Hello @Sancti Imperii Catholico. Your newsroom and IIWik factbook look alright. Keep it up.

Regarding your map placement.

  1. Romance culture would fit in within West-Argis and Northeast-Alharu. There are plenty of similar nations already here: Iverica, Lusotropia, Soreana, Limonaia, Valacia, Beleareas.
  2. Temperate climate doesn't match the location you highlighted. This has more of a Mediterranean vibe.
  3. Starting off around the 1200s CE would fit into the history of colonisation mentioned by @Iverica

What do you think of being in this area?

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1. Looking at the names, it didn’t sound very Latin, but I was not sure.  Thank you for telling me where my nation would work.  Would right here be ok?

2. I can switch my climate to Mediterranean.  My climate isn’t that important so long as I can grow crops (agriculture is pretty important)

3. What do you mean by this?  Do you mean I’d be colonized by @Iverica?

Thank you :) 


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14 minutes ago, Orioni said:

In that case I'd go with this one, and leave expansions until you get to that point.

Keep in mind this is near the equator. It should also be reflected in your population make-up.


Ok sounds good.  


Would around 23 m be acceptable for a population?

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