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Computer Virus Cause of Jaihu Slaughter!

Jacob Taren

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A review of the code lines downloaded from the last KSats before their destruction has been compared with the program that was originally uploaded to them.


The copy on the satalites had been modified by a computer virus.


How this virus was able to reach both the KSat and ASMODEUS-A systems is unknown. No one outside of the Joint Sevrun/Byzantium Nova Development Program and the leaders of both nations knew of their existance before they were fired.


For security reasons, we cannot divulge the contents of the code, but the changes were made to the power settings and target coordinates. Whoever changed the program wanted to cause as much devastation as possible and destroy the only evidence in the process.


Luckily, the KSats that survived the barrage were still intact enough to pull fragments of the program from. With the combined fragments, we located the changes and are now on high alert. Our military and police are working together on a joint effort.


The only people who could have done this were the people who worked on the project. We are currently tracking down the project members we could not find immediately who were within our own borders at the time of the discovery. We urge our ally, Emperor Andronicus, to do the same with the people involved on his side. In addition, we are sending out a dossier with information on the scientists and other suspected personel that we have not yet located, and we ask all other nations in the region to send these people back to Sevrun if they are located. We do not know who is guilty or innocent yet, but we must have them all back so we can determine who was involved.

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A Special Report From J.N.N. (Jaihuian Network News)


The Supreme Jaihuian Council earlier today announced that it will not allow the governments of Sevrun and Byzantium Nova to try to deflect the blame for the absolute carnage in Jaihu from their governments to a unknown group of hackers.


Kim Swinger, Minister of Justice and Lost Luggage, stated, "It appears to us in the Holy Empire of Jaihu that the authorities in Sevrun are grasping at straws in order to desperately explain their War Crimes. It's like they do not want to accept that their system was flawed, that their technology was that of Mad Men bent on the absolute destruction of their enemy. They can not accept that their nations are responsible for the Jaihuian Holocaust, that the blood of the children of Jaihu will stain their hands for eternity!"


"We do not accept their explanation that what occurred was the result of a computer virus. If it was, the security of both Sevrun's and Byzantium Nova's military systems are such that the entire region of Europa should be very worried about their own security. Who will be next? When will the computers of Sevrun and Byzantium Nova malfunction again and lay waste to another nation in Europa?"


This ends the broadcast of J.N.N.



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Niederoestereich is concerned about security in the nations fore mentioned. If the claims are true that someone did hack the transmission and targeting codes. One would think that around this type of technology and the potential, as seen in Jaihu, for harm and mass death, that security would be paramount around this, and made impossible to hijack. What?s to stop these people from say using these satellites to destroy nuclear reactors or hydroelectric dams near built up area.


This threat to Europa stability and welfare must be neutralised as fast as humanly possible and no room for error.

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It seems there is a misunderstanding of the situation. This was not some random hacker, this was done by a dedicated effort by one of the people who knew the system inside and out. Why someone would do this is unknown, but we are trying our best to discover who is responsible.


Efforts are continuing to track down the head researchers, but currently one of the programers has vanished with no trace, one Dr. James Kleiner.


Any information on Dr. Kleiner's whereabouts will be greatly appreciated. We can only conclude that he has somehow left Sevrun despite surveilance.

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To Byzantium and Sevrunian governments.

The Senate of Burgundy-Brabant must inform you that the missing Dr Kleiner was spotted in our capital, Artois, yesterday at about midday, by the Agentes in Rebus, our security forces. Despite pursuing him, he diappeared into the inner city and has not been seen since. We can only assume he is still there, and so we have declared martial law. The AR and the legions are combing the streets. Any help you can render us in finding him will be much obliged.


Senator Borso Valiani, Consul of the Republic.

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Niederoestereich is concerned about security in the nations fore mentioned. If the claims are true that someone did hack the transmission and targeting codes. One would think that around this type of technology and the potential, as seen in Jaihu, for harm and mass death, that security would be paramount around this, and made impossible to hijack. What?s to stop these people from say using these satellites to destroy nuclear reactors or hydroelectric dams near built up area.


This threat to Europa stability and welfare must be neutralised as fast as humanly possible and no room for error.

