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Hi I'm New Here

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Hey guys. I stumbled onto your region just recently. I'm a new player never done anything like this before, but I thought it would be fun. Anyway I look forward to playing and getting to know you guys.

My nation is a Monarchy that leans heavily on the leaders of successful businesses to run the government. I started a fact book entry, but as I said, I'm new here and I'm just kinda figuring things out. The current leader is Queen Viloria.


Edit - I forgot to introduce my nation.

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Thanks for all the welcome posts. I'm glad to be here. My idea for my nation is a cross of a bureaucracy and a Monarchy. Where the monarchy chooses the which business and business leaders run the various departments of state. 

I've gotta say though, I just created my nation a week or so ago and in said region I attempted to chat with them and join their rp forum, which you had to apply for. When I did I was messaged with just a few words that I couldn't apply to join them yet. I informed him that he treated me rudely. I then followed his directions to apply to take part in their rp then the leader of their region sent me a telegram that just said read the rules. It was the last straw for me. They were unwelcoming and treated me, a new player, like they didn't want me around. I just want to say that I'm glad to be here and I'm very happy that so many of you have been welcoming.


I do have a quick question and I just want to make sure I'm doing everything right. In order to take part in the rp in the forums do I have to do anything special? 

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It all depends on what you see as special. Technically, you could already begin roleplaying. However, as you're not on the map, that tends to make things more difficult as no one knows where you are and, if people want to be extremely precise, you're technically also not part of the Europan canon until you're on the map.

If you look in the Map Applications thread, you'll see the small list that we ask of players before they can get added to the map. The requirements aren't really that taxing, it's more so we can get a sense of you as a player and see that you're willing to put in the, at the very least, bare minimum effort to join in. For ease, these are the requirements:

  • Be in Europa; have a nation in the region. | Easy, really
  • Be on this forum; have an account here and join the community. | That's obviously one you can already cross off your list
  • Be active; at the minimum, have a factbook (be it on NS dispatches, this forum or iiwiki) and a news agency with atleast three news posts. | The rules in the map application thread only mention being active in RP but I would really like to go further with that and compliment it with be active in the community as well. The thing with NS is that a good community can make it so much better, a bad community can take away any enjoyment you have. By being active in the community, you can learn from others and vice versa, you'll probably make some friends and it really just makes the experience much better.
  • Don't be a dick. | Self-explanatory, really. 

I also saw that you said you were new. Europa has RP Moderators, which serve to both moderate RP differences and issues but also provide assistance and guidance from time to time. I'm one of them, for example. If you have any questions or require guidance, feel free to ask here through the messaging service the forum provides, through PM on discord, etc.

In case you want to read the Map Applications thread yourself, here's the link: 

Now, as you can see, the thread is closed. That's not because we're not accepting new people, that's because we've moved the actual requests to separate threads for each nation that wants to come on the map. Once you feel your factbook is up to snuff, you have the three news articles, you haven't been a dick and what not, you can simply make a request thread in the Map of Eurth section of the forums. As you'll see when you go there, there's been a bunch of others so by then, if you need help with the request thread, just check the others out first and how they did it and simply copy your thread off that.


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