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Request: Neo-Enclave

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Nation in Europa: 

The neo-enclave



Capital name:

Raven rock

Capital location:

On the coast of Aurelia

Factbook link:


Newsroom link:



Roman/50s American


Tropical with jungles


East argis 


We started as a colony founded by the Ahroman Empire. After oppressive rule by a monarch they split and Declared independence. After decades of war they won and founded a new nation called the United States ruled by a republic and a president. Secret though their was a shadow government ruled by yet another monarch (which will later reveal itself as the enclave). It’s first President was George Washington and its first king was Gallius Caesar. This nation became militaristic and portrayed the warrior as one of the greatest professions in propaganda. They also equally elevated scientists and engineers to the same pedestal. For 200 years they ruled from the shadows before finally accepting the populace as willing to follow a monarch. Once revealed the population still demanded say in their government and the would’ve been removed position of President was repurposed into a lesser leader of the people. After their reveal the Changed their name to the neo-Enclave which for the next 107 years was ruled by these two separate figures until the at the time of, King Augustus Elizabeth who apointed His daughter Donalia as Queen. That same year the office of President was abolished and the king died making Donalia, Queen.

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