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Name Yarghuria comes from Old Estonian words "Yarg" which means hilly and "huria" which means land.


Yarghuria lays on the coast of Alter. It is very hilly, but in valley's between those hills Yarghurians have farmed the land for centuries.  The coast is mix of sand and soil and two  rivers flow to the ocean from there . Rivers are called  Val and Sal. From the roll hilly plaines that yarghuria is famous for.


Yarghuria has been a state for almost 2 000 years. It was founded as a kingdom . But in the revolution of 1778 Yarghuria became a republic. In 1823 it fougt a war against Kingdom of Blaseeria a long extinct kingdom. It's military was destroyed by an suprise attack from Yarghurians and in 6 months Yarghuria annexed it. It is the last nation to be annexed by Yarghuria. since then Yarghuria has managed to stay neutral.


Yarghuria is a federal republic . It's head of state is president, but president holds only ceremonial powers. The everyday ruling is done by the chancellor and 14 departements. Yarghuria is divided into 23 states. Every state  has it's own assembly and a governor.


Every citizen must go through a 1 year training and then is put into the reserve. There is a large navy and a airforce. 20.7% of it's national budget is spent on defense.


Most of the money is earned from tourism and arms manufacturing. As car's are banned no automobile industry exists .


There are 5 million Yarghurian's. There are 98 males for 100 females. Population regrow's fast.


Most of Yarghurian cultue is tied to farming. There are 3 major cultural sights: The Old Town of Karlan, The Fort Mountaine and the National Cultural Heritage Park.


Some thing's are going to be added at later date.

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