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The United Union of Panega

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Once a nation under the commonwealth but before a nation under the rule of Panthalassa, originally founded in 1640. Panega has stood the test of time all while being a good ally of Americanos, Pergon and Jayrosha for well over two hundred years, founded on liberty and union and sadly blood and gory! Not all in the world comes free and sadly for the First Panegans and the very first leader "John Waterloo" they found the hard way after raging a war with Jayrosha for nearly thirty years until they decided to stop trying to invade the then young Panega. Since the first days of Panega it has celebrated making it to the Moon and soon Titan with the help of PASA and Navistar which just so happen to be the nation's space agencies


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The United Union Of Panega

Union & Liberty



Fellow People Of Panega, in order to form a perfect union and foreign aid support we must found justice, we will create a nation that stands for union and liberty with an unchained melody that shall never call retreat. We shall have a leader whose truth marches on, Glory Hallelujah. Through the watchfires of the coming of the lord his truth is marching on.


Section One


The governmental systems of Panega will consist of -


Prime Branch (President and his/her cabinet)

Gate Branch (Panegan Union & National departments)

Intel Branch (Local distributed power/States, Counties and Provinces)


Section Two


Rights & Laws


-Panegan borders must always be open for refugees upon circumstances.

-Panegan Government Officials will hold office for no more than 10 years

-The presidential cabinet holds the right to declare war

-The presidential cabinet will be given a black budget

-The Panegan Union members will stay in office till death do part

-Citizens will be given the freedom of speech and expression

-To be considered a citizen one must reside in Panega for two years

--Free healthcare and aid

-Manageable educational system

-Intel Branch reserve the right to choose “laws” for their governed area

-The Intel Branch members will be only allowed to hold office for eight years max

-Religion shall not be forced upon one's social life & values

-Each and every citizen MUST stand for the pledge and anthem

--The Prime Branch reserves the right to declare war at any time.

-PASA cannot officially and legally be taken for it is solemnly recognized by Panegan Government.

-No citizen shall be denied basic rights.

-Citizens cannot bear arms 

-All States and/or provinces can disband from Panega at anytime with enough chair vote.

-PASA cannot claim interplanetary objects

-Government office should not and cannot be denied to women and other races and/or nationalities.

-If majority of states/provinces vote, the constitution can be altered.

-In times of despair the Panegan form of government can be disbanded to create a new form.

-Impeachment of leaders are possible.


Section Three

The Voting Parties Of Panega


The Green Party


Freedom of speech & expression

Reduced tax rates

World peace

Nuclear disarmament

Arts & integration

No WMD’s

Nature conversation

Less government control


The Force Party


Aggressive tactics

Become a world superpower

Take down enemies at any cost

Closed borders

Increased tax rates

No free education

Revised segregation

Improved nuclear power


The Reform Party


Moderate government control

Increased foreign ties

Aid third world countries

Solar Powered future


Legal prostitution

No divorce society


The Nation Anthem & Pledge


Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the lord, he is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored, he hath loosed the fateful lightning of his terrible swift sword. His truth is marching on.


Glory Hallelujah,

Glory Hallelujah,

Glory Hallelujah,

His truth is marching on.


He has sounded for the trumpet that shall never call retreat,

He is swifting out the hearts of men before their judgement seat

Oh be swift my soul to answer him! Be jubilant my feet,

Our god is marching on


In the beauty of the lilies christ was born upon the sea with the glory in his bosom that transfigures you and me, as he died to make men holy let us die to make men free, While god is marching on.

Panegan States & Provinces


Capital- Alexandria


Rosecroft Township

Rest Haven Township

Waterloo County







Lucesville Division




Burnetts Pikeship


Composed & Signed By:


John Waterloo

Thomas Lee

Jonah Hamilton

Elizabeth Rocker-West

Donald Shumailduer


1640, Yorkshire


Original Document, reprinted and altered on 8/1/65


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