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Expansion: PyeMcGowan

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This is my expansion plans for the upcoming years, I’m only putting this here so that others who want a map spot know what to request and what not to?

Phase 1


I’m planning on expanding to Theodoria’s Former Territory through a referendum. As He is going to either move spot or leave completely I wouldn’t want to use Theodoria as the name for the nation, and I’m planning on calling it Tegidia. So PyeMcGowan and Tegidia have strong economic ties and they also uses the Poggle as it’s currency, We have always been very close and due to Political Problems, and support for unification in Tegidia, they have decided to hold a referendum by the end of the month. From there it will take a while for the two to properly unify. 


Tegidia gained Independance from PyeMcGowan in 1756, after a brief independence war, but since the two have gained very close relations, as they share a culture. 

I will probably make an IIWiki page for this nation, for two reasons, 1, To give more info on the nation and 2, because I like IIWiki.

Phase 2


Phase 3


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