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Request: Zargal

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Nation in Europa: Zargal


Capital name: Zargsburg

Capital location: centrally located 

Factbook link: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=zargal/detail=factbook

Newsroom link:

Culture: Germanic

Climate: moderate 

Location History: early Germans settled on the mountains and on the coastline. then after gaining Independence from a colonizer Zargal was formed  

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Hello Zargal (not entirely sure why you took some weird sexual name instead of your actual NS name as your username),

The newsposts and factbook are at the moment very low effort. Like I said in the welcome thread for Tallovia, the requirements are to measure if you're willing to put in the bare minimum effort. I think we can both agree that you haven't reached that point yet. To give you some idea on a news thread, I'd like to point you to my own Nasionale TeleSicht Variota/'Het Waarre Raket fan het Noorten' which is written as a lighter piece of journalism to fit Variota as I depict it.

Now, I'm not saying that you need to be at an equal level of writing as this. But can you see the difference between my thread and yours, which basically only includes headlines? Europa as a region and community likes to promote quality roleplaying, quality writing and as such, your news thread as it stands won't cut it. I don't know your situation, it could be that you're new to roleplaying and thus need some guidance on how to create a piece of acceptable quality. In that case, I would like to give you the advice to look at news threads made by the more established members of the community such as myself, Prymont and Iverica. Here, you'll find good pieces that you can study and learn from in regards to how form your articles and write them. Additionally, you may find this (http://www.europans.com/wiki/worldbuilding/) useful.

Please try and do that first and improve on your news posts after you've learned from the news posts you checked out and read the link about worldbuilding I included. Should you then still find it difficult to write news articles, you can PM me on Discord or here and I will try to think along with you and try to guide you some more.

In regards to the factbook, you currently have 6 different articles containing about 10 lines of text in total. That's obviously not enough. You have to think of your factbook as the thing foreigners will read to get an understanding of your nation. Like the link about worldbuilding mentions, it's somewhat similar to having your own wikipedia page. Let's say I'm Dina Diva (the current Variotan leader) and I need to know something about Zargal, will your factbook give me a good idea of your nation? Will I be able to form an opinion on it? The answer at the moment is no, not really. In the worldbuilding link, it gives you some good points to work out in your factbook. I advice you to look at those points and incorporate them into your factbook. Additionally, check other factbooks and check the articles that the region has on iiwiki for some more inspiration.

Roleplaying and worldbuilding in Europa isn't a race, it's a journey. The map isn't close to getting full, so there's no rush in that regard too. Work out your nation properly, ensure that you're able to fulfill the expectations of the region and community in regards to quality and then once that's done, we can come back to seeing about getting you a place on the map. If you have any questions in regard to this, feel free to PM me here or on Discord and I will do my best to answer them for you.


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