The reason the MATA was formed was to combat these kinds of mass murders committed by war hungry nations. We here at the S.S.S.S. believe that Sevrun, Great Kings and Byzantium Nova are a group of rouge nations that inflict massive amounts of harm where ever they decide to police their rules and beliefs. The President also believes that this act of terrorism and civilian targeting was no mistake and that the disassembling of these so called death machines has not yet and probably will never be started. The S.S.S.S. has boosted research in a satellite defense system that shall be used for all MATA nations. The above mentioned nations have all been put on the hostile nations list.

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We still do not understand why the SSSS insists on being so hostile towards our own nation and our allies. We have done NOTHING to warrant this level of suspicion. The last of the KSats are going into decay orbits as we speak, in fact we have an orbital image (taken by an observation satallite we own) of one of the units breaking up in the atmosphere.


user posted image


The remaining units are falling over the ocean tonight, in fact if you look towards the sea you can view the resulting lights in the upper atmosphere.




To return to the matter at hand, after questioning some of the personel already recovered, we have found no reason to believe they were responsible. However, some of their responces throw Dr. Kleiner into even more suspicion. It would seem he was behaving very erraticlly for approximately three weeks before the strike, even more so the day the targeting program was uploaded.


We must have this man returned to us, and find out just what it was he was doing. He may be the guilty party, or one of the people we have not yet interrogated may be responsible. Either way, we need him back in Sevrun.


To: Senator Gaius


We are dispatching a small force to assist you in tracking down the man you suspect to be Dr. Kleiner. If it is him, we will return him to Sevrun immediately upon capture.

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To: All Concerned Nations

From: Sevrun

Subject: Dr. Kleiner has escaped


It seems we have a bit of a problem. Dr. Kleiner was indeed in Burgundy-Brabant, and we were certain we had him cornered, but a paramilitary unit of unknown origin attacked both our personell and the city's police force.


Five men are dead and sixteen wounded, with absolutly nothing to show for it. The Doctor has slipped away once again, and we have no idea where he may turn up next.


The fact that he is being aided by someone is self evident now. Who is helping him and why remains to be seen, but after this we are almost certain that Dr. Kleiner was the man responsible for the disaster.

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To Sevrun Gov.

From Senator Borso Valiani, Consul of the Republic.


Following the fortuitous removal of rebellious legions to defend the embassy in Tagmatium, we are better able to handle the situation. The loss of two Artois policeman is grave, but we feel the net is closing in on Kleiner. We thank you for your reinforcements, and will contact you when he is arrested. We will also deal with the paramilitries.

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To Sevrunian Government

From Saliano Giudice, Praetor for Internal Affairs


We have had no luck in finding Dr Kleiner thus far, but we have identified some of the paramilitaries helping him as belonging to the Sons of Brabant, a radical imperialist terrorist group. Until recently it was lead by Louis Brabant, formerly heir apparent to the Grand Ducal throne of Burgundy-Brabant, but several months ago he was captured and executed.

We are concerned that this might be part of a growing trend in extreme right-wing groups. These rebels, the civil war in Tamurin, the rebellious army units, the assassination of Emperor-Elect Theodosius in Tagmatium, could all point to some sort of conspiracy. Did Dr Kleiner exhibit such tendancies? It would be helpful to know.


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To: Saliano Giudice, Praetor for Internal Affairs, Burgandy-Brabant

From: Amaran Jagan, SIC (Sevrun Intelligence Center)

Subject: Paramilitary ID


We saw your reports on both the group and the possible suspects, but our own field agents are somewhat doubtful of your claims. It seems very unlikely that local terrorists would be connected to one of our researchers, and some of the information from the site indicates that the paramilitary element was better equiped and trained than the average terrorist.


While we are not discounting the possibility, at this point we must remain open to alternatives. Something much bigger could be behind this, or it could all be a coincidence. Honestly from the reports from the survivors of the raid it would seem that the unit that hit us was using military close quarters tactics, not the random, untrained attack your average terrorist would have employed. Not to mention the fact that by all indications the weapons being used were similar in characteristics to SS8 MIW rifles, not a weapon you usually see in use by terrorists.

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Two young children playing with a transistor radio in Burgundy-Brabant picked up a strange and unexplained transmission.


