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26/10/2018 - Queen Viloria Seen at Musical Mocking her Family


The latest musical making a buzz in the high class social circles of Empira Tallovia deals with Pilar Viloria's father Andres Opazo love affair with Mauricio Guzman the CEO of Guzman Enterprises. As we reported when the musical was first released it plays loosely with facts and portrays the royal family in an unfair light. 

Queen Pilar was seen with her security retinue entering the Keller Auditorium just before the show began. While at the show she was seen laughing at a few key parts of the play where her own family was ridiculed. The internet was abuzz with a photo of her mouth wide open in laughter taken at the show. The play is poorly written, but the subject matter makes it popular. We at the Tallovia Diario believe this was a strategic move by the Queen to be seen laughing and enjoying the play in an effort to down play it's impact on her authority. 

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2/11/2018 - Engine Explodes Mid Air


Earlier this morning a light aircraft flying from the main island of Tallovia headed left towards the island of Medra carrying about 50 passengers. About halfway through the flight one of the engines exploded. A rescue effort is currently underway. They landed about 100 kilometers outside off the coast of Medra. We do not have accurate numbers on survivors or fatalities until the story develops further. Below is the transcript from the conversation between Air Traffic Control and the Pilot. 

"We need to make an emergency water landing."

"Is everything ok?"

"We've had an engine failure and we're loosing altitude fast. I'll provide you the coordinates now." 

"Ok we'll dispatch the coast guard to begin a rescue."

Social media is abuzz with the calm demeanor of the Pilot during this conversation. Rescue efforts are under way and an investigation into the cause of the failure will begin as soon as possible. Check back soon for an update on this breaking news story. 

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10/11/2018 - Ancient Kapuch Burial Site Found in Cave


Recent Volcanic Activity has uncovered a cavern below the northern Volcano of Kapuc. The death toll remains nil for the earthquake that struck the island last week, but the damage is still being cleared and repaired. Queen Viloria has issued a statement that plans are under way to relocate the displaced, until insurance can handle all of the claims. On a brighter side of this story the earthquake uncovered a cavern previously sealed by volcanic rock. Daring spelunkers found what appears to be an ancient burial site. 

Two bodies were found buried in stone cairns made up of many volcanic rocks. The room as filled cave paintings and decorated with beads and pottery. Carbon dating is underway on the artifacts, but Dr. Hosea Lopez says, that based on the artwork and style of the tools found he believes them to be from the early Island Period of the first settlers to settle here. The room is a treasure trove of history and is sure to yiled valuable information about our Islands' storied past.

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