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Enclave civil war

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Enclave forces:

One thousand legionnaires (standard and heavy infantry)

One thousand Shocktroopers

Fifty five m1 abrams

Ninety eight auxiliaries (incomplete training)

Fifteen siege artillery guns

Fifty v-2 vertibirds

Seven thousand untrained guerrillas

Exclave forces:

Forty five Sherman tanks

 ten thousand (poorly trained) fighters

The neo-Enclave decided return its forces on the oil rig to the mainland. This where they met up with the conscripts(from the news) and the vehicles form a one hundred thousand strong army known as the first legion. They reached the city by morning and positioned their artillery once in position they repeatedly fired at the stone walls and opened many holes for Enclave forces to enter. They got through the walls into the streets where they were met by exclave terrorists hidden in buildings. The m1 abrams tanks fired upon the buildings and they then began on their paths to destroy the anti-air emplacements. Enclave Infantry received support from seven thousand guerrillas. An hour later the aa-guns were down and they got attacked by the out of date exclave tanks. Easily destroyed they made a rush on

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