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splinter cell suspected in Callonian ranks

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To: Ekainak and other nations

From: Gen Biggs

Sub: International statement


There is an ongoing investigation in the process to rout out the rouge members of a spliter cell suspected to be in the ranks of the Callonian Army.

The Emperer has created a new section of the army, The Praetorians as a result of this situation. The Praetorians will be behind the investigation.

To our current knowlage the cell is not at a formidable size to panic about. However the situation has the potential to decimate the Callonian Military.

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To: General Biggs

From:The Tribal Tribunal

As this incident has occured so recently in the aftermath of the Tamurininan Civil Conflict, we of the Tribelands feel that international security is paramount to the safety and well-being of all peoples in Europa. Pending an official diplomatic relations standard can be established between our nations, we are willing to aid you in protecting your people from a violent uprising. We hope that this situation can be dissolved before innocent lives are lost.

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To: Callonius

From: Chairman Joaquin

Subject: ayuda


With the Callonian presence on our islands and our commitment to your nations internal security, we offer to you the opportunity to train special forces on the cenepa islands, if you so desire. If this is implemented we will reserve the right to make your forces leave, although that is probably unlikely. Up to 5000 of your special forces will be allowed on the islands as well as your sappers, who should continue building the military complex.

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To:Chairman Joaquin

From:Gen. Biggs



As of last night half of the allwowed number of units to be alowed to train an biuld the complex have been deployed. Bunker System at 95%, Compound at 45%, Ground level Barracks 100%, Defensive measures 100% Airstrip at 100%


Defensive measures include pillboxes and trenches allong the northern beaches. Chain link fences and concrete blocades around the rest of the complex.


Callonian Impirial Engineers motto "Build to last"


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TO: Chairman Joaquin

From: Davis Anderson (Praetorian Guard)

SUB: Splinter cell located


The splinter cell has been traced down to the Cenepa islands in the calonian bunker complex. This splinter cells wants are to defect from the Empire.


TO: Lt. Col. Joseph Callan

From: Gen. Biggs


What the hell are you boys doing? What do you plan on doing after defecting. WHo will give you refuge? What do you guys want out of this?

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TO:Davis Anderson



We're sick of playing politics. We want to battle. We're going to sell our services to other nations in need of troops. Our numbers grow. I now command a small army. Don't worry about the other troops stationed here. Once they finnished the construction of the place we locked them in the cells. There well fed and we look after theair health but they will not be returned until we have a contract with someone.


To: Any nations

From Joseph


Any nation willing to give us shelter, food, and spoils of war we will fight for. We will arive to your designated location by chopper two days after agreeing to the contract.

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Secret message


From: Chairman Joaquin

To: David Anderson


You have put us in a difficult place, we are friends with the government of the Callonius Empire and the area you have taken over belongs to Ekainak. It seems that we will have to crush you, but I will pospone that action. We may be able to negotiate. First, you must turn over any prisioners to us, so we may send them back to their home. Second, we will agree not to let Callonian forces near you, but you must allow our troops into the complex as it belongs to us. After these conditions have been met, we will discuss further. One way you could ensure your survival is to renounce Callonian citizenship, but pay a amount of profits to Callonius for their "equiping" your forces. Then you would have no political tie and you would bring them wealth.


To: Callonius

From: Chairman Joaquin


We are willing to take care of this matter and we will attempt to do so without force. We are attempting to enter into discussions with them. Your loyal forces will not be allowed near as we do not wish for a conflict to occure.



Secret message from Ekainak's top military official, M. Borzao to Davis Anderson


Chairman Joaquin, leader of my nation, is trying to use peaceful measures to resolve this situation. If things do not go as planned and I am obligated to use force against you, blood will be shed and it will be the wrong blood... So, if you are a business man, as I believe you to be, you would be wise to listen to me as I may end up being an...customer.

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To:Chairman Joaquin

From: Davis Anderson

Sub: misinterpritation


there seems to be a mistake I am still in Fable Prime. We traced the members down by detaining some soon-to-be members, who told us everything. We to are wanting a peaceful end to this.


Secret message never recieved.


To: Joseph

From: Emperor Callonius


Why nephew? Have you really become accusomed to that life? Very well. All of teh soldiers in the Callonian ranks that wishes to join them may. With out reprocussion from the government. Goodbye Joseph.

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