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Request: Llalta

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Nation in Europa: Llalta

Flag: 7skyfEh.png

Capital name: St. Christopher

Capital location: In the South of the island.

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Culture: Anglo-Celtic, a mix Welsh, English and Irish

Climate: Hemiboreal, with cold, long winters as low as -20 C and mild, dry summers as high as 14 C.

Location: A small island far off from any land masses.

History: First discovered by a Seylosian explorer before a Seylosian business man discovered coal in the island, when coal was most needed in mainland Seylos. Workers migrated to Llalta to find work in the mine. Unfortunately a huge earthquake destroyed the mine leaving many residents on the island dead, and those who survived and didn't migrate back to Seylos established their society in St. Christopher, where many remain today.

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