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etymology - 

the name Enclave came from a  misinterpretation of the Latin Word for raven (Corvus) which was the name of the often wrongfully referred to as “Clavis.” It was later adapted by the locals as “enclave” which is derived from “clavis”. Later on the shadow government took up the name and when they went public they became the neo-enclave.


Geography -

It’s capital Ravenrock sits Oh the coast but about Half the country is covered in lush jungles with flowing rivers. The second largest lake (lake Washington) ends on the south with a large waterfall into the large st lake in the nation (lake enclave). These lakes are near both the tallest mountains in the nation the Crimson mountains which are known for their blood red color and their great riches are a section of the larger Divine rocks mountain range. It is very dangerous here due to both the wildlife and the terrain. It’s highest point is Mount enclave at three thousand six hundred sixty six feet and also sits in the range.

History -

A city Founded in 4bc by Ahroman empire, The city was named “Corvus” or raven in Latin. This is because of a nearby mountain shaped like a raven’s head. This city sat upon a wealth of metals and a strange green glass which was used at first in jewellery. Raven rock soared in population and people arrived to make it rich. The city of Corvus was the heart of many Ahroman conquests and expanded the empire passed the mountain range known as The Divine Rocks. In 50ad the ahroman’s formed the conquered lands as the province of “clavis.” This province housed a skilled legion colloquially known as “the raven’s praetorians.” When Christianity became the official religion of the empire, Corvusian pagans rioted and the Ahromans sent the Raven’s Praetorians to quell the riot but half of them, switched sides. The rioting spread throughout the province but stopped once threatened by a letter directly from the Emperor. However the turncoats were able to return to their jobs and all seemed to be well. (I am taking a break but I’ll be back in around and hour)

National Bird:

Bald eagle

National Tree:

Enclavite Jungle Redwood

National Mammal:

enclavite llama 

National Motto:

Veni, Vedi veci (I came I saw I conquered in enclavite)

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