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We're growing in strength then. Soon we will have the power to rule all of Europa, then unite with the Brits in the other regions and impose a sense of humour and manners upon everyone. NO LONGER SHALL FOREIGNERS STAND NEXT TO US AT URINALS, FOR WE SHALL RULE SUPREME!!!

What do you think?

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Hmmm...A sudden outpouring of national pride. Brings a tear to the eye. I can't help but think some Brit bashing is good naturedly heading our way.


Ah well, we've never needed the whining gits before so why should now be any different!!





And a warm welcome cheesefish.

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Thank God for ES...Normality returns.


Anyway, to business:

Canadians and sense of humour? Now THAT'S funny!


Cricket: Silly game anyway, but I admire the Aussie sense of fair play and how good natured they are with other sporting nations...They always lose fairly and without whingeing!!


English: GET OVER 1966!!!!!!!


I love you all very much. And the views posted here do not necessarily represent those of anyone in particular!!!!!

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