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Abyssioan Ministry of Trade

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Greetings! Maximus Brutus, the Abyssioan Minister of Trade, salutes you and welcomes all proposals of trade. Abyssio is rich with Uranium, lumber, and a fairly large weapons manufacturing sector. Book Publishing is a large industry here and any foreign authors wishing to publish books in Abyssio will recieve a discount. Also, Our Elite Praetorian Response Force is available for hire in quelling rebellions and instilling civil order

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The Holy Empire of Tagmatium would be interested in the creation of a trade agreement between our two great and noble Empires. This would involve reducing the tariffs on trade between our two nations, and freeing up the markets to companies from either country. Also, we are interested in the weapons your glorious Empire has to offer, so to re-equip the People's guard.


Yours sincerly


Euginius Wilson, Minister of Foreign Affairs


Tacitus Smith, Minister of Trade

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Triatarian Economic Pact


I. The undersigned do hereby recognize that all articles of this pact are valid in all cases.


II. The spirit of this document, which is to build the signers' friendship and commerce, bringing prosperity to its people, shall be held in good faith.


III. The Holy Empire of Abyssio, The Holy Empire of Tagmatium, and the S.S.S.S shall allow portions of their Trade Quarters to warehouses and resources to be held by merchants and industries of the other nation upon the approval of all of the undersigned.


IV. The signers shall allow each others' merchants safe passage and allow quarter in each others' respective lands at all times; providing for their defense and any aid in the event of danger; including freedom from persecution based on nationality or faith for citizens owing allegence to the respective signers.


V. In the markets held by The Holy Empire of Abyssio, The Holy Empire of Tagmatium, and The S.S.S.S the traders originating from these three nations shall have unfettered access to the rights of trade. A tariff of no more than 5% above local tariff on any good bought or sold, and no tariff of more than 3% shall be assesed on goods held or moved through the nations, shall be assesed.


[X]Maximus Brutus of The Holy Empire of Abyssio

[X]Tacitus Smith of The Holy Empire of Tagmatium

[X]Larry Flunt of the S.S.S.S

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The S.S.S.S. would also be willing to enter into such an agreement. We here at Stoned Smurfs major in Industrial Hemp, Marijuana, Uranium, Arms and Automobile Manufacturing. We feel this would only improve our already frightening economy. We hope you find this acceptable.


Larry Flunt

Minister of Foreign Affairs

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In the name of His Most Holy Imperial Majesty, Theodosius of Tagmatium, we agree to the entering of the most noble S.S.S.S. into the Abyssio-Tagmatium Trade Pact, so long as our glorious and honourable allies of the Holy Empire of Abyssio agree with this new partner.


Also, a catchier name must be thought up to reflect the expanding diviersity of this agreement.


Tacitus Smith, Minister for Trade


The Holy Empire of Tagmatium agrees to the trade agreement, incase I didn't make it clear.

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To: Larry Flunt, S.S.S.S. Minister of Foreign Affairs

From: Tacitus Smith, Tagmatine Minister for Trade

About: The Triatarian Ecomonic Pact


Since the moval of the Holy Empire of Abyssio from Europa to the rejected realms, shall it be considered that the Triatarian Economic Pact, founded as it is on the co-operation of the three great nations of Abyssio, the S.S.S.S. and Tagmatium, void as the one of the members has left Europa.

If you wish to carry on the trade agreement, let it be known.

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Err... The Holy Emperor-Elect himself would like to apologies inperson over this one. Acting on his own inititive, and fearing the worst after his own experiences, he decided to call the Pact off, unless there was any objections. As the Holy Empire of Abyssio itrself has returned (and objected), the Holy Emperor-Elect sends his humblest apologies.

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