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Champion Registration for the Feats of Strength

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The Feat of Strengths are slated to begin on the feast day of Militant-Saint Rommel (which falls upon fourteenth of October in-universe, we will be doing the events in the past*). This post will be covering those who have already expressed interest in participating, what events we will be having, and expected dress.

The slated participating countries are the following:

@Rihan, @Derthalen, @Mauridiviah, @Sancti Imperii Catholico, and the @Neo-enclave.

Any others wishing to join should do so by posting in here. Teams will be expected to participate in nothing but loincloths and paint for all of the events except for those requiring special equipment or armour; those shall be marked in colours with the expected dress being listed in brackets. The champions will be competing for wreaths birch, olive, and mistletoe.

Expected events are as follows:

Archery, jousting (contestants will be expected to wear steel armour and arming doublets), wrestling, honourable combat, swimming (due to the risk of abrasions, loincloths will not be used during this event and paints are to be removed so as to avoid clouding the water), running, and palluf**.

*We will sort out a time amongst ourselves as to when we will start writing, but be aware that all events will be taking place in the past.
**Palluf is a sport where two opposing teams consisting of thirty men must fight for control of a single pole in the middle of a field. The pole starts out laying flat on the ground between the two teams. For a team to win, they must get the pole standing underneath the centre of the field (which will usually require most of the team to hold it steady) while a member climbs it to grab an item being suspended above them.

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Due to a superior gene pool, hearty nutritious meals, and brutal winters that kill off weak babies, the United States are proud of their strong citizens. With the opportunity to prove this strength and fortitude on an international level now presenting itself, Prymont can confirm their participation in the Feats of Strength. 


OOC: The above picture is from a TV show, but imagine it's some glorious, bloody reenactment of past Prymontian wars. Also, I'm happy to participate, but only if I'm allowed to. This is just me registering my interest for future tournaments if the space is not available now.


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