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Niederoestereichian MBT

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Niederoestereich acquired 103 Leopard AS1 Tank variants back in 1977. The Niederostereichian Leopard is a vehicle from an era when heavy armour was sacrificed for speed. Unfortunately, in its current state, the Leopard AS1 is vulnerable to mines and hand-held anti-armoured weapons and its frame is not suited to being upgraded.


Therefore the Government sees the need for a replacement of a more up to date Main Battle Tank to ensure the defence of the nation. The government asks if a nation in the region is willing to sell replacements, new or used.

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Very well, we wish to aquire 120 A5s, with the Sum amount of 540 000 000 credits to be paid in installments. Although before the purchase if finalised, we ask if these are used or new, and what thickness the plate armour is. If they are new, they can be constructed under Niederoestereich manpower under a contract.


We understand after the recent...conflict that you resources must be maxed and we may be seen as untrustworthy, therefore we also offer another

60 000 000 as a goodwill gesture to bring the sum up to 600 000 000.

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The tanks are new ones, produced in Ormpetarr, so it's not necessary that you build them. I'm sorry, but this is not negotiable.


The thickness of the plating:


Frontside: 150 cm at the tower, 60 cm at the rest

Sides: 30 - 40 cm

Upside: 5 cm

Bottom: 5 cm


We accept your payment of 600 Mio. credits and hope, that the future relations of both our nations will be peaceful.

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