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The Valokchian Council of Governments

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Valokchi valitsuste nõukogu


Motto: "All are one, and one is all."

Anthem: Hymn of the Valokchian




Population: 25,421,933
Capital and Largest City: Mordvinu (4.2 Million)
Official Language: Valokchian (Basically Estonian)
Regional Languages: TBD
Other Languages: TBD






Nominal GDP: $352.6 Billion
Nominal GDP per Capita: $13,869
Currency: Valok (Ꝟ )
1Ꝟ = $0.45 USD
$1 USD = 2.22Ꝟ
Main Exports:
Steel, Petroleum, Motor Vehicles, Coal, Beef

Largest Companies:


Economic Structure: 
Market Economy






Government: Confederal presidential constitutional republic
Elected Body: The Council of Valokchia, The Valokchian Senate
Chief of the Council: Arvo Vesik
Chief of the Senate: Silvia Olesk





The Valokchian Council of Governments, or just Valokchia, is a country located in (continent). It is a confederal state composed of several states, who have high autonomy and are bound together by a weak central government, which is its own separate state encompassing Mordvinu. The roots of Valokchia are dated back to 100 CE, in which the region was made up of small tribal kingdoms, which over several centuries united to form the Valokchian Imperium in the 1200s. The Valokchian Imperium lasted up until 1942, which a civil war broke out between democratic forces, which led to a victory in 1949 and thus founded a confederal state created by the constitution adopted right after it. Valokchia today is a very multicultural state, it's liberal qualities welcomes all people from Eurth.

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This confederation is composed of 6 states of high autonomy, Artanas, Kafer, Korista, Obrizach, Antaria, and Mordvinu. While still being apart of Valokchia while held together by a weak central government, they are almost completely independent entities, they can form and use their own currencies but are still using the Valok as currency, they can draft and pass their own laws, and even have their own small legislatures that meet in regards to what happens in their state. But on many occasions, all members from each legislature of the Valokchian states will meet in Mordvinu at the Valokchian Council, who discuss laws that will be made all around the country. Each state legislature is composed of 200 members, with all in total making up 1200 members of the council, with the lesser council known as the Valokchian Senate being the central parliament to the Valokchian Council of Governments, with 15 representatives from each state.


Entrance to the Valokchian Council


The Valokchian Council


Red: Artanas Representatives
Yellow: Kafer Representatives
Blue: Korista Representatives
Green: Antaria Representatives
Purple: Obrizach Representatives
Orange: Mordvinu Representatives 

The Valokchian Council is composed of 200 members from each state, the Council in rare occasions will draft proposals to changes in the Constitution, which is the base for all rights and laws throughout the country. The members have the most power in the government and have created many checks and balances towards the Council Chief, who is the leader of the Valokchian Council, with the Senate Chief being the leader of the Valokchian Senate. When a law is passed by the Senate, it would be passed on to be voted by the Council, and if is in favor of most it would be passed. The incumbent leader of the Valokchian Council, or president, is Arvo Vesik.




The Valokchian Senate is the parliament of the central government and all states of Valokchia. These represent the political parties and determines the leading government of all of Valokchia. Since 1994 it has either been the Republican Freedom or Great Rose. A governor of one of the voivodeships is elected based on what leading party there is, a Republican Freedom led government will likely have most, or all governors be apart of the Republican Freedom party. The laws they pass would go on after being accepted by the Prime Minister would go on to be voted by the Council itself, a cycle that is Senate, Prime Minister, Council, President. If the law is approved through all 4, it will be passed and used in the Valokchian Confederation.

Yellow - Republican Freedom - Coalition of conservative parties
Dark purple - Great Rose - Coalition of liberal parties
Purple - Libertarian - Vows to further liberalism in Valokchia
Red - Union of People's - A rather unpopular far-left socialist party
Green - Environmentalism First - Focuses on imposing more environmental regulations

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