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Where are u from?

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To my fellow Americans:


The Colts Suck!

Where you born in a dead mans town?


(Don't worry, they know what statement is theirs)


Baltimore/DC, USA

user posted image


(I actually live in the district noted as Howard, between the two cities, which are marked in orange)


The English should see lots of familiar names in odd places on this map...hehe..

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yes my friend the Colts do SUCK! same thing year after year. working with the Nike Sports Camp for many years i have met ALOT of famous NFL stars but the one that sticks out in my mind was Terrel Owens when he ended an interview when a young boy was pushed out of the way by a cameraman. gave the boy an autograph and a football. i've played basketball with him (tall fu*ker!) and even took his money in some hands of poker but that will forever stick out in my mind. so that makes me a TO fan! i loved the 49ers when they had Rice and Owens but now the only thing i can say is GO EAGLES!!!


but on another note Manning is the best QB of his class.


*pops collar on his alt black 81 eagles jersey*

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I is beautiful up here. You go north and you hit the majestic redwoods. you go west and you get a multitude of unique beaches, you go south and you get the city (Bay Area) you go east and you get the valley. Its nice when you leave Santa Rosa; but when you spend most of your time in it, you tend to overlook the natural riches that surround me. Santa Rosa is not happening, if you don't have a car, there isn't much to do. you see, SR is a very spread out town. Since I don't have a car, i don't get out to the country nearly as much as I would like. unsure.gif

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Riemst, Belgium. small town in the province of Limburg.

closest (relative) big cities are Maastricht (The Netherlands), Liege (Wallonia, the french-speaking part of Belgium) and Aachen (Germany)...


yes, a border-region.. the Dutch come to us to buy our houses, the Germans come to buy our old rusty chairs and tables on the antiquitymarkets and the Walloons just pass through our town to buy canabis in Maastricht...

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