"rock three... two point seven until extraction"


"roach one... granny's cookies are baking... is the package wrapped"


"rock three... the good doctor is making a house call to SS"


"roach one... the timer is ticking"


The radio then carries a strange buzzing sound as the children continue to play.

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To Sevrun Government

From Senator Saliano Giudice, Praetor for Internal Affairs. SPQBB


Perhaps you misunderstood our evaluation of the Sons of Brabant. This group is not a random band of terrorists, but the remains of the old Royal Guard units, one of the best trained special forces units in the world. As you know, Burgundy-Brabant is well known for our ninja assassins- all of these terrorists have been trained by the Assasssin's Redoubt at Deika. They were no doubt supported by rogue army units from the near-coup last week. The dissolvement of their legions will have driven them into the hands of the Sons of Brabant.


You may not intend to take this seriously, but we will.

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Field Agent Corwin waited on an upper level of a nondescript building in the outskirts of Artois with a small squad of local Burgandy-Brabant soldiers, watching and waiting.


"You're sure this is the place? Finding another lead on Kleiner so quickly seems... convenient."


"Only lead we have, sir," the squad leader replied, keeping his eyes open for any changes in the situation.


"Any chance we've been spotted?"


"Not likely, we slipped in without any trouble last night, and haven't seen any movement in or out of the building since that cop got lucky and spotted a man matching your doctor's description, along with a few others, heading in there."


"Right, right... just remember to keep your men in check. Kleiner needs to be brought in alive for questioning back home. Only open fire if fired upon and make sure you don't hit the doc, got it?"


"We know, sir. My men and I were all fully briefed on the situation."


"Sorry, of course you were. Let's just get back to the stakeout for now, no telling what they're up to."

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The squad leader turned away to listen to his microbead, his face turning ashen. He waved the rest of the squad over. " There's been a bomb in San Marco"

There were gasps from several natives of that city. "The Government....what's left of it...has blamed Kleiner and the Sons of Brabant."


He turned round to face Agent Corwin. "I don't know what your orders are now, but we have ours. Kleiner is to be shot on sight."

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Agent Corwin glared at the squadleader, "That's not good enough. He needs to be brought in alive. I understand if you're pissed off, but what proof do you have? Let's get him and get out, if he's guilty we'll deal with him ourselves back in Sevrun."


He glanced out the window, drawing his machine pistol and chambering a round, "We've waited long enough, we're going in. Kleiner is not to be harmed unless absolutely necessary, and under NO cirumstances is he to be killed. This operation is under my command, and we're going to do things my way, got it?"

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The squad leader hissed angrily, but saluted Corwin. 'Sir'


His corporal sidled up to him when the field agent was gone. 'Are we gonna waste this bastard Kleiner?'


'No. We received orders to help this guy Corwin, and those first orders take preference. We can always say we never heard the transmission.'

'Your call, boss'

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Corwin took a low run on approach to the building, the squad close behind him. He pulled a small mirror out of a pocket in his coat, and used it to check for anyone on the otherside of the door. Not seeing anyone, he kicked the door open, machine pistol at the ready.


The squad began a quick and efficent search of the premesis... only to find no one. Somehow, despite constant observation, the suspects had escaped.


"God damit!" Corwin growled, punching his fist against the nearby wall, "Everyone, spread out and search for clues. Something has to still be here!"


The men nodded and proceded in their task.


The only evidence they could find was a half-smoked blunt left in an ashtry on the kitchen counter.

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To: Sevrunian Government

From: Byzantine Empire


After comprehensive interrogations we have managed to find two men responsible of corrupting ASMODEUS-A:s targetting systems. It seems dr. Kleiner contacted them and offered a lot of money and new identities in some country they would like to be in. This is all they could reveal. It is up to you: will you want them or shall we shoot them.

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To Byzantine and Sevrunian governments

From Gaius Reman Valiani, Dictator of the Serenissima


Do not forget that we have a stake in this business. The terrorist attack in San Marco, despite what the Sevrunians might say, was masterminded by Kleiner, and we feel he has something to do with the imperialist revolt. Pray do not forget us in this.



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To: Byzantium Nova

Subject: Prisoners


Keep them for now. We want to cross reference their story with what we learn from Kleiner upon his capture.




To: Burgandy-Brabant

Subject: Understood


We will keep you informed on the situation, but we believe that we can handle it from here on in.

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