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The UFK of PyeMcGowan wishes to seek new trading ventures with nations around the world, the nation wishes to mostly sell it large display of natural resources which provides a large sum of the PyeMcGowian Economy. We wish to have good and safe trade which will benefit all of us.

PyeMcGowan has to offer(In order of amount)

  1. Gold
  2. Oil
  3. Silver
  4. Timber
  5.  Copper
  6. Uranium
  7. Steel
  8. Lead
  9. Iron Ore
  10. Fish
  11. Paper
  12. Computers
  13. Plastics
  14. Luxury Items
  15. Machinery
  16. Zinc
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To The Trade Ministry of The Neo Enclave,

From, Andy Josestone, Deputy Minister of Trade, PyeMcGowan.

We believe that you have provided us with a unique opportunity to trade with you. The Uranium will cost $30 per pound and you can purchase up to a maximum of 10 tonnes, which will cost $600,000. The material will be transported by ship which will have an escort of a small frigate for security.



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