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Old inspector Jorji Costava is reading his newspaper in the dilapidated shack he calls his office.

He stirs his cup of tea when all of a sudden the fax machine in the corner starts to buzz.

A loud clanking and whirring erupts while one blank piece of paper after another is pushed through the dusty printer.

"Things getting little crazy," Jorji says to himself.

When the fax machine stops making its infernal noise he spins his office chair and rolls over to it.

With one not-so-fluent gesture, he tears off the pre-perforated sheets of fax paper.

"What this is?" Jorji wonders while looking at a sender he had never seen before. "What this @Neo-enclave ? It is good place?"

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Jorji scratches the top of his balding head in blind confusion.

The sender is not from a nation that the Orioni Empire has diplomatic relations with.

Heck, the message is not even in Oharic or even Anglish. What to do about it?

So he decides to do the one thing he remembers from basic training. The one thing you can always do.

Jorji sits down at the fax machine. Since he's not a good typist, he can only use his two index fingers. Slowly but surely he begins to type his answer.


Jorji presses [ Send ].

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Half-forgotten what he was supposed to be doing next, Jorji's eyes wandered towards the digital clock on his office desk.

The number on the clock were showing 17:05.

"Damnit," exclaimed Jorji, "I should have been out of here five minutes ago!"

But he didn't want to leave this unfinished business laying around.

He put his reading glasses back on. There was a smudge on the left glass. That must have happened when he was eating a sausage out of the can.

"Imma take another look at that there application now...."


Natalia Elizabeth


Cynthia Elizabeth

"That seems legit," he concluded in a very disinterested tone, "And even if it isn't that's not my problem anymore now."

Jorji grabbed a nearby Post-it note and wrote a short instruction for the night-inspector Iwan.

Iwan was supposed to be here ten minutes ago. He must still be outside having one last smoke, Jorji thought to himself.

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(Meanwhile in the throne room of the Queen and argument is ac)

”I am vestra regina and vos will not tell me the progress of this!” says Donalia to a woman standing in front of her. “It is going slow and I do not hav much to report. why did you insist we go with this man in order to reach them? he only has a fax Machine” the woman says

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