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Request: Dniester

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Nation in Europa: Republic of Dniester

National Flag


Military Flag:


Capital name: Minsk 

Capital location: Minsk = Centre of Country

Factbook link:

Newsroom link:

Culture: Slavic, Belarusian Slavic

Climate: Cold

Location History: The 3rd Unified Republic of Dniester was formed after a brief power struggle in the Principalities of Minsk, Praha, and Słupsk. After harsh fighting in the cold climate, the alliance of monarchies fell to the fledgling Republic's navy.

Cities: Tiraspol, Słupsk, and Gdańsk are cities you should add as well as the capital, Minsk. Tiraspol is coastal city.

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Yes, I am planning to continue with news. The DnMRS will continue with updates until it is reclaimed by the Army. @Orioni


In terms of placement, I have a navy, so I would rather not be landlocked. I think next to Ahrana would be alright, because my culture is Belarusian, not polish. 